Email Automation [White paper]


Email automation is an influential marketing strategy that involves sending out emails to prospects on the basis of triggers based on user behavior. The process enables businesses to sustain engagement with clients, provide appropriate information, and drive conversion rates without the requirement of constant manual intervention.
The strategizing of the email automation workflow comprises several steps involving different courses of action. Our whitepaper will guide you in understanding the crucial intricacies of email automation and the steps to implement it. Incorporating these methodologies will enhance your business growth by increasing the ROI.

Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • Present time market valuation
  • Importance of email automation for increasing conversion
  • Email marketing stats
  • How do you set up automated email marketing campaigns?
  • Email automation workflow
  • How to build and manage an automated email workflow?
  • Email marketing automation strategies
  • How to choose the right email automation marketing tool?
  • Conclusion

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