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Oracle E-Business Suite, also known as E-Biz Suite software application, comprises supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), and enterprise resources planning (ERP). Firms and companies use it to streamline processes and improve customer relationships. The Oracle EBS customers list provides access to all these company contacts.

As per the latest studies, Oracle E-Business Suite market share is 0.4% in cloud computing marketing, making it a lucrative business sector.

Businesses exploring options to connect with professionals of companies using Oracle E-Business Suite require contact details and other information and that’s where TDInsights steps in with legitimate database of companies using Oracle EBS.

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    Our team meticulously curates these contact databases with veritable information about your future clients. This data can be used to effectively build business campaigns to market your products and services.

    TDInsights helps make business communication convenient and smooth for medium and large-scale organizations through Oracle EBS customer lists. Having proper contact information in your arsenal can overcome many initial marketing hurdles.

    Get in touch with various professionals working at companies using Oracle EBS like the following:

    Supply Chain Management Firms Manufacturing Industries
    Professional Services Businesses Packaged Goods Industries
    Retail Firms Healthcare Sector Companies
    E-Commerce Companies Oil, Gas and Chemical Industries
    Automotive Manufacturing Firms Banking and Financial Services

    List of companies using oracle EBS Customers List:

    Company NameWebsiteEmployee SizeIndustryRevenueCountry of origin
    GE Appliances, a Haier companygeappliances.com13,600Consumer Goods$2.8 BillionUnited States
    Donaldsondonaldson.com13,000Mechanical Or Industrial Engineering$3.4 BillionUnited States
    Prolificsprolifics.com1,168Computer Software$317.3 MillionUnited States
    Nuance Communicationsnuance.com1,600Computer Software$1.5 BillionUnited States
    Rimini Streetriministreet.com1,940Information Technology and Services$422.5 MillionUnited States
    GEP Worldwidegep.com6,000Logistics & Supply Chain$1.3 BillionUnited States
    XPO Logistics, Inc.xpo.com38,000Logistics & Supply Chain$7.6 BillionUnited States
    BlackRockblackrock.com19,900Financial Services$17.6 BillionUnited States

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      Employ Effective Target Marketing Techniques with Oracle EBS Customers List

      No matter how exceptional a product is, there is always competition. It’s vital to streamline your marketing efforts and connect with potential leads. An Oracle EBS customers list is the perfect tool to help you connect with them.

      The Oracle EBS customers list will enable you to communicate your market-related messages through offline and online channels.

      We include vital and relevant information, such as name, email address, office address and phone number, to aid your client outreach. TDInsights verifies everything relevant to your business and offers you updated contact list of professionals from companies using Oracle EBS.

      Boost Your Brand’s Visibility and Performance with Database of Companies Using Oracle EBS

      Every record in database of companies using Oracle EBS provided by TDInsights comes with important contact information from various business regions across the world. Europe, Australia, North America, the Middle East and Central America are some of the business regions TDInsights focuses on.

      By choosing our customized database, business owners can effectively position their brands globally, allowing them to explore and convert a diverse client pool. Take your brand marketing to the next level with the list of companies using Oracle EBS.

      We provide top-notch data by collecting it from sources with the highest credibility through our list of Oracle EBS customers, such as:

      • Corporate Databases
      • Company Websites
      • Panels
      • Online Forum
      • Survey Forms
      • Seminars
      • Trade Shows

      Do you want to acquire Oracle EBS Customers List?

      Producing the right ROI with Oracle EBS Users list

      TDInsights have an optimized database that is highly useful for all B2B organizations. We make sure that your every marketing campaign outreach the right customer so that you can start the right business conversation. The validated and verified database at TDInsights is the one-stop solution for your business process, as the data is collected from trustworthy sources such as business directories, conferences, surveys, etc.  


      The solution is updated every 90 days and passed through stringent quality check measures for developing the perfect Oracle EBS Users list. When you want your marketing effort to be fruitful, you have to choose the best solution, and achieve your goal. The list of companies using Oracle EBS is the right database that gives you the perfect platform to make your effort successful. In a competitive world, you cannot afford to ignore your competitor as you vie up for the same customer. In such a scenario, our marketing solution gives you the advantage of being one step ahead of your competitors for converting the potential customer.

