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With the global transaction value for digital payments projected to amount to 9.47 trillion in 2023 , online payment service providers, such as Stripe, are becoming increasingly sought-after in the current market.

Businesses looking to leverage this opportunity to expand their industry presence need access to an accurate and responsive Stripe customers list. That’s what TDInsights offers, precisely.

Our Stripe users email list includes contact details for sales-qualified prospects and organizations sourced from the most legitimate channels. Each data set is extensively evaluated and undergoes a rigorous cleansing to ensure that the provided information is of the highest quality.

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    Moreover, the provided details can be customized as per client requirements, enabling businesses to access even the most niche market segments and critical organizational figures such as:

    Purchasing Directors Sales Executives
    Chief Information Officers Business Development Managers
    Operations Executives IT Directors
    Backend-Software Developers And More!

    In other words, with TDInsights, you gain access to consolidated marketing support.

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      Boost Your Market Visibility with an Accurate Database of Companies That Use Stripe

      Currently, it is not enough for B2B marketing campaigns to focus solely on product or service benefits. Instead, the focus must be on directing prospect attention to how your offering resolves existing market challenges. More importantly, promotional strategies regarding the same must be deployed on multiple channels simultaneously.

      Our database of companies that use Stripe is collated with this in mind. The provided data set comprises verified email addresses for corporate executives and decision-makers across all global industries.  It enables marketers to ideate and execute targeted email campaigns.

      Businesses can also incorporate the same details into other digital strategies, thereby optimizing their current promotional efforts.

      In addition, the Stripe customers list includes other related contact fields, including phone numbers and mailing addresses. Including such a broad range of details ensures organizations can access any channel or avenue they wish while executing their marketing pitches.

      Expand Your Industry Outreach Through a Geo-Specific Database of Companies Using Stripe

      While establishing a regional presence is the first step to B2B success, most businesses today are driven by their goal of international expansion. The team at TDInsights recognizes this and structures database of companies using Stripe accordingly.

      Our data sets provide access to verified contact records for sales-qualified leads in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Oceania. This enables businesses to have a dedicated avenue to expand their current market segments while retaining their local target audience.

      In addition, the internal team conducts an exhaustive assessment of the initial sources to ensure complete data security and enhanced campaign ROI. As such, our experts only collect records for companies using Stripe from channels such as corporate events, business listings, market reports, B2B directories, company announcements and online portals.

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      Refine Your Promotional Strategies with a Targeted Stripe Users List

      Targeted strategies are critical to achieving success in B2B marketing. To help facilitate the creation of the same, the team at TDInsights segments each Stripe users list based on specific market selects. This includes technographics, firmographics, company size, annual revenue, etc.

      By leveraging the provided information, marketers can build highly defined lead profiles and design their pitches to address specific prospect concerns. More importantly, this allows businesses from globally recognized sectors, such as Manufacturing, Retail and Online Goods & Services, to target companies that use Stripe from their related industries.

      Boost Your Business Revenue Through A Pre-Verified Stripe Users Email List

      TDInsights’ commitment to ensuring data accuracy across each delivered Stripe users email list is unparalleled. And this is primarily due to the stringent internal checks conducted by our data experts.

      As such, prior to delivery, a Stripe users email list undergoes a multi-step evaluation process to determine its quality. The internal team focuses on three critical factors: data relevance, prospect responsiveness and overall accuracy.

      In addition, all the hosted records are verified to comply with standard data norms and policies and periodically updated to maintain consistency with recent developments.

      This helps ensure that the provided contact details offer comprehensive marketing support to businesses, regardless of their target audience or industry.

      Leverage a Responsive Stripe Customer List to Deploy Multichannel Marketing Campaigns

      Aside from covering defined prospect details, each Stripe customer list is also entirely customizable as per your business objectives.

      Do you wish to build a marketing campaign that targets IT directors from US-based companies that use Stripe? Merely inform our experts of the same, and they will curate a data set that adheres to those specific parameters.

      More importantly, each provided list will consist of a wide range of contact fields, including email IDs, mailing addresses and phone numbers. In short, marketers can deploy their promotional strategies on any channel they desire.

      Launch targeted drip campaigns or build a consolidated mailing list to send product samples. Your representatives can even focus on promoting products and services to critical industry figures through dedicated telemarketing pitches.

      Partner with Us for Enhanced Campaign ROI & Better Marketing Returns

      The current B2B marketing landscape can be incredibly challenging to navigate. From extensive prospect research to campaign data validity, several issues can diffuse the effectiveness of the initial strategy.

      However, our Stripe customers list can ensure that businesses avoid this entirely. Collated specifically to target the upper echelons of corporate organizations and curated as per your business requirements, our data sets offer an enhanced ROI on your campaigns.

      Why delay your marketing success any longer? Contact our sales team today!

      Stripe Customers by Industry

      IndustryTotal Customers
      Computer Software6,742
      Nonprofit Organization Management4,631
      Hospital & Health Care3,651
      Civic & Social Organization3,287
      Education Management2,597
      Information Technology and Services2,331
      Health Wellness and Fitness2,091

      Our Stripe List Includes

      First Name City
      Last Name Zip Code
      Title Company
      Mailing Address Email
      State/Country Contact Number
      Fax Sales
      Employee Size SIC Code
      Web Address Company Revenue


      Stripe is a SaaS company whose services include payment processing and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), enabling merchants and vendors to process debit and credit card transactions and other related payment methods.

      Stripe is oriented toward businesses dealing with high-volume online sales. This includes e-commerce websites and retailers, digital service providers, software vendors and more.

      Currently, Stripe holds 19.44% of the market . Prominent companies that use Stripe include Apple, Amazon, Walmart, Target and Etsy.

      Contact TDInsights to get customized contact records from Stripe customers list. Following a discussion regarding your business requirements, our experts will curate a data set that caters to your niche.

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