The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing [eBook]


Email marketing acts as a perfect revenue-generator for an organization. The channel connects with the convertible customers at the right time. But, you need to leverage the email campaign with the best strategy.

For years, marketers have tried different tactics to reach their target. While some worked, others didn’t. This shouldn’t be a deterrent for them and they should integrate new tactics in their marketing campaign. As said, you can’t expect different results by implementing the same tactic repeatedly.

This e-book covers some of the proven email marketing tactics and strategies, that could yield desired results, when implemented in your process.

Table of contents

  • What is email marketing?
  • How Email marketing work?
  • Planning the right email marketing strategy
  • How is building the right email marketing program beneficial?
  • Personalization of email campaign
  • Using the simple subject line
  • Advantages of the email marketing
  • Crucial email campaign
  • Optimizing the blog home page to increase email sign up
  • Email marketing for e-commerce success
  • Email marketing for cross-selling & upselling
  • Email automation- Next level of email marketing
  • Response rate to the email
  • Growing the email list
  • Types of forms
  • Designing creative emails
  • What to include email content
  • Email marketing metrics to measure performance
  • Conclusion

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    The Utimate Guide to Email Marketing


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