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You arrived on this page, as you want the answer to the below question:

Which one is better, TDInsights or DiscoverOrg?

Worry not, as we have listed out the best points of both solutions. With this, you can find out the right one aligned with your business requirements.

It would help you make the best decision.

Dive into each of the points step-by-step:

1. Database Size:

When one goes through the website of TDInsights, there is an explicit mention of the available data- 70 million Verified contacts.

Coming to DiscoverOrg, it has contacts that is little more than TDInsights.

Key findings:

You could come across the data that is repeated in the DiscoverOrg database. As the company acquired ZoomInfo, both the companies have had much data that were same, which later was not optimized. In addition to that the ZoomInfo had the data from RainKing, which means there are even higher chances of the redundant data.

The solution from TDInsights is free from redundant data. It is validated and verified multiple times so that all the obsolete, irrelevant and unwanted information is removed.

2. Coverage of the data:

We understand that any business data, should have the right data coverage. What’s the use of information that doesn’t help you connect with the right prospect?
For this reason, TDInsights has the accurate C-level executives’ business contact data. We have an almost 8 million verified business contacts of these high-end professionals. While in comparison, DiscoverOrg has only 4.5 million C-level contacts in the database. It is almost half the number of TDInsights.

Key findings:

TDInsights has a separate page, where you can find the necessary information on how these data are sourced. We ensure that the user doesn’t face any difficulty in integrating and using the C-level data.
The next thing to consider is, you could find the DiscoverOrg data from the EMEA region as obsolete ones. With the acquisition of ZoomInfo, the EMEA data was also merged with the solution. This organization planned to quit this region long back but still kept providing the information. This might hamper the user’s marketing campaign.
When you compare with TDInsights, it covers the data of most of the countries and regions across the globe.
When you compare with TDInsights, it covers the data of most of the countries and regions across the globe.

3. Features:

TDInsights provides the solution in both customized and pre-built format. It helps to reach customers via different channels such as email, direct mail, and telemarketing campaign. Also, TDInsights has a good deliverability rate of around 95%.

The data is optimized every three months to keep only the latest data.

DiscoverOrg data is also updated every 90 days.

Key findings:

Both TDInsights and DiscoverOrg data is manually verified to make it an optimized one.

4. Pricing and Contract terms:

The initial pricing of the DiscoverOrg is $20,000 per year. The company also has different packages to meet the needs of high-profile customers.

Our pricing is not fixed; the package is customized as per the needs of customers. This is not the case with DiscoverOrg. Its price is often considered too high by many organizations.
Most of the customers find it unjustifiable.

Key findings:

The core element that builds TDInsights is its transparency. We don’t have any hidden charges like “terms and conditions apply.” You can also acquire a good number of mailing lists at the right pricing. The model is inverse volume-based pricing.
While the same transparency is not seen in the DiscoverOrg data.

5. File format:

We make it easier for the customer. Therefore, our file is available in various formats such as XLS, Text, CSV, ACCDB, MDB, and SQL. While the file format in which DiscoverOrg data is available are CSV, excel.

We thus have the upper hand in this arena.

6. Customer Service:

Every organization is looking to provide exceptional customer service.
We, as an organization, serve our customers the best way. The customer service department looks into every query, challenges, so that they offer the right customer service.

7. Technographic data:

Technographic data narrows down the accurate technology prospect. The sales representative could refer this information to pitch their service to the targeted customer.
The accuracy rate of our technographic data is near to 95%. The accuracy rate of the DiscoverOrg Technographic data is not mentioned.

You cannot deny this fact. Over the years, customers rely on the sales representatives when faced with any challenge. TDInsights offers reliable customer service to existing customers. If you are a growing organization, then you would regularly need useful guidance from the customer support team. A wholesome customer experience is required for an effective and efficient process.

We provide the right customer service to all the organizations from small, mid-sized enterprises to large organizations. ZoomInfo services and solution does not serve all.

8. Integration with the Marketing Tool:

Every organization has a different process and uses different tools. We ensure that our marketing tool rightly aligns with the process of every organization. Most importantly, a growing organization would find it highly useful as they wouldn’t need much time to integrate it.

While the same can’t be said about the DiscoverOrg.

The findings:

70 million Verified Business DataTotal 80 million data
Pricing customized as per the requirementsA fixed pricing structure
45% client retention rateNo data on client retention rate
Updated every 90 daysOptimized every 90 days
The deliverability rate is 95%No mention of the deliverability rate
Accurate information on job designationOutdated Information of job designation
Suitable for all small, mid-sized and large enterprisesNot suitable for Small and Medium companies
Accuracy of technographic data is 95%No mention of technographic data
There is a precise breakup of the data, the international and industry dataWhile in DiscoverOrg, you won’t find the proper breakup of data to help the user.
File format is available in XLS, Text, CSV, ACCDB, MDB, SQLFile format is available in CSV, excel


With this comparison, you could see TDInsights has more pros than DiscoverOrg.
The expert solution aligns with the current market scenario and helps you earn the revenue to reach the target.

When you have the best mailing list, you can effortlessly reach your goal.

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