What Is Retargeting? How To Set Up An Ad Retargeting Campaign? [White paper]


Small and medium businesses thrive on internet marketing. It is the cheapest and most result-driven form of advertising. Even with advertising, you may lose 97% of the probable customers.

According to data, around 97% of the people don’t buy at the first visit to a website, and this traffic is lost, forever.

This whitepaper helps you understand how to set up an Ad retargeting campaign that helps you boost your ROI. It also discusses how the sales team could achieve its target. Scan through all the tricks mentioned in the guide and integrate what you think is feasible with your process.

Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • Types of Retargeting
  • When can you use retargeting ads for your company?
  • Is Retargeting and Remarketing the same thing?
  • The confusion with retargeting and remarketing
  • Ad tracking tools for retargeting
  • Retargeting tools and platforms
  • Remarketing being a wider forum
  • Onsite and Offsite retargeting

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