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Microsoft Dynamics AX is one of the popular ERP solutions in the market that help businesses to take care of daily activities through the back end. It’s commonly used by mid size to large companies as it is easy to use and helps in generating revenue.

At TDInsights, we promise to offer the accurate and verified Microsoft Dynamics AX customers list. Our goal is to deliver excellent marketing services that boost your marketing strategies and efficiency.

    Our Microsoft Dynamics AX Customers List Helps You Reach:

    C-Level Executives, VPs, Directors, Managers Microsoft Dynamics AX Engineer
    Microsoft Dynamics AX Developers Microsoft Dynamics AX Professionals
    Microsoft Dynamics AX Designers Business Analysts
    MS Dynamics AX Professionals Consultant And more!

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      Once the data is sourced, it undergoes several mining techniques to get the chiseled data.

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      Microsoft Dynamics AX Customers by Industry

      Industry Total Customers
      Computer Software 2137
      Information Technology and Services 1311
      Retail 571
      Construction 390
      Computer Hardware 379
      Wholesale 373
      Machinery 354
      Food Production 322
      Hospital & Health Care 302
      Automotive 280


      How is Microsoft Dynamics AX customers list validated?

      The professionals at TDInsights after sourcing the right data, cross-verify it to include only the best data. The mapping of the data with the requirements makes it a complete solution.

      Which companies are included in the Microsoft Dynamics AX Users list?

      Some of the companies Using Microsoft Dynamics AX are:

      1. Gartner
      2. Ametek
      3. SAS
      4. Tribridge
      5. Sopharma

      Is the Microsoft Dynamics AX users list accurate?

      The mailing list is upgraded on a regular basis with precision. This makes Microsoft Dynamics AX users list as the accurate one with 95%.

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