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With the extensive growth in technologies leading to tremendous competition in marketing, businesses of every size are now discerning the need of licensed data. Marketers, today, have started accepting that the science to a successful business stays in the marketing database – the database that is not only accurate and validated, but also is authorized and thus secured. Comprehending the profits that can come from long-termed data-agreements regarding the usage or reselling of the contact database has now compelled the marketers to invest in business sources that can provide them a licensed data.

To cut the data licensing struggle of the businesses and business professionals, TDInsights brings to you the one-stop solution – Data Licensing Services.

The need of data licensing?

Data that comes from various affiliated channels is not secure. Also, availing data from such sources become time consuming as you don’t have the authority to reuse or resell the data. It adds to expenses also. Quality of B2B database also stresses the need of data licensing as degrades at pace of 2.1% per month.

TDInsights is the trusted data-partner and vendor of the world’s biggest and leading Value Added Resellers (VARs). We license customized as well as prepackaged marketing databases from our huge data repository to the businesses and marketers. And you become the licensee of the particular contact database for a desired or pre-decided set of time – weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Why TDInsights Data Licensing services?

  • Licensed database that is accurate, verified, and updated
  • Zero dependence on various affiliated channels
  • Unlimited usage of data with security and authority
  • Licensed data driven from authentic sources
  • Data cleansing services – data is cleansed on a timely basis
  • Flexibility to get updates based on specific set of time
  • Customized and licensed database
  • Targeted contact lists that improve revenue

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    Data licensing services secure the data in compliance with the regulations such as GDPR, CAN-SPAM. The service thus builds a strong data repository.

    The data licensing services at TDInsights is innovative, ensuring the confidentiality of the data is maintained.

    Yes, TDInsights offer customized and licensed database.

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