General Data Protection Regulation

TDInsights and the whole team dedicates itself to helping you with the GDPR journey. As a data processor, we have followed all the necessary steps to meet the obligations of General Data Protection Regulation. To stay transparent throughout our path, we determined to cover all the details of how TDInsights has prepared for this law.

Our positive GDPR engagement ensures compliance in every level.

Disclaimer: TDInsights do not represent any legal body. Hence the information provided here should not be considered as legal advice. This page consists of only the information on how TDInsights helps you become GDPR compliant. Therefore, for any authorized advice regarding GDPR, we recommend you to visit an attorney.

Things You Must Know

What is GDPR?

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation is a European privacy law which came into force on May 25th, 2018. This law has replaced the Data Protection Directive (DPD) 95/46/EC with a set of new privacy principles. The update was built mainly to strengthen the privacy of personal data. That is, individuals are given all the rights to know the processing of their information, access the data, correct or delete it when required.

Whom Does GDPR Effect?

According to this new privacy law, all the companies which involved themselves in marketing the products or services to the citizens of EU will be affected by GDPR. That is, GDPR applies to every EU and non-EU businesses who sell their products to EU as well as monitor their behavior for profiling and other business purposes.

How We Will Help You?

TDInsights is helping its customers to get ready for the GDPR. We want both our customers and partners to know about our preparation for this journey. As a trusted B2B marketing solution provider, we developed a GDPR compliance process of our own to stay dutiful to the new privacy policy.

TDInsights and GDPR Obligations

We are happy to announce that TDInsights is now GDPR complaint. Our team commits itself to provide our customers with the best of services every time. Hence protecting their privacy is also extremely important to us. Accompanied by expertise, we help our customers, as well as partners, stay compliant with this regulation. We have implemented several initiatives in various segments of our profile.


  • We have updated our security system to safeguard the data as well as remote access to it.
  • Our team carries out a transparent process in every step to build the trustworthiness.
  • As a responsible data processor, we inform every individual about how we use their personal information for our business.
  • Also, we take consent before sending any marketing emails.
  • You can also find an Opt-out option in every email.
  • Our team is also responsible for deleting or modifying your data whenever you ask us to do so.
  • We do not keep any outdated data in our store. Our team of experts cleans the database regularly.
  • We let only an authorized person access the individuals’ private data.
  • Our team also runs full data audit trails on a regular basis.
  • Also, we store and transfer the data in an encrypted form with a secure password.
  • We invest significant effort to monitor the database for any breaches.
  • We are also accountable to notify you of any violations found.

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