15 Top B2B Sales Influencers you Must follow in 2021

Sales on a downward spiral!!!!

Marketers and salespeople can resonate with this scenario. With the pandemic hitting hard, most of the businesses are finding themselves in a challenging zone. The sales have plummeted, driving the representatives crazy.

They are now pushing the boundaries and executing trial and error methods to generate the best sales. While some of them are blessed with the gift of gab and could find the right tactic, not all are lucky to have this talent. Decoding a customer’s mind in these tough times is what they find hard.

If you are facing the same, we have a solution that could refine your sales skillset.

We have a list of sales influencers who could train you in becoming a smooth talker and convince the prospect of becoming the customer.

Top sales influencers to follow in 2021:

1) Gary Vee:

Never heard of him?

Then you need to restart the sales training process. He is the one whom many industry people are following to acquire fresh sales ideas. Gary radiates the right energy and confidence while talking about sales. You can find any of his sessions filled with passion, and intellect derived from only result-oriented strategies.

His statements are never off the track reflecting the way he handles all discussions on different platforms. The new and innovative strategies that nobody ever thought of, are precisely spoken about in his show.  Many entrepreneurs just can’t get enough of him and follows him on all the social media. It clearly shows the massive influence he has on his audience.

He owns the company VaynerMedia and VaynerX that offers advertising and communication services respectively. Gary has penned some of the interesting books such as,” Crushing it,” “The Thank You Economy,” “JAB, JAB, Right Hook”

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2) Marc Benioff:

The internet entrepreneur owns 3.36% of the shares in one of the biggest cloud companies, Salesforce, and is CEO of the same. Marc Benioff shares useful knowledge about sales, marketing helping companies acquire a deserved share in the market place.

Sales, as he says, should be executed fast, and in the right way before anybody else does. The marketing wizard also stated in one of the quotes:

“Do it fast, simple, and right the first time”


He has 1M followers on Twitter, who want to keep themselves updated on the latest happenings in the organization.

Marc has authored useful books such as,” Trailblazer,” “Customer obsessed,” “Behind the cloud”

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3) Marcus Chan:

Marcus is the founder of Venli consulting. He is an expert in giving the best sales ideas to newbies and other professionals. His LinkedIn account also portrays of training any representative to drive the right sales without much experience.

While one might differ, but interest plays a huge role in building a successful career. Marcus inculcates the passion among his followers for becoming one of the great salespeople. Just as they say you can even climb mountains, if you have the zeal.

He has presented the ideas in his book,” 6*6 Success: The six minute success blueprint,” “The corporate climb”

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4) Lori Richardson:

She helps organizations evaluate the entire sales strategy. The plan is executed with refer to data, numbers, and other facts. Lori understands you have to show numbers to the organization at the end of the day, so she trains every representative to effectively face that scenario.

Lori’s LinkedIn account also promotes the virtual training of the professionals.

She has even founded WOMEN sales pros that help women sale professionals to acquire the right skills.

She is the author of the famous book, “She sells”

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5) James Muir:

James is Vice President of Sales at Essential Hub. He has the expertise in increasing the sales in the healthcare arena. He has authored one of the best-selling books,” The perfect close” The book helps professionals grasp the right skills and knowledge to awe the audience, leading to sales.

He boasts of converting every high-end opportunity to sales and that too with nil work pressure.

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6) Phil Gerbyshak:

Uniqueness is what defines Phil Gerbyshak. He offers some of the best tactics to small businesses and gets his followers follow the right path. We live in a world where connection significantly matters. Phil explains how to make the right communication for everlasting connection.

The entire process formulated by him is social selling on social media via the latest technology leading phenomenal results.  Phil has authored some famous books,” Conversation with Phil,” “Service Desk Manager’s crash course”

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7) Jill Rowley:

She is one of the renowned speakers on social media. Jill Rowley has around 20 years of experience in SaaS (Software as a service). Change is what drives her. She understands the dynamic B2B business practices and accordingly strategizes the sales strategies. Currently, Jill is working as an advisor at LoopVOC.

In her LinkedIn profile, you can see she loves the startups. It clearly portrays that Jill understands the challenges of a small business and have solutions to resolve them. She has authored famous book, “Jill Rowley on #SocialSelling: 140 tweets on modern selling the social way”

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8) Jack Kosakowski:

Want some real results in a short span, then Jack Kosakowski is one of the top influencers to follow!!!

He has some feasible strategies to get you in action.

Jack became chief executive officers of two companies in his mid-thirties. His content already featured in New York Times, Time, and other business magazines, thus increasing his popularity. The credible advice and suggestions immensely boost the growth of the organization.

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9) Scott Barker:

He has been named in the best 25 sales influencers of 2020. Scott has gained the reputation of taking the company to new heights of success via the best sales advice. His role in working as an evangelist has differentiated him from the other sales influencer.

Scott precisely understands the why, how, and what of the process to make it successful.

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10) Deb Calvert:

Deb offers leadership development programs, and other training to improve the skills of sales representatives. While attending her session, you get positive vibes of successfully tackling different genres of audience.

The sales coach has also been nominated among the 65 influential women in the business world. Deb has also penned some of the interesting books driving the sales of organizations. “Discover questions get you connected” has helped many budding sales representatives.

She is the President of People First Productivity Solutions.

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11) Melissa Madian:

She owns TMM Enablement Services Inc., and offers some of the best tactics to increase sales and optimize the customer journey. Her experience revolves around improving customer relationships, an essential part of accelerating the journey to guided growth.

A mechanical engineer by degree, Melissa has proved passion has nothing to do with your educational qualification. She has the innate talent to convince customers with her logical scientific thinking and articulate conversation. Melissa has penned the book,” It came from the science lab”

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12) Tibor Shanto:

He is the chief value officer at Renbor Sales Solutions Inc. His expertise in sales is what attracts many followers, and seek for the advice. Tibor has around 20 years of experience executing the right sales strategy and improving the interaction process with the customer.

He has an experience of 10 years in Dow Jones, the stock market index in USA. The book authored by Tibor Shanto,”Everything else is just talk,” conveys clearly how he puts great emphasis on the execution part. He is precise about on the ground results, that one can show on the paper.

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13) David Dulany:

He is the founder of Tenbound, the firm is entirely focused on driving sales via the best research tactics and techniques. The organization conducts various events and conferences to disseminate the sales knowledge to the newbies and professionals alike.

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14) Jill Konrath:

Jill is an active speaker on sales strategy. Her charm and exuberance make her one of the sought-after influencers in the B2B industry. Recently she crafted some interesting blogs, that explain ways to bounce back at unprecedented times. It strikes the right chord with businesses looking a way out from the COVID crisis.

Her experience comes into the picture, with one of the best advices. Jill’s best selling books are,” More sales, less time,” Agile selling,” “Snap selling”

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15) Carole Mahoney:

Ever heard of implementing a cognitive approach in sales?

Well, this is not something new. The approach is similar to behavioral targeting, where the minds of customers are deciphered via their behavior. It’s interesting, as we know, analyzing the human mind is a jigsaw puzzle where you have to connect the dots to gain the insights finally.

Finding effective solutions to the real problems is what Carole craves for. In her speech, she gives the right importance to the buyers. She states the marketer and sales representative needs to understand their buyers completely to help them gain an edge in the market.

Carole is the founder of Unbound Growth. Her famous publication is, “Is sales coaching right for you”

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Sales are the lifeline of all organizations across the world. The business competition is driving companies to adopt innovative tactics and practices, with following some of the top influencers being one of the useful ones.

We have skimmed out some of the top influencers whom you can follow to increase sales.

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