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Connect with 710,000+ Clients using Salesforce CRM.

Connecting with the right target audience is immensely crucial for businesses providing products and services useful for existing Salesforce CRM customers. Therefore, we present an updated, authentic, and reliable Salesforce CRM customer list to help businesses achieve their goal seamlessly.

A vast number of businesses currently use Salesforce software. Hence, promoting your products and services to the existing Salesforce CRM customers will help you expand your business and increase ROI.

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    Segmentation of Salesforce CRM Users Email List

    Salesforce CRM users email list is developed by collating details of Salesforce software users globally. As the data reservoir is vast, multiple segmentation is done for the Salesforce CRM email database to escalate lead and revenue generation.

    Here are several categories of Salesforce CRM customers list that will help you to formulate niche based business proceedings.
    Software List Counts Software list Counts
    Salesforce CPQ Customers List 25,344 Salesforce Heroku Users Email List 171,262
    Salesforce Marketing Cloud Users List 95,025 Salesforce Chatter Users List 16,456
    Salesforce Einstein Analytics Users Email List 28,932 Salesforce DMP Users List 12,286
    Salesforce Sales Cloud Users Email List 56,964 Salesforce Pardot Users Email List 166,784

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      Top Companies That Use Salesforce CRM

      Here is a list of top companies that use Salesforce CRM with their industry, location, revenue and employee size.

      Company Name Company Size Revenue Industry Country
      CenturyLink, Inc. 10K – 50K $13.9 Billion Information Technology and Services United States
      Roche 10K – 50K $74.5 Billion Biotechnology Australia
      CGI Business Consulting 10K – 50K $21.6 Million Management Consulting Canada
      Lorna Jane 1K – 10K $150.3 Million Retail Australia
      Nationwide Financial 10K – 50K $150.3 Million Financial Services United States
      ChartHop 51 – 200 $42 Million Computer Software United States
      Xero 1K – 10K $697.5 Million Computer Software New Zealand
      US Foods 10K – 50K $34.1 Billion Food & Beverages United States
      Emerald 5K – 10K $273.4 Million Marketing & Advertising United States
      542 1K – 10K <$5 Million PR & Communications United Kingdom
      Sanofi Genzyme 1K – 10K <$5 Million Biotechnology France

      Customized Salesforce CRM Customers List to Boost Your Revenue

      The world becomes your marketplace with our Salesforce CRM customers list, as we connect you with global prospects. It’s possible as our comprehensive database ensures businesses can reach out to potential leads through emails and calls.
      The Salesforce CRM customer list is tailor-made to meet unique business requirements and drive better ROI.

      Here are some of the vital data selects in the Salesforce CRM customers list:

      • Company name
      • Email address
      • Mailing address
      • NAISC code
      • SIC code
      • Phone number
      • Revenue
      • Company size
      • Industry sector
      • Year of establishment

      Get your personalized Salesforce users email list from TDInsights, where specific targeting with a precise solution gets you the desired results.

      Do You Want To Acquire Salesforce CRM Customers List?

      Reach Genuinely Interested Prospects through the Salesforce CRM Client List

      You can connect with the best decision-makers via our Salesforce CRM clients list. We ensure this as our database is curated through manual and advanced technology intervention.

      Features that make our email list of companies using Salesforce CRM stand out from the competitors:

      • The database is regularly updated with the latest data.
      • Offering data in readily accessible formats like .xls, .txt, and .csv.
      • Compliant with US data privacy laws such as CAN-SPAM and CCPA.
      • An account based marketing (ABM) ready email list for an expeditious marketing campaign.
      • Acquire worldwide brand recognition by targeting international leads.
      • Achieve a 95% email deliverability rate.

      Who can Primarily Benefit from the Salesforce CRM Users Email List?

      Reaching the right audiences benefits both the business growth and expansion. Below are a few scenarios where our list can be used.

      • Businesses developing products/services for existing Salesforce CRM customers will benefit from using the Salesforce CRM user list.
      • Use the database to establish contact with multiple Salesforce CRM users across the globe to showcase your products and services.
      • Businesses wanting to establish long-term relationships with key professionals utilizing the Salesforce CRM should use our list to propel their business in the right direction.

      How can you Reach Out to your Clients Using Salesforce CRM?

      TDInsights provides a vast Salesforce CRM email database comprising active Salesforce software users. Using our list in the following ways will give your business a competitive edge.

      Lead Generation: Ignite business expansion and generate thousands of quality leads using our Salesforce CRM email list.

      ABM Marketing: Acquire, retain, and grow high-value accounts with tailored marketing efforts using our email list of Salesforce users and achieve a significant return on investment (ROI).

      Email Marketing: Optimize this powerful list to send more personalized emails to educate your prospects about your products and services without fail.

      Drip Campaigns: Use our comprehensive Salesforce CRM email database to set up drip marketing campaigns and send numerous welcoming and promotional newsletters to your target audience without hassles.

      All of this would help you reach your marketing target seamlessly.

      Why Choose TDInsights?

      Our Salesforce CRM users list is trustworthy and reliable for businesses. To build the list, we collate data from trusted sources such as business directories, newsletters, surveys, corporate events, and leading online portals. Additionally, our data team ensures that the list is updated every 90 days to remove all redundancies. From a business perspective, focusing on minute details helps businesses attain better conversion rates and increase ROI.

      Today’s businesses must have a global outreach to hold solid ground in a competitive market. Emphasizing the same reason, our Salesforce CRM user email list provides prospect information from Europe, Asia-Pacific, Oceania, the Middle East, and America. Work with Us To Accelerate Your Company’s Growth Trajectory.

      Our Salesforce List Includes:

      First Name City
      Last Name Zip Code
      Title Company
      Mailing Address Email
      State/Country Contact Number
      Fax Sales
      Employee Size SIC Code
      Web Address Company Revenue

      Salesforce Customers by Industry

      Industry Total Customers
      Computer Software 274,780
      Information Technology and Services 89,005
      Financial Services 62,158
      Hospital & Health Care 59,962
      Non-profit Organization 46,515
      Marketing and Advertising 45,879
      Computer Hardware 34,644
      Education Management 33,832
      Civic & Social Organization 32,782
      Retail 30,443


      The Clients which are included in the email list of companies that use Salesforce are Mitel, Ulster Bank, EUROSTAR, FreshRealm, LLC, BOGGI MILANO..

      The industries that use Salesforce are marketing and advertising, information technology and services, financial services, and health care.

      Some of the largest companies that use Salesforce are Adidas, Schneider Electric, Cargill.

      Computer software industry has the largest number of Salesforce customers followed by information technology and services.

      Salesforce has more than 150,000 customers around the world.

      The global CRM market share would reach USD 25320M by the year 2026 from around USD 23740M in the year 2020. This is at a CAGR of 1.1% from 2021-2026.

      It is the technology through which an organization manages the interaction with existing and new customers. It enables an approach where the representative can analyze the complete interaction with the customer such as the past and the recent interactions, and understand the targeted audience to have a streamlined process for communication.

      The benefits of CRM are that it improves messaging process through automation, simplifies the collaboration process offers proactive service, helps in trustworthy reporting, accelerates the communication process, improves customer retention, and enables data privacy.

      The company is based out of California, United States.

      You can reach customers through different channels. They’re direct mail, email, and telemarketing campaigns.

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