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We would discuss one of the best B2B marketing data in the market that offers unique solution to its customers, and that too at competitive pricing. TDInsights has the accurate solutions helping businesses reach varied customers in different parts of the world. Our market research experts, data analysts and other experienced professionals infuse the right data gathered from conferences, directories, business meetups and other events.

Hoovers, an American research company founded by Patrick Spain and Gary Hoover in the year 1990, provided the right business information to the customers. The brand was renamed to D&B Hoovers from Hoovers in the year 2017. Although it gained popularity among various businesses, the solution has many disadvantages and is not convenient for the users in specific cases.

Any solution should make your task easier not complicated.

And this applies to Hoovers case as well.

We would now cover the points to understand the major differences between Hoovers and TDInsights:

Dive into each of the points step-by-step:

1. Database Size and Quality:

You should never overlook the size of the database as that helps analyse the number of leads an organization could get. When you compare both Hoovers and TDInsights, it is found that while TDInsights has 70M verified business contacts, Hoovers has a corporate database of 171M contacts.

Our professionals adhere to the strict guidelines to maintain the quality of the data. For this reason, the solution is updated on a regular basis.

Key findings:

Our database is updated every 90 days so that old data is removed and new data is added to make your campaign effective. While in this case, Hoover’s claims are unbelievable!!!

It boasts that they have a team to update the database around 5 million times in a day. This is something difficult to believe.

2. Database Size, Quality and Coverage:

We understand, any business needs data to reach out to the right decision-maker of any industry. For that reason, we have several million C-level contacts to increase your customer base. The information is precise, leaving no scope for error.

It helps you zoom past all the gatekeepers that otherwise slows down the sales process.


Our data covers 60+ countries helping you broaden your outreach. Hoovers also cover a good number of countries.

Key findings:

While in this case both the brands are having a good number of C-level contacts covering different countries, we state a believable process, i.e., updating it every three months- a standard and routine practice is a unique feature of our process.

3. Essential Features:

TDInsights helps you reach customers via direct mail, email, and telemarketing campaign and has a 95% deliverability rate. This service helps in the right connection at the right time. While Hoovers also provide this feature but it doesn’t have our USP – deliverability rate.

The stand-out feature which Hoovers has is the sales acceleration that provides businesses with the information such as the sales hints, news and other insights that could drive organizations on the right path.

Key findings:

In this case, both the solutions are giving tough competition to the other. TDInsights has deliverability rate while Hoovers has sales acceleration feature.

4. Pricing:

You can’t find the Hoovers pricing details in their website; it works on the quote-based pricing system. Although it tries to meet the needs of customers by modifying the solution, the lack of transparency confuses the customer. TDInsights offers transparency in this case. We don’t have fixed pricing, and the solution is customized as per the customer’s requirements.

Key findings:

TDInsights has the inverse volume-based pricing, that means more the number of records one has in the list, the competitive would be the pricing. Our solution doesn’t have any hidden charges and we understand the privacy of the user. Hoover has a contract of 12 months one needs to pay on a monthly basis.

5. File format:

TDInsights offers solution in different file formats such as excel, CSV, word, OpenOffice, and others.

6. Customer Service:

One cannot deny the importance of customer experience in any organization. TDInsights offer good customer service via phone and through live chat. The professionals are available at the right time to resolve the challenges of their customers. This leads to a streamlined process, satisfying the customer.

While the same cannot be said in the case of the Hoover customer service team.

Key findings:

Some customers who have used Hoovers service, stated their challenge is not resolved at the right time. Even when it is escalated to the managerial level, they are not interested to reply back.

While we uphold customer’s interest as our top priority. Our service has been appreciated by all, from small, mid-sized to large enterprises. This means we even have optimized customer service for varied businesses across the globe.

7. Technographic data:

This data is useful to identify the companies that use a specific technology. Our solution finds out the companies that would be requiring a specific technology at a particular time of the year. This helps representatives target that customer rightly. The accuracy rate of technographic data is near to 95%.

While the accuracy rate of the Hoover’s technographic data is not mentioned.

8. Integration with the Marketing Tool:

TDInsights cross-check multiple times whether the data developed rightly integrates with the already existing process of the organization. We know any hiccups, in this case, could prove harmful for the marketing process. It could derail the entire approach and hamper representatives to reach the target.

Therefore, the experienced professionals analyse the needs of every organization so that they could make the task easier and smooth for every customer. Hoovers marketing data also provides the same via the right master data.

Now we would discuss, the pros and cons of both TDInsights and Hoovers:

TDInsights Hoovers
Suitable for all, large enterprises to SMBs Mainly suitable for large enterprises
Has inverse volume-based pricing Follows a quote-based pricing
Technographic data is accurate to 95% Hoovers technographic data’s accuracy is not mentioned
It has 70M Verified Business contacts It has 171M corporate database contacts
The file format in which data is available is XLS, ACCDB, SQL, MDB, CSV, Text The Hoovers standard file is CSV, excel
The service is delivered within 7 days after manual verification Hoovers does not have the proper break up of data
The deliverability ratio is near to 95% The ratio is not transparent


TDInsights has many advantages that make it stand out from its competitors. It provides a feasible solution at the right pricing. The service gets you going and let you reach the business target on time.

So, why waste time?

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