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Why TDInsights?

Well-structured and quality data is what unlocks a company’s true potential. We at TDInsights believe in building database that cultivates a data-driven culture that further assembles into fetching timely results.

Our business rule is to deliver accurate, result-oriented and double verified data that help you run a successful B2B marketing campaign.

Who are our Customers?

Our data serve different departments across the organization, such as marketing, sales, operations insights.

Coverage of the Data

Broadening Your Horizon to outreach customers. It helps to connect with the right prospect at the best time.

Data by Purchase Intent

It helps you run effective marketing campaign and assist you in targeting the right prospect previous behavior.

Build Greater Connections with Technology Leads

Our fine-tuned technology list keeps your sales funnel full throughout. It helps you find tech prospects from any nook and corner of the globe. With our high-targeted and supreme data, you can easily expose your brand to thousands of technology companies and its executives.

Boost Campaign Performance with Industry-specific Data

Every industry is different from the other. Uniform approach doesn’t work everywhere. If you want to target any particular sector, we can help you with the relevant data. Why settle for drops of opportunities, when you can have the ocean of chances across various industries.

Global Exposure with Geotargeted Campaigns

We offer global data that can help you reach targets located in any country, region or state. Our B2B network is spread all across the globe, keeping our database enriched with more than 70 million business records from top companies in 60+ countries.

Our Process​


We understand your business objectives, goals and campaign requirements


We research and build multi-channel marketing contacts of your target audience


We validate, verify and evaluate your audience data leaving it up-to-date.


We deliver precise contact information ensuring short turnaround time.

Post-Sales Support

Our dedicated team of customer support professionals work 24/7 to help resolve customer queries.

Target Audience

TDInsights is specialized in providing the enhanced list, helping you to connect with your target audience at the right time. The list is an optimized solution for outreaching the global C-level executives and other decision-makers in different functional areas, such as human resources, marketing, sales, administration, etc.

We have an enriched collection of 70 million business contacts, facilitating you to garner the best prospects from your marketing campaign. The demographics cover all relevant criteria such as gender, income, age, employment details, among others.

Case Study

How a Digital Supply Chain Company Manage to get More Conversions?

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