Calculate Additional Opportunities!!

How about generating more high-end sales

B2B organizations want increased opportunities to reach their target. In this calculator, when you enter the number of sales representatives, additional opportunities per representative every year, the win rate%, the average selling price, you get to know the additional opportunities that can be created, with increased wins. You also come to know the additional revenue that can be generated from the same.

Steps to use:

Insert the real-time number

we will show the result

Additional opps


Increased Wins


Additional Revenue


What TDInsights does?

TDInsights connect you with the potential customer across the world. It regularly optimizes the solution by eradicating the obsolete data and inserting the latest one.

How it does?

TDInsights adopts a balanced approach with the right insights of every industry including the technology, financial, retail, healthcare, real estate, and many more. The technographic and firmographic data gets you to target the convertible customer accurately.

How it helps your mission?

With the result-oriented and best insights, it becomes easy.
The representatives’ can:
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