Data Verification Services

Data verification services is one of the essential services in an organization. When you don’t have the right data, it can affect your business process. At TDInsights, we ensure that our customers are never hassled by inconsistent data. Our professionals go the extra mile to check each bit of information and verify it to the optimum level.

An accurate data is a fuel for your marketing campaign; it can accelerate the sales number and help your business achieve the target. Our verification process ensures checking the email address, postal address, and other crucial business information that directly impacts the marketing campaign.

TDInsights data verification service is a perfect solution for all businesses to avoid the menace of an email bounce, unattended mails, etc. Our professionals who have rich experience in various industries and organizations knows exactly what data should be thoroughly verified for a seamless communication process. The data experts at TDInsights manually go through each data at multiple stages for maximizing the quality solution. With the perfect data, you could reach your customer via multi-channel marketing campaigns such as direct mail, email and telemarketing campaign.

How to get right results from a marketing campaign?

It is a herculean task to plan the best marketing strategy for getting the desired results. And when you don’t have the best data, it further becomes a challenging process.

But our professionals are masters in resolving this challenge. They follow the best approach in optimizing your existing dataset to strike the right conversation with the best prospects across the world such as in USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Portugal, Singapore and other countries.

The real-time data generated from the data verification services also includes the company insights that help you build the right sales pitch to target your prospect. You can then plan your campaign rightly by the prospect’s titles, company needs, geographical regions and many more.

How do we verify the data?

The verification process has various stages such as:
  • Inspecting the prospect data
  • Analyzing the data
  • Checking the authenticity of the data
  • Delivering the updated business contacts

Benefits of data verification services:

  • You could reach the best prospects
  • It could reduce your required effort in process
  • It reduces the timespan to convert a customer
  • It streamlines your every marketing approach
  • You achieve a better efficiency rate of your process
  • You get the right insights in tackling the customer

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