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Connect with over 6M+ healthcare contacts.

Expand your market with our extensive healthcare industry email list, preciously designed to establish contact with decision makers. This list can be used for market research, networking, promotions, marketing, and several other business requirements to you stay ahead of competitors.

The valuation of the healthcare industry is $132 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.25% to reach a valuation of $282.56 billion by 2027.

If your business is related to the healthcare industry, our healthcare industry email list will help you connect with the right prospects and accelerate your business growth.

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    Connect with Key Professionals via Healthcare Email List:

    TDInsights’ Healthcare email list connects you with decision-makers and top healthcare executives from leading healthcare companies across the globe

    Our healthcare industry email list will help you establish contact with the following industry leaders:

    Physicians Email ListMedical Directors Email List
    Dentists Email ListNaturopathic Medicine Specialists Email List
    Nurses Email ListInternal Medicine Specialists Email List
    Family Medicine Specialists Email ListGeneral Surgeons Email List
    Hospitals and Clinics Email ListHospitals Email List
    Pharmacy Email ListMedical Office Managers Email List
    Medical Executives Email ListMedical Schools Email List
    General Practitioners Email ListMedical and Health Service Facilities Email List
    Diagnostic Radiologist Email ListMedical Associations Email List
    Medical Emergency Centers Email ListHome Healthcare Centers Email List

    Top 10 Companies Available in our Healthcare Industry Email List

    The healthcare industry comprises of organizations contributing to medical devices, pharmaceuticals, medical goods, medical administration, medical insurance, and others.

    Acquiring precise data for accurate targeting is vital for adequate channelization of business campaigns. This is where our healthcare industry email list can help.

    Here are a few top companies you can see in our healthcare industry email list:

    Company Name Industry Revenue Employee Size
    CVS Health Corp Drugstore Chains $357.2 billion 219,000
    UnitedHealth Group Managed Health Care $324.16 billion 400,000
    McKesson Corp Medical Distributors $272 billion 45,000
    AmerisourceBergen Corp Investment Managers $238.6 billion 44,000
    Cardinal Health Medical Distributors $187 billion 48,000
    Cigna Managed Health Care $180 billion 71,300
    Elevance Health Managed Health Care $153.2 billion 102,213
    Centene Corp Managed Health Care $141.6 billion 67,200
    Walgreens Boots Alliance Pharmaceuticals: Major $132.7 billion 325,000
    Pfizer Pharmaceuticals: Major $99.9 billion 83,000

    Customize Healthcare Industry Email List As per Your Business Requirements

    TDInsights’ healthcare email list is customizable per your requirements, which helps meet specific business objectives. Here are a few data selects offered in our healthcare email list for you to choose from.

    First name Telephone number State NAISC code
    Second name Email address City Revenue size
    Company name Mailing address SIC code DEA license
    Type of Practice Years of Experience License number and License state NPI Number
    At the same time, the healthcare industry email list is accurate as it is verified using manual and advanced technologies. It comprises updated information on the healthcare industry, making the list diverse to fit numerous business requirements to reach multiple sectors.

    Our list is curated from widely trusted sources such as:

    • Business directories
    • Company newsletters
    • Government records
    • Trade shows
    • Corporate seminars
    • Customer surveys
    • Company websites
    • Panel discussions
    • Feedback forms
    • And more

    Do you want to acquire Healthcare Industry Email List?

    Benefits of TDInsights’ Healthcare Email List

    Our list of reachable and reliable contacts is updated every 90 days. Below are a few of the outstanding features of our healthcare email and mailing list:

    • Build awareness by reaching out to prospects globally
    • Increase growth by hyper-targeting across multiple channels
    • 95% email deliverability rate
    • CAN-SPAM, CCPA, and GDPR-compliant data
    • CASS and USPS verified data
    • Periodic updates of the database to eliminate errors or hard bounces
    • Multi-channel campaigns supported
    • Availability of customization

    Who Can Utilize of our Healthcare Email List?

    Here are a few use cases of our healthcare email list.

    • Businesses and marketers looking forward to running multi-channel campaigns.
    • Any businesses operating in the healthcare sector wanting to increase ROI.
    • Sectors that cater to the healthcare industry and wish to build long-term relationships with organizations.
    • Businesses that have taken a bad fall with hard bounces and want to improve the deliverability rate.
    • Businesses seeking authentic information to establish contact with the appropriate decision makers.

    What are The Best Ways to Use Our Healthcare Industry Email List?

    The best practices of data intelligence is incorporated to build our email and mailing list. It can used for several forms of prolific business practices.

    A few ways to use healthcare email lists are mentioned below:

    1. Email Marketing: Use a suitable email database of healthcare industries to reach and nurture responsive prospects through email campaigns. This will result in better lead conversions and improved sales.
    2. Direct marketing: Contact industry leaders, decision-makers, and C-level executives through email marketing, postal mail, and other direct marketing channels.
    3. Telemarketing: Dial calls directly to your desired clientele. Our consent-based data collection connects you directly to the prospects.
    4. Market research and analysis: Organizations can acquire our list for R&D and competitor analysis; it will help them develop better business strategies.

    Trust Us to Get Your Healthcare Industry Email List

    For us, decade-old marketers and start-ups are equal. It is for this reason that we have a curated healthcare industry email list, providing all kinds of updated and authentic healthcare marketing information. With our list, businesses save significant amounts of resources, streamlining the work for optimal productivity.

    We focus on diminishing the gap between your business and your target audience with our proficient healthcare email list. The data records in our list connect businesses to every corner of the world, including America, Middle East, Europe, Asia, and the UK. Grow with us by stepping into the new chapter of business today.

    Our healthcare industry List Includes

    First Name City
    Last Name Zip Code
    Title Company
    Mailing Address Email
    State/Country Contact Number
    Fax Sales
    Employee Size SIC Code
    Web Address Company Revenue



    It’s a comprehensive list of healthcare professionals, hospital’s c-level executives & more.

    B2B marketers, pharmacies, manufacturers & distributors, and anyone who wants to reach out to the healthcare professionals can use this list.

    Its perfectly suitable for multi-channel marketing campaigns like email, fax, telemarketing, and more.

    Our list includes information on decision-makers across countries like the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, etc.

    We usually update the list every 90 days or as and when required.

    Price will depend upon your requirements. We follow a volume-based pricing strategy where the price will decrease the more contacts you acquire.

    To get a reliable healthcare industry email list, contact +1-469-656-8235 and [email protected] and discuss your business requirements.

    You can get it in xls, .csv & .txt format, whichever you prefer.

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