      Upgrade Your Marketing Campaigns with a Highly Responsive Database of Companies That Use Oracle EBS

      Even the best of the marketing campaigns can often face roadblocks if they are not executed properly. A leading factor can be targeting irrelevant prospects. In addition, using outdated information can hamper your marketing initiatives.

      TDInsights is accustomed to handling these struggles and presents an updated database of companies that use Oracle EBS. Our databases are updated and verified as per your future client’s latest contact information. Additionally, the information is verified using the latest algorithms and techniques to remove redundancies and errors.

      Our team verifies the information sources to offer you top-notch information. So, with our Oracle EBS client list, you only receive relevant and verified data.

      Why Choose TDInsights Oracle EBS Users Email List?

      TDInsights handles marketing database requirements from brands across the globe. Our experience in data handling and providing marketing database enables us to support all types of sales and marketing projects. Collaborating with us will help boost your existing marketing efforts.

      The overall Oracle EBS users email list complies with CCPA, CAN-SPAM and GDPR data regulatory norms. Here are some of the advantages of choosing our Oracle EBS customer list:

      • Personalized contact lists for efficient marketing
      • Industry-centric information
      • Deliverability rate of 95 per cent accurate data

      Companies that offer services related to Oracle EBS will find our databases useful. Most importantly, firms launching software like Oracle EBS can utilize our data for gathering leads through companies using Oracle E-Business Suite.

      Accomplish Enhanced Marketing Campaigns with an Oracle EBS Customer List

      You can expand your customer base and improve brand revenue by promoting your services through multiple strategies and channels combined with our Oracle EBS clients list.

      Business owners can launch offline or online strategies to reach their targets. Utilize our Oracle EBS users email database to run efficacious email marketing initiatives and acquire prospects.

      With our Oracle EBS users mailing address lists, a direct approach becomes an ideal tool for your marketing campaign. Business owners can send proper marketing messages that improve their chances of sealing a deal.

      Connect with Key Organizational Players with a List of Companies Using Oracle EBS

      Targeting the key players is the best method to stand out in the long run. Approaching CEOs and senior managers to talk about what your brand is offering goes a long way in establishing meaningful connections.

      Reaching out to high-ranking professionals such as CEOs and senior managers in various organizations is not easy. Therefore, we have included the contact data of these key decision-makers in our lists. Now you can reach relevant decision-makers and improve your lead generation techniques. Our list of companies using Oracle EBS can provide you with the necessary tools to create successful marketing campaigns and improve ROI.

      So, what are you waiting for? Contact our team at TDInsights to acquire a verified Oracle  EBS customers list today!

      Our Oracle EBS List Includes

      First Name City
      Last Name Zip Code
      Title Company
      Mailing Address Email
      State/Country Contact Number
      Fax Sales
      Employee Size SIC Code
      Web Address Company Revenue

      Oracle EBS Customers by Industry

      Industry Total Customers
      Computer Software 5,701
      IT and Services 2,999
      Retail 5,006
      Financial Services 619
      Hospitals and Healthcare 2,408
      Internet 800
      Marketing and Advertising 1,559
      Credit Unions 411
      Insurance 643
      Real Estate 3,011
      Others 27,994


      Oracle E-Business Suite is a platform used by various firms and companies across the globe to improve supply chain relations and boost productivity through proper customer relationships.

      As of July 2023, Oracle EBS market share is 0.4% with over 21,656 companies using this software.

      According to the latest studies, over 21,656 companies use Oracle EBS, as of 2023.

      The Oracle E-Business Suite is most popular in the Information Technology and Services industry.

      Some popular alternative Oracle EBS software are Microsoft Dynamics 365, Workday Inc, Microsoft, Zoho Corporation, Infor, IBM, SAP ERP, etc.
      The TDInsights database is built using only opt-in contact details. This ensures that businesses can contact the right prospects at the right time on the right platform.
      TDInsights ascertains a deliverability rate of 95% for email campaigns.

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