We have come across news that some fraudsters are claiming to be representatives of TDInsights and pushing for collaboration with B2B companies. As an accountable organization, we would like to make it clear that we’re a standalone business. We haven’t approved any company or people to execute business activities in our name. So, if you receive any emails or calls claiming to be a business partner or sister company of TDInsights, please feel free to reach out to us. It’s our duty to help our customers and guard them from being trapped by these fraudsters.

TDInsights is one of the fastest growing brands across the country and it’s hurtful that some miscreants are using our name to carry out business activities with our esteemed clients and provide poor quality services. A bad service would harm both, your business results and our reputation. Therefore, we urge customers to keep an eye on these imposters and inform us at the earliest so that we can take the required action.

If we trust each other, we can build a strong customer relationship.

Find Out the Guidelines:

  • Reach out to TDInsights representatives through email. Email is the right medium as you’d be having written proof of communicating with TDInsights representatives.
  • Ensure that the domain through which you’re communicating ends with tdinsights.com
  • If you have already communicated with any other domain, that doesn’t end with tdinsights.com and claiming to be a part of it, then stop all the communication immediately. It would be advisable to report to us about all the email conversations done before.
  • Ensure that you’re communicating with the present employee of TDInsights not the ex-employee. You should be aware as he/she isn’t a part of our organization and any claims made by them isn’t legitimate.
  • If they still keep pestering you with calls, inform them you’d be only communicating with representative sending emails from the domain tdinsights.com
  • For cross-verification, drop us an email at info@tdinsights.com or call us at 1-469-656-8235.
  • We repeat that we don’t have any sister firms, or have a partnership with other businesses.
  • tdinsights.com is our only official website through which you can reach us.