Data Validation Services

Effective and validated data is the key to the growth of every business. However, when it comes to B2B marketing database, the need to possess a verified and clean data becomes requisite to possess. Moreover, the excessive level of ambiguity between the sales and marketing teams adds-up to the data chaos as comprehending the right data and applying it to their marketing approach becomes a task rather daunting.

Duplicate records, lapsed email addresses, incomplete lead data, dead or inactive leads, and various other data discrepancies hamper your conversion rates and returns on investment.

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    TDInsights Data Validation Services can solve the data-dilemma for you! We employ various data validation techniques and scrutinize customer data. To ensure that there are no errors or flaws left in your database, we take it thought a stringent process where we remove all the redundancies from your data to give it a fresh and clean insightful approach.

    Importance of Data Validation:

    • Validated data boosts email delivery rates
    • Response and conversion rates are improved
    • Eliminates the distrust between sales and marketing teams
    • Verified data is more targeted
    • Targeted database eventually increases revenue

    Why TDInsights?

    • By using various trusted resources, we check the data integrity
    • We check the format of data – whether it is valid or not?
    • We eliminate duplicate contact details
    • We update the customer contacts by using the latest technologies
    • You can generate greater ROI
    • We ensure data regulation acts’ compliance

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