Find Customers by Purchase Intent

Our valued intent data helps you in an effortless marketing campaign. It assists you in targeting the right prospect based on the previous purchase behavior.

The intent data includes the previous purchase behavior that lets you know the probability- that the customer would purchase the product. When it is higher, you could strategize accordingly to target these customers.

The sales and marketing team would be the ones who could benefit from this data. They can connect and communicate to close the deal easily.

Re-invent the process, procedures, and techniques to move the customer down the sales pipeline via the accurate purchase intent data.

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Find the result-oriented accounts:

As a business, you should always look into the accounts that give you real-time results. We help you identify the potential accounts, that generate good revenue.  The service cuts down the time taken to reach the target as the customer touchpoints are carefully studied.  It triggers you to take the right action when the customer is purchase ready.

Our service helps:

  • Strategize your marketing efforts with the behavior of the customer.
  • Plan the campaigns connecting with the right prospect
  • Re-generate the revenue with the actual responses from the customers.
  • Maintain the relationship to get better results

Target prospects based on the right segmented data:

  • 70 million Business Contacts
  • 8,130,000 C-level Executives List
  • 2,890,000 Healthcare Email List
  • 11,979,762 Industry Email List

Unleash your potential with Purchase intent via predictive analytics

Our in-house tools ensure the data is developed with predictive analytics, that greatly helps find intent data. Almost 83% of customers would remain loyal to you if you provide the best customer experience, made easy with our service.

The research team at TDInsights understands each of the scenarios to develop the data to meet the needs of the new customers and also the existing ones.

We have the customized solution to filter the data as per the:

  • Technographic Data
  • Firmographic Data
  • Location Based Data
  • Industry Based Data
  • Revenue of the company
  • Size of the company
  • Zip code
  • And more…

Our Technology List Includes:

Database Selects

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