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Spot and Reach out to the Right Buyer with Ease

We ensure you reach the Right Decision-maker to Increase Sales

TDInsights offers you the right contact information to instantly reach out the C-level executives and other high-level decision-makers.

Small and mid-sized enterprises

Acquire the contacts of the start-ups and other medium-sized enterprises. The data covers various industries, such as healthcare, software, finance manufacturing, and other industries. The real-time data from TDInsights help you expand your business operations at different levels of the business process.


Businesses require sales to sustain in the market. With the right B2B data, the representatives can reach to the target customers and earn huge revenue. TDInsights B2B data help you reach the high-level sales representatives of different industries, such as Vice-President or the Regional sales head, Business Development head, etc.


Insights into the financial procedure of businesses. The revenue growth, different funding processes, and other financial process are some of the criteria that you need to understand while interacting with many high-level financial executives of the organization. Our B2B data helps you in the same.


The marketing leaders of this era have various tasks like improving the quality of leads in the sales pipeline. We provide intelligent solutions that identify the precise role of the demand generation manager, Chief Marketing Officer( CMO), and every other role in the marketing department, so that you can target the right way.


To understand the right IT buyer, you need to understand the IT operational activities of the organization. The data helps you reach CTO, Digital Technology Head, CIOs of organizations across the world.

C-level Executives

CMO, COO, CIO, CEO,CFO, you name it and all the C-level executives information is right here. With TDInsights you can never go wrong, and can have the top-level view of the details of these decision-makers. You can know when and how you can reach them to start the right conversation.

Human Resources

You can gain the right insights to identify the crucial decision-makers such as Director of Talent Acquisition, Chief Human Resource Officer, or the Chief People Officer, and others.


Reach out to COO or the Chief Operations Officer, responsible for the high-level operational activities. You get the data of decision-makers from supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, facilities management, leasing, customer service, and others.

With TDInsights, you have the overall view of the reporting structure, and gain the best insights into the operation process of the organization.

Legal and compliance

If you want to target the decision-makers of the law firms, in-house legal departments, Risk Management Leads, TDInsights has the profiles of each of the decision-makers in this department to streamline the process.

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