Law Firm Marketing Strategy: The Ultimate Guide

Law firms must continuously bring in potential clients while aiming for a thriving business. Strategies which assist in sustaining a thriving law firm are partnering and collaborating with valuable businesses to highlight best features of their firms. After all, at any given moment, marketing for law firms is not a piece of cake; it is demanding and time-consuming.

The law firm’s global legal market was valued at $713.12 billion in 2021. It reached this number with a compound annual growth rate of 2.52% since 2016. The international legal service market is expected to reach a valuation of $998.73 billion by 2026 at a rate of 6.97%.

Our comprehensive blog teaches you about the top-notch law firm marketing strategy. Don’t skip ahead to any particular section in the blog; go through the entire piece. Learn about how to develop a step-by-step marketing plan, networking, jargon specific to law firms, and overall guidance on how to outshine your marketing efforts. We will also provide:

  • Exciting marketing stats.
  • Industry best practices.
  • Services that can help in optimal results and marketing decisions that drive growth.

Before we cover the marketing strategies for law firms, let’s learn about the significance of the process and how law firms will benefit.


Significance of Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

Most work of the law firms revolves around advising international and national clients in commercial and corporate laws. Focusing on the rightful marketing strategies is vital as it is the only way law firms bring in the most clients. Check out the genuine reasons mentioned below that law firms must consider when investing in marketing strategies.


  1. Traditional marketing channels no longer bring in the desired results; digital marketing must be implemented to start segmented multi-channel marketing to attract appropriate business opportunities. Law firms can become immensely profitable by spending only considerable money on advertisements, as digital marketing targets the right audience at the right time.
  2. Your prospects need to trust your firm before opting for your legal services. Clients will review the firm’s track record and testimonials in most scenarios before choosing its services. With digital marketing, law firms can post testimonials and boast about its achievement. Keeping the content optimized following SEO regulations will gauge the range of clients.
  3. There is always a possibility of being outnumbered by your competitors. This is where a law firm marketing strategy is required. Social media marketing is impactful and quick to bring in commendable results. Displaying your law firm’s expertise and skill set on multiple platforms will leverage the awareness of your brand and engagement.
  4. Conversion is complete when a client completes a desired action; for law firms, it is mainly when acquiring a new project from a client. You must implement marketing strategies and optimize your website to get high-intent clients. Traditional ways of marketing will generate a small amount of traffic; leveraging a website with blogs, landing pages, testimonials, case studies, and infographics can bring a steady flow of traffic. This traffic will be the source of high convertible leads.
  5. The prime objective of law firms is to bring about clients at a minimal cost. Marketing law firms is not vastly prevalent, which is why many law firms have a small client base. On the contrary, large firms invest in marketing to assist them to have an expansive clientele. There are two segments of digital marketing: paid and unpaid. If investing in paid marketing seems like a farfetched idea, it is better to start working on SEO, social media, etc. marketing right away.
  6. When digital marketing tactics are applied, the performance of the campaigns can be easily tracked. The prospective client base interacting with your campaign will be studied in depth. With the research done for digital marketing campaigns, you can devise Google ad campaigns that will pop up on your prospect’s screens every time they are looking for legal services.
  7. Marketing of your law firm’s services doesn’t have to be limited to local geo-fence. As with digital marketing, you can market globally anywhere. It is the most cost-effective way to sell beyond borders and provide your services to multiple clients, increasing the revenue generation of your law firm.

Few “Can’t Miss It” Stats to understand why a law Firm Marketing Strategy is a Must

  • 66% of small law firms take charge of their own marketing.
  • 46% of law firms have designated marketing budgets.
  • 13% of the law firms have one particular account for marketing in their firms.

Topmost Result-Driven Law Firm Marketing Strategies that law Firms must implement


Previously, you read about the advantages of implementing law firm marketing strategies. Now, you will learn about all the marketing strategies that can help unlock the above-mentioned benefits. Distinguished law firms have vigorously used the below-mentioned strategies to achieve the highest marketing goals.

It would be best if you had a Story

Start by thinking about what sets your firm apart from competitors. Once you have determined the unique selling proposition, start cementing a story together. The report should have a defensible and specific characteristic to set you apart from the competitors. But, at the same time, it should have some substance that reflects on your client.


Exhibit Authority, Credibility, and Capability

Your B2B marketing strategies should be a mix of active and passive strategies to exhibit credibility, capability, and authority. Active marketing refers to ensuring that your product direction, strategy, and marketing messages push your prospects in the same direction where you can deliver solutions. Passive marketing is about creating a website with case studies, testimonials, and blogs and being active on social media.

SEO for Improving Ranking on SERP

SEO needs to be a prominent part of law firms’ marketing strategy. Here’s why: more than 75% of internet users have yet to move beyond the first page of the Google search engine results. By using proper SEO parameters, a law firm’s website is considered trustworthy by the search engines and it is subsequently ranked higher. Additionally these bring all the clicks and traffic you need to be visible on SERP.


