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Have you finalized on ZoomInfo B2B database?

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There are quality alternatives to ZoomInfo that would shoot up your business results.

TDInsights has the premium business contacts across the world, and the solution leverages your marketing campaign with the packages precisely aligned with your business requirements. It is integrated with a comprehensive analytical data, powered by the strict validation process by our market research experts, data analysts, and other professionals.

Talking about the history of ZoomInfo, the company was acquired by DiscoverOrg. Henry Shuck took over as the CEO of the company. The solution is highly favored as a popular sales intelligence platform across the world, but it has many shortcomings. The fallout was witnessed by many of its users, as they stated the data did not hit the benchmark boasted by the brand.

Do not overlook the quality of the solution as it has a direct impact on the results of your organization.

The comparison would help you understand why TDInsights has the upper hand over ZoomInfo.

Dive into each of the points step-by-step:

1. Size of the Database:

The size of the database significantly matters, as with this, you can understand the probability of increased conversions. The broader the size of the database, the increased the chances of conversion. TDInsights has 70 million verified records of information, accelerating the business communication with potential customers, while the overall ZoomInfo records are slightly higher in number.

TDInsights data is collected from credible sources such as business directories, trade shows, yellow pages, government records, and more.

Key findings:

There are higher chances of finding duplicate data in the ZoomInfo database, as the data is the amalgamation of both DiscoverOrg and RainKing database. When the data from these service providers were merged, the overlapped data were not eliminated causing inconvenience for the user.

Another point to be noted is that ZoomInfo segregates and provides the data as per the different segregation such as phone data, mailing data, email data, and others. So, for example, if you ask for the direct dials data then you would get only the direct dials not the mailing address or email address. For that necessary information, you have to pay extra!!!

While TDInsights provides everything in one package.

2. Coverage of the data:

The B2B contacts should be relevant to your business process. TDInsights has the data that reaches out to the right decision-maker. As they are crucial for any database, the coverage of data is precise and accurate.

Along with the decision-makers list, the solution has the B2B data covering various technology, businesses across the world.

You can see there are over 8 million C-suite contacts available on the list. We believe in transparency, and provide the exact information of all the number of contacts in the list.

In comparison, ZoomInfo has around 4.5 million C-level contacts in the database.

The aim of TDInsights is to build trust among the customers. Concise information is the first step to achieve that. This is why there is a dedicated page for the C-level executives on the website that includes the complete numbers, such as the available email address and mailing address of the C-level executives on the list.

Key findings:

Although ZoomInfo planned to quit the EMEA region, they are still providing the same to the users. It is a huge concern, as most of the data from that region is the obsolete ones.

While TDInsights provides the data covering all regions across the globe.

3. Features:

The features of TDInsights is something to talk about. Every organization wants to reach customers via a multichannel marketing campaign such as direct mail, email, and telemarketing campaign. Communicating with customers via different channels ensures that you rightly connect with the desired prospect from all the available channels. TDInsights offers this service to help you click at the right time with customers.

ZoomInfo does not lag behind in providing this service, but we own this realm with an almost 95% deliverability rate. When you check the website of TDInsights, you get a clear idea of the number of times the email list is updated, i.e., 90 days; the records are manually verified with in house tools and also passed through multiple layers of verification before the final delivery of the list. The updation information is not clearly seen in the ZoomInfo website.

Don’t you want to know the relevancy of the B2B data that you want to purchase?

Every organization would ask for this crucial information, to know whether the database does not include the decayed data, a sure danger, and catalyst for the failure of the marketing campaign in an organization, and if you are a small organization, it will hurt you the most due to a limited budget constraint.

Key findings:

TDInsights ensure that the user pays only for the verified email addresses. The technology tracking feature and the data offered in 75+ different selects are the highlights of the brand.

Coming to ZoomInfo, the data here is significantly processed by the machines, making it not up to the mark as compared to the manually processed data of TDInsights. ZoomInfo also does not look into whether the deliverability rate of emails is good enough.

4. Pricing and Contract terms:

The starting price of the ZoomInfo is $10,000 per year, and the packages offered by the brand are Elite, professional, and advanced. All of these packages have fixed pricing.

TDInsights does not have a fixed pricing system. Our packages are customized as per the requirements of customers and it has an inverse volume-based pricing. The more the number of records you have in the list, the competitive would be the pricing per contact.

ZoomInfo subscription is available for a term of 12 months. It can be upgraded but cannot be canceled. While in our service, as per the signed contract if you face any challenges, our team will take it up on high priority to resolve the issue.

Key findings:

TDInsights values ethics, transparency, and practice the same in the pricing arena. We follow inversed volume-based pricing.

ZoomInfo does not practice ethics in its free “Community Edition” offer. Here the users are allowed to download 10 contacts but with the condition of adding the plugin, which then scraps all the data such as the email address and other contact information from the users’ account. This is seen as a violation of privacy.

There is no contract in the case of TDInsights as well as no hidden charges, or auto-renewal.

5. File format:

TDInsights supports different file formats. Some of the formats are CSV, OpenOffice, excel, word, etc. ZoomInfo supports different formats, but the standard one is the CSV.

6. Customer service/Customer experience:

Good customer service leads to excellent customer experience.

You cannot deny this fact. Over the years, customers rely on the sales representatives when faced with any challenge. TDInsights offers reliable customer service to existing customers. If you are a growing organization, then you would regularly need useful guidance from the customer support team. A wholesome customer experience is required for an effective and efficient process.

We provide the right customer service to all the organizations from small, mid-sized enterprises to large organizations. ZoomInfo services and solution does not serve all.

7. Technographic data:

This is one of the important points to be noted. Technographic data pinpoints companies that use a specific technology. Companies require accurate Technographic data. TDInsights stores accurate information in the repository of this Technographic data.

ZoomInfo also has the Technographic data to refer to, but it has fixed and limited information. You have more advantages by integrating the Technographic data of TDInsights.

8. Integration with the Marketing Tool:

You must be having different marketing tools within your organization. So, when you purchase any other solution to be integrated into the same, check whether it is compatible with those tools and with the process of the organization. The solution by TDInsights is perfectly designed for all enterprises. Being a service provider where ZoomInfo has fixed packages, it could falter here.

Here we come to the last part of the discussion, the pros and cons of the B2B data from TDInsights and ZoomInfo:

TDInsights ZoomInfo
Suitable for all, from SMBs to large enterprises Suitable for large enterprises only
We do not have the fixed subscription model, it is customized as per requirements Their fixed subscription model is a huge constraint
Technographic data is highly accurate near to 95% It also has the Technographic data but the accuracy rate is not mentioned
It has 70 million human-verified records across the globe It has a total of 80 million data
8 M C- Level Executive Contacts 4.5 M C-Level Executive Contacts
The file format in which the data is available in XLS, Text, CSV, ACCDB, MDB, SQL The Zoom info standard file is CSV, excel
Delivery of the service within 7 days after we verify the records manually. The list can be downloaded based on different filters
A proper breakup of data is available be it the international data or the industry data ZoomInfo does not have the proper break up of data
We promise a 95% email deliverability guarantee. The last Updated data is available for download


If there is a head-to-head comparison among both brands, TDInsights gives tough competition to ZoomInfo.

The solution provided by TDInsights helps you with an optimized and feasible service at competitive pricing. It has set the benchmark and already getting appreciation from its clients.

The right integration increases the efficiency of the process, thus generating better ROI.

Want to give TDInsights a try?

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