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Reaching out to your potential customers is most straightforward with the JD Edwards customers list, especially if the platform of your deliverables is a specific technology such as JD Edwards. TDInsights strives to eliminate time constraint challenges for your business by providing a robust and ready-to-use JD Edwards customers list. With such an accurate list, your time to reach the targeted market becomes considerably small, thus letting your business flourish quickly with a continually increasing ROI.

TDInsights: A Professional Partner for JD Edwards Customers List

One of the many ways an enterprise reaps quick and significant benefits is when it associates with a professional partner. At TDInsights, our data-driven culture enables us to prioritize the informational list of clients of a specific technology. The high-quality JD Edwards customers list is ensured by the reliable sources from which we extract the data. These sources include corporate events and conferences, newsletter subscriptions, business listings, b2b directories, survey channels, top online portals, etc.

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    Besides, we have several database management, data mining, and data science tools and technologies that cleanse and tone down the data extracted from reliable sources to create the finest JD Edwards Users Email List. After the data is chiseled out accurately and is ready to be used, we ensure it can be customized easily per clients’ requirements.

    Our Service Covers the Entire JD Edwards Users Email List

    Knowing the intent that triggers action, you will clearly understand the most qualified sales leads likely to become paying customers. You can target the JD Edwards User email list per the following segments.

    Financial Management Users Homebuilder Management
    JD Edwards UX One Users Asset Lifecycle Management
    Distribution Management Users Human Capital Management
    Manufacturing Management Project Management Users
    Reporting Solutions Users Mobile Platform Users

    Data Insights of Companies Using JD Edwards

    Do you want to get ahead of the competition and explore new markets? With TDInsights’ companies using JD Edwards database, you can take your business to the next level by tapping into new profitable niches.

    Here is a brief overview of detailed information about companies that use JD Edwards:

    Company Name Website Revenue Employee Size Country of Origin
    HTS Inc. Consultants htshouston.com <$5 million 69 United States
    Fujitsu Ltd fujitsu.com $26.31 billion 130,000 Japan
    eBay Inc. ebay.com $10.27 billion 11,600 United States
    Panasonic Corp panasonic.com $59.64 billion 233,391 Japan
    Miami Valley Gaming miamivalleygaming.com $19.2 million 450 United States
    Red Collar Pet Foods redcollarpet.com >$1 billion 770 United States
    J & J Snack Foods jjsnack.com <$5 million 4,300 United States
    Silgan Holdings silganholdings.com $5.8 billion 15,600 United States
    JAS Forwarding jas.com $1 billion 4,200 United States
    Ste. Michelle ste-michelle.com $689 million 1,000 United States
    Kewanee Fabrications kewauneefabrications.com $46 million 231 United States
    JLL us.jll.com $19.4 billion 98,200 United States
    Thermo Fisher thermofisher.com $40 billion 130,000 United States
    Edwards edwardsvacuum.com $5 billion 4,000 United States

    Connect to Prospects with valuable data insights about companies that use JD Edwards

    Are you tired of chasing the wrong prospects? It would help if you got your hands on reliable data inputs curated by TDInsights about companies that use JD Edwards.

    Many businesses need help to follow up with prospects who never convert. This could wear you out. Our information about companies using JD Edwards is the guiding force here that targets only prospects with higher chances of converting. With this, you can expect an increased customer base and successful results. All this could happen if you acquire and integrate our business data into your process.

    First name Area of Specialization Ownership Type Postal Address
    Last name Industry Company Size Geographical Location
    Job Title NAICS Code Company Revenue Demographics
    Official Email SIC Code Company Website Technographics
    Work Experience Entity Type Assets Size Firmographics

    Do you want to acquire A JD Edwards Customers List?

    What can you do with our JD Edwards Customers List?

    Data in JD Edwards Customers List can be used for supporting marketing endeavors across multiple channels. There are various purposes for a curated and reliable database, and some are as follows:

    • Sending hyper-personalized newsletters and emails
    • Developing content tailored to leads’ position in the sales funnel for all social media platforms.
    • Establishing solid sales cadences using a combination of two or more marketing channels.

    If you want exclusive data insights about companies using JD Edward software created by Oracle, you must contact TDInsights.

    Our Exclusive JD Edwards users List

    TDInsights ensures the JD Edwards users list or any other technology users list at your disposal is not only qualitatively superior but also accurately concise and easily customizable.