Your Niche Should be reflected through Blog Posts

The more you blog, the more your reputation will follow. Doing so you can also unlock the possibility of becoming an industry leader in your niche. It will provide a physical platform to speak about issues to believe in. The motive of blogging is creating quality content about topics your client finds valuable, consequently it will bring in results.


Video Content is Gaining Momentum

According to an infographic designed by Forrester Research, your chances of being on the first page of Google increase by 53% with the inclusion of video content. Your videos can be promotional, informational or educational in ways to increase conversion and generate new leads.


Grow a resource Centre

You might have realized one thing so far: “content is king”. It’s laborious but is one of the most cost-effective B2B marketing strategies compared to any other marketing strategy that can drive results. Having a resource centre highlights older content, boosting audience discovery. It can also have training manuals, reference books, directories, posters, samples of services, leaflets, and a knowledge base for law firm employees and patrons to access.


Host Interesting Webinars

Webinars can be recorded, or they can be presented to a live audience; both methodologies can bring in high-quality clients. More and more webinars are being conducted for law firms’. This method is a prominent way of educating the target audience, generating engagement and leads, and improving the existing client relationship. One study suggests that 20 to 40% of the audience who attended webinars become qualified leads.


Impressive Lawyer or Attorney Biographies

Law firms are as good as their lawyers. Due to that reason, highlighting how skilful your lawyers are always works. But there’s a catch: don’t dull the biographies. A striking biography must have a high-quality photo, and it should talk about what your lawyer can do for their clients and why your clients should choose your law firm. It should be followed up with professional qualifications and experience of the lawyer.


Websites with Live Chat Perform Better

According to statistics, around 46% of users opt for live chat over any other communication method. Clients can be answered then and there, so top-notch immediacy is delivered. Interested clients can be converted into genuine leads; along with this, live chat will keep your business alive 24/7. Last but not least, it also showcases your law firm’s brand as modern and progressive.

Actively Leverage Social Media Platforms

There are 670 million professionals on the LinkedIn platform, including decision-makers and influencers, who can multiply your practice’s profits. When you are trying to attract professionals and businesses, a separate company profile is required. A law firm profile is beneficial to create brand awareness. Apart from gathering brand recognition, running ads on Facebook and LinkedIn puts your brand in front of highly interested clients.


Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing might sound archaic in the highly digitized technological era, but it is significantly one of the most crucial outbound marketing strategies. If your firm works diligently on something other than email marketing, it is time to start researching the best email marketing campaign examples according to market standards. Numbers tell that for every $1 you spend on B2B email marketing, you can expect a return of almost $36. Take advantage of such humungous ROI.

Facebook PPC Campaigns:

Facebook advertisements have taken off, and there are credible reasons behind it. Facebook has more than two billion active users, and they have gained them all in over a decade. The audience is in the right place already; they must also be marketed. Presently, almost seven million businesses use Facebook advertising. To run result-bearing Facebook ads, it is best to target a particular audience and ensure that the ad has high relevance for the recipients. Once you start running ads on the platform, impressive results will appear very soon.


Generate Five Star Reviews:

Five-star reviews are among the best social proof and credibility law firms can achieve. Work diligently on shaping your online reputation, and to do so, make it easy to write a review. Ensure that when writing a review, the client must have a visual representation of a five-star review. Engage with the negative reviews and try to alleviate the client by providing alternative solutions through your services. But ensure you do not remove the negative reviews because having only positive reviews doesn’t look genuine. No matter what, thoughts are essential. 84% of people trust reviews as much as they trust their close friends’ and family’s opinions.

Effective Sales Process:

Sales are not directly a part of B2B-marketing, but for a firm to function at optimal productivity, sales are indirectly related to marketing. Sales representatives become the direct point of contact with the clients and carry an immense responsibility to pass on the essence of the brand image through their sales pitch. When done right, it can increase the firm’s intake revenue and conversion rate, eliminate low-quality clients, and provide a fantastic user experience. The average conversion rate for B2B sales is 2.23%, but about 25% of the websites hit a conversion rate of 4.31%.


Excellent Customer Service:

73% say customer experience is a crucial factor for making a purchase. You can provide top-notch customer service by giving personalized messaging that helps your client solve problems and decide based on the experience you provided through your service. A client-centered approach through multiple channels will gain you more clients.


Once implemented and executed correctly, the above strategies can take the legal world by storm. Usually, it is challenging to predict the law firms’ trends and tactics, but the ones mentioned have shown considerable results for reputed law firms all across the globe. The entire world is moving towards a digitized ecosystem, and you are losing valuable clients by not being a part of it. Implement these strategies today!

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