How to Use Email Marketing for Recruitment Agencies

Email continues to be a powerful marketing strategy. Henceforth, recruitment agencies have been using email marketing to nurture their prospective clients.

Presently, it is considered to be 40% more effective than social media. So, email marketing for recruitment agencies can be a massive game changer if they have not yet incorporated it into their hiring process.

Go through the article and find out how email marketing optimizes the functionality of recruitment agencies.

Importance of Email Marketing in Recruitment

Email marketing is an accessible tool for recruitment agencies, assisting the finding of potential candidates. This particular form of marketing bolsters recruitment efforts as recruiters can reach the candidate in a personalized manner. Making it one of the strategies that generates significantly higher ROI.


Recruitment Emails: Types and Templates to Use!

Recruitment emails need to be impactful to drive the actions of candidates and clients. Therefore, crafting the email with an appropriate approach and maintaining the proper email template will enable businesses to achieve the desired outcome through their recruiting email campaigns.

Recruiting Email & Template:

The first step is nurturing passive and active job seekers through a recruiting email template. These emails have a personalized approach, curated based on skills, preferences, and experience. The attention-grabbing element of the email encourages the users to interact with the recruiter. These emails are usually invitations to events, tips on job-seeking resources, inform about openings and opportunities within the organization, and more.

Example of a recruiting email template

Hi [Frist Name],

We are excited to talk to you about the [job role] position. Below are the details you’ll need:

When: [Date/Time]

Interviewer(s): [Name, Titles and LinkedIn Profile]

Where: [Video platform information, location, link or address]

Few tip to help you have a great interview:

  1. Check out our websites and reviews to learn about our company, values and culture [Provide Links]
  2. Familiarize yourself with the STAR method – Situation, Task, Action, and Result- to describe your work experiences
  3. Dress for success! Be comfortable and confident.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any question or technical difficulties before meeting with the team. You’ll hear from me shortly following the interview regarding next steps.

Best of luck!


Sourcing Email & Template:

This particular email template tracks down email candidates from multiple platforms. It can be a social media platform or referral database. This email template is responsible for providing personalized information at different stages of job searches.

These are used for candidates who have recently completed their education, or it can be someone with job experience who wants to join a new organization. This email builds brand awareness and improves the communication channels with candidates. In the end, it enhances the possibility of sourcing the right candidate.

Example of a sourcing email template:

[Job Role] Opportunity: You caught our attention

Hi [First Name],

I am a recruiter for [Company] and we’re looking for an outstanding candidate for [Job Role] to join our team. Your skills and experience look like great match for this opportunity, and I wanted to quickly share a few details that might pique your interest.

In this role, you’ll get to

[List 3-4 responsibilities from your well-written job description. For example:]

  1. Balance between engineering excellence, customer value, and sustained delivery by collaborating with the leadership, peers and
  2. Solve highly technical, complex problems for products from inception of ideas to launch.
  3. Demonstrate continuous learning to raise the bar for yourself, your team, and the system you will own.
  4. The salary range for the position is [$XXX-$XXX] and comes with a comprehensive benefits package. Find the complete job description: [Link to Job Post]

If you have any question, please contact me. Otherwise, I hope to see your application!

Best of luck,


Recruitment Newsletters & Template:

Engaging with the job-seeking candidate is a crucial part of the job. This is where hiring agencies should put to use recruitment newsletter emails. These newsletters are used to share career insight, job updates, and other recruitment-related news. It works in a great to build a strong brand reputation by staying in constant touch with the candidates and clients. Maintaining the relationship builds a strong brand reputation. It also shows your expertise and adds credibility to your agency.

Example of a recruitment newsletter template:

Hello [Recipient’s First Name]

You made a big impression when you applied for the [Previous Job Role] position in [Month/Year], and you immediately came to mind for this new opportunity.

We’ll give you just the right amount information about the how to land a dream job and more.

Sign up for our weekly update and be the first to know about: “How to earn more money”, “Career advancement” and More!

Fill out your information below to be signed up for our informative newsletter.

Sign Up for Our Newsletter.


Thank You

[Recruitment agency name]

Phone number: XXXX-XXXX

Email ID: [email protected]

Cold Recruiting Email & Template:

Cold recruiting email templates are used to attract candidates who are currently looking for something other than a job opportunity. Moreover it is an impactful way to reach out to candidates with whom you don’t have a pre-existing relationship. These emails encourage the candidate to explore details about the organization.

These emails are more inclined towards a sales pitch, taking the candidates through all the offers recruiters can provide. Therefore, the information with email revolves around industry insights, career advice and job opportunities. Cold-emailing

Example of a cold email template:

Hello, Candidate’s first name,

I have reviewed your profile on platform name (job searching platform/ social media). Your skill set is a great fit for some of the job opportunities we are offering in our organizations.

Are you interested in exploring the opportunities? Also, we are keen to discuss your career aspirations to understand how we can work together.

Best regards

(You’re Name)

(Job Designation)

Tips for Writing Effective Recruiting Emails:

Effective email marketing focuses on being relatable to the audience. So, we take you through parameters that will help you create content that resonates with your prospects.

Know Your Prospective Clientele:

Before you start drafting your recruiting email, it’s essential that you know your audience (job seekers) well. You have to take into consideration what are the goals of your audience, pain points, and interest. Once you have a clear idea about the prospects’ likes and dislikes, it will become simpler for recruitment agencies to craft emails that align with prospects’ motivation and inspiration.

