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Temenos is a leading cloud-based banking software helping banks and other financial agencies to transform their businesses and stay ahead in the changing landscape. So, if you offer consulting and implementation services to Temenos customers, using a comprehensive database will be an ideal way to reach out to them. For that, you require a reliable data partner like TDInsights.

The Temenos market share stands at 14.33% as of now and enjoys a significant customer base in the industry. It presents incredible growth opportunities to businesses selling relevant products and services.

Team TDInsights offers an extensive Temenos customers list to help them initiate business communications. You can reach out to prospects beyond geographical locations and expand your market outreach.

Further, we also include specific data fields to divide the contacts into different categories, which helps you prepare segment-focused strategies.

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    As a result, you can connect with the following professionals using precise pitches.

    Accountants Banking professionals
    Financial analysts Investors
    Bookkeepers CFOs
    Finance Executives Wealth Managers

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      TDInsights allows marketers to fine-tune their lead-generation efforts. With this aim in mind, we help marketers gain valuable insights through up-to-date information about the leading companies that use Temenos.

      Regardless of whether you wish to generate a lead, increase brand awareness, or promote products, our list of companies that use Temenos is an endless resource of accurate contacts. Partnering with us empowers marketing teams who devise messages that cut through the noise and create lasting impressions.

      With our databases, you can market your products, launch engaging email campaigns, send direct promotional mails and receive market insights to improve your products and services. As we only provide an accurate database with up-to-date details, ensuring high response rates and deliverability, success won’t elude you any longer.

      Find B2B Clients Within Minutes with Database of Companies Using Temenos

      When you invest in our database of companies using Temenos, you get unparalleled data solutions to expand your outreach. It eliminates the risks of losing ideal prospects and launching failed marketing drives.

      In addition, our Temenos customers list and mailing contacts contain geo-specific information about organizations operating in different countries. As such, you can contact businesses using this core banking software in the USA, Oceania, Asia, the Middle East or the UK.

      But that’s not it! Our in-house team takes references from several legal and reliable sources to curate the database. These sources include government directories, yellow pages, trade shows, IT conferences, business listings, and online websites.

      As a result, we maintain high accuracy and deliver outstanding data variety through our database of companies using Temenos.

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      Swiftly Connect via Temenos Users List

      TDInsights emphasizes including correct information in Temenos users list. As a result, you can successfully communicate with your targets and convert them into loyal customers.

      We help different companies and industries leverage our data solutions and propel their business growth through segmentation. These businesses include IT services, financial companies, and HR agencies, among other domains.

      With the power of our vetted and meticulously curated Temenos users list, you can reach the desired audience faster than your competitors.

      Refine Your Marketing Efforts with a Reliable Temenos Users Email List

      TDInsights has a strong foothold in the market and commits to delivering a high-class Temenos users email list to its clients. Whether you’re a small startup or an established enterprise, our data lists can benefit you profoundly.

      Our team exerts complete control over the compilation process. Hence, they ensure supplying precise and highly-deliverable data, which undergoes regular verification and validation checks. Our Temenos users email list exhibits the following attributes:

      • A comprehensive database of qualified leads
      • Providing more than 90% accuracy rate
      • Access lists with a 95% deliverability rate
      • Customized for streamlined marketing ventures
      • Contacts obtained from authentic data sources
      Moreover, TDInsights adheres to industry-relevant data regulations and laws like CCPA and GDPR. So, you only receive premium-quality Temenos clients contacts to augment returns.

      Roll Out Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns with Temenos Customer List

      TDInsights offers accurate Temenos customer list to help businesses quickly penetrate the most competitive markets. You can launch data-driven marketing campaigns at multiple channels using our data solutions by leveraging telemarketing, emails, direct mail, or other suitable channels.

      For this purpose, we offer correct and responsive business details. Hence, you can plan separate sales pitches and content for each channel and target precisely. Using such targeted strategies helps you build promising B2B connections and increase your growth prospects.

      Improve Your ROIs with an Actionable Temenos Customers List

      Generate more leads and uncover sales activities that deliver maximum ROI using robust marketing strategies with TDInsights. With our Temenos customers list, you can get qualified prospects lined up at each stage, improving forecasting and augmenting sales.

      We aid businesses in connecting with professionals of companies using Temenos to grow their brand visibility on the world stage. Hence, you no longer need to meet gatekeepers and waste your time and efforts in vain.

      Harness the power of TDInsight’s data solutions and close more deals!

      Temenos Customers by Industry

      Industry Total Customers
      Banking 968
      Computer Software 410
      Information Technology and Services 360
      Financial Services 358
      Human Resource 211
      Accounting 254
      Nonprofit Organization Management 101
      Retail 98
      Government Administration 32
      Insurance 11

      Our Temenos List Includes

      First Name City
      Last Name Zip Code
      Title Company
      Mailing Address Email
      State/Country Contact Number
      Fax Sales
      Employee Size SIC Code
      Web Address Company Revenue


      Temenos is a leading integrated core banking solution that enables financial institutions to manage the entire product lifecycle and cross-sell them to new or existing customers.

      Temenos is a cloud-based core banking solution helping organizations across retail, finance, corporate, and various other banking sectors roll out products while optimizing operational costs.

      About 3000 big and small clients use Temenos banking solutions, which enables over 1.2 billion people to carry out their daily banking needs around the world, according to the Temenos website.

      Businesses selling products and services to companies using Temenos can reach TDInsights to get a customized Temenos customers list. Our expert team analyzes your business requirements and delivers a custom-made list.

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