    In addition to all of these characteristics, there is one more aspect that makes our users list unique.

    Our business world is globalized today, which means a JD Edward application development company would prefer clients irrespective of their geographical location. Our formidable list of companies using JD Edwards covers the economically luxuriant regions of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Oceania.

    Boost Your Sales Efforts with JD Edwards Customers List

    Supporting the functionality of Oracle’s JD Edwards user email database is a great solution to cater to business needs. There are many companies all across the globe, from SMEs to larger enterprises, which utilize the functionalities of JDE to run their business successfully. These enterprises may be in constant need of customization or maintenance of their applications. Apart from these, some enterprises must procure JDE or replace their existing ERP with JDE.

    This scenario explains how paramount it is for businesses to be informed about the companies that use JD Edwards to boost sales and marketing campaigns.

    Why is TDInsights the Ideal Partner to Procure the JD Edwards Users mailing list?

    With many years of expertise in data management, TDInsights has assisted 1000+ clients to achieve their desired marketing goals with the help of its JD Edwards users mailing list. We will ensure the database maintains all data integrity points for your JD Edwards clients list, from data collation until final delivery. You can access the following benefits with TDInsights as your data solution partner:

    • 95% data accuracy
    • Precision targeting with vast segmentation
    • Compliance with all significant data norms
    • Multi-step verification
    • Data sourced from legal sources
    • Support for multi-channel marketing
    • Easy-to-use database (.XLS and .CSV)
    • And Much More!

    Besides ensuring that the list of companies using JD Edwards remains fresh and relevant, we also provide regular updates so that the database remains reliable at all times.

    Make the Most Out Of Our JD Edwards Users Email List

    With JD Edwards’s client list, enterprises can eliminate all data related concerns. For examples, enterprises acquiring data from unreliable sources or making sporadic efforts to collect it risk losing a significant ROI. Time is capital, and a considerable amount of time gets wasted if your customer acquisition efforts are based on irrelevant or inaccurate data.

    On the other hand, a professional B2B marketing data solutions provider like TDInsights will enable you to make the most out of your investment in terms of not only saving time but also directing your sales and marketing endeavors through proper channels to the right audience. So do not delay procuring our JD Edwards users email list. Instead, steer your business in the right direction by connecting to us!

    Statewise list of JD Edwards

    Counts by US Region No of Customers
    District of Columbia15
    Counts by US RegionNo of Customers
    North Carolina163
    North Dakota11
    New Hampshire35
    New Jersey160
    New Mexico25
    New York412
    Rhode Island28
    South Carolina59
    South Dakota12
    West Virginia13

    Our JD Edwards List Includes:

    First Name City
    Last Name Zip Code
    Title Company
    Mailing Address Email
    State/Country Contact Number
    Fax Sales
    Employee Size SIC Code
    Web Address Company Revenue

    JD Edwards Customers by Industry

    Industry Total Customers
    Computer Software 6,563
    Information Technology and Services 3,165
    Construction 2,067
    Retail 1,383
    Wholesale 1,335
    Computer Hardware 1,313
    Food Production 1,226
    Hospital & Health Care 1,200
    Machinery 1,196
    Financial Services 1,032


    Our list of companies using JD Edwards software is remarkably reliable. It assures more than 95% accuracy and deliverability rate. Our verification procedure includes thousands of verification calls and verification emails to make sure that our list is free from errors and redundancies. Our team performs multiple quality checks using sophisticated technologies and manual procedures to supply precise records.

    Our team collates the data of top-level professionals and critical decision-makers using JD Edwards software from various authentic and responsible sources. It includes B2B directories, conferences, journals, magazine subscriptions, yellow pages, trade exhibitions, government records, surveys, etc.

    Yes. Our JD Edwards Users Email List is updated every 90 days. We use in-depth research techniques and robust technology to deliver excellent quality records that let you reach the JD Edwards Customers seamlessly.

    Yes. Tell us your requirements, and our dedicated team will help you build a customized list for your business. We offer 75+ selects for customization, including JD Edwards market share, product type, job title, industry, employee size, geographical location, and more.

    Yes. Our JD Edwards Customers List obeys all the guidelines of the CCPA, GDPR, and Anti-Spam law. We safeguard the personal information of customers and thus guarantee that every record in our JD Edwards List is opt-in and legitimate.


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