Pay More Attention to the Subject Line:

The first thing that comes to the Job seeker’s attention is the subject line of the email. Therefore, it is essential to put more thought into it and make it attention-grabbing. It should definitely have words that catch the prospects attention, but at the same time, it should be short and simple.

Highlight The Benefits of Your Services:

Emphasizing the benefits that can be achieved when an employee joins a particular organization goes a long way. Recruitment agencies should either mention the benefits updates, change management procedures, crisis communication plan updates, and training program announcements in the email or link them to the organization’s knowledge base. The email should contain statements like “Upscale your career journey, by being a part of [Organization’s Name] Team.”

Attention Grabbing Call-To-Action Button:

Linking your email to a clear call-to-action button is absolutely necessary. It could be a link for applying for a job, or it could be for scheduling a call or a meeting. The technical functionality of the call-to-action button should be streamlined. At the same time, the call-to-action button must be eye-catching and easy to follow for job seekers.

What Are The Elements of Successful Email Writing?

Now that we have covered up essential tips about writing email marketing campaigns, it is time to focus on key elements that make a recruiting email stand out.

Let’s find out what are those key elements:

Header and Greetings:

An email looks better with a proper header, which, when followed by a proper greeting with the right recipient’s name makes a positive impact. This particular personalized touch shows that your organization has done the require research.

Idyllic Introduction:

The introduction should be concise. It should contain only a few specific information – i.e., introduce yourself, your organization, why you are reaching out, and the benefits of your services.


This is where you explain in-depth the benefits of your services. Over here, make sure the tone is conversational and persuasive. It will keep the reader engaged to go through the entire email.


The importance of CTAs can’t be stressed enough. That’s why always keep an impressive CTA to keep readers informed about the next step.


Conclude your email with a proper signature that includes your name, job title, organization’s phone number, and email ID.

How To Personalize Your Recruiting Emails?

As mentioned earlier, personalization has a massive positive impact, which will enable you to stand out in a crowded inbox.

Using The Right Recipient’s Name:

When the correct recipient’s name is used throughout the email, it will develop a sense of personal connection.

Remember Your Interactions:

If you have interacted with the user previously, mention about the interaction. It will showcase your organization as accountable, as it values past interaction.

Tailor-made Content Goes a Long Way:

The goal of recruiting agencies is to resonate with targeted clients. So, talk about the pain points of your job seekers and how the recruiting agencies can address those concerns—consequentially reducing the gap between the appropriate prospects and the right job. This way, your recruiting email will match your client’s interests and goals.

Images and Videos:

Personalization is done to increase engagement; therefore, personalizing to the optimal level is always beneficial. Images and videos can provide the much needed extra touch of personalization. For example; you can make video of the company culture in a way that aligns with your recipient’s interests.

Benefits of Email Marketing For Recruitment Agencies:

The benefits of email marketing are enormous. There are many reasons for it to stand out from other marketing methods.

That’s why we have mentioned some of email marketing’s benefits for recruitment agencies:

  1. Being able to communicate with the prospects directly is the main reason emails are so effective. Businesses with appropriate personalization are able to foster meaningful relationships with clients, enabling higher conversion rates.
  2. Email marketing is extensively cost effective, enabling it for businesses to incorporate multiple email marketing campaigns to promote the provisions, and build awareness.
  3. Tracking metrics and insights of the campaigns is simpler with email marketing campaigns. Thereby, making it possible to optimize the effectiveness of the campaigns.

These three simple yet impactful benefits help email marketing for recruiting agencies expand their client network and improve their recruiting process. Therefore, with the right strategy in place, it will increase the reach and generate more leads, making the business grow.


Recruitment Emails Prototype that Generates High Response and Open rates:

Crafting emails that get the attention of recipients in seconds has high open rates. Here are a few ways to achieve it.

“Personalization”- is the concern stone for the success of any email campaign. For example, “Hanna, we have an exciting job opportunity for you” will strike the right chord with the job seeker, rather than a subject line that says “job opening”

Presently, lengthy emails won’t resonate with your clientele; rather, they might even put of prospects mood. Resulting in a low response rate. The concern can be resolved by keeping the recruitment email short, showcasing the organization’s offerings. Become a successful recruiter by tailoring the communication style for the candidate you are hiring.

Leverage storytelling as it can ignite the power of emotional connection with the recipients. An email with an inspiring narrative about career goals and candidate’s aspirations is more likely to be successful in getting higher responses and open rates.

Example of recruiting a designer for a healthcare company.

Subject Line: Nutrition and Design

[Recruiting agency name] came across your social media post which beautifully showcases your interest in yoga and nutrition. Our agency is impressed with your commitment to design and your out-of-the-box thought process, and your work in the present organization is very impressive.

Our client, [name of organization], is a trailblazing healthcare start up in New York. [Name of organization] has scaled up to 50 employees in just two years. They are looking for someone to lead their design efforts. This is a leadership position where you will have the opportunity to plan the organization design roadmap.

[Recruiting agency name] considered your profile to be a great fit for [name of organization]. Are you willing to have a brief chat about it sometime this week?

Revert or call on the contact details mentioned below.

Thank you,

[Recruiting agency name]

Phone number: XXXX-XXXX

Email ID: [email protected]


When the right prospects are effectively targeted through email marketing, it increases client engagement and conversion rates. A good reason for recruitment agencies to focus on personalized subject lines, and resonating content throughout the email is to make job seekers feel valued. Follow the suggestions mentioned above meticulously, and you will be able to see results benefiting your recruitment agency. Start building an email list or investing in a quality one to approach quality leads that will help you expand your venture.

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