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Make Your Technology Lead Generation Process Hassle-free

We are in the information age where buyers, or potential buyers, have more knowledge than ever about the products they are going to purchase. Thanks to the Internet! Moreover, rapid innovation in technology has disrupted the business landscape, which will only intensify further as we move on. Lead generation for technology companies is not very different from any other industry, only the challenges as well as, quite interestingly, the opportunities are more significant here. Let us look at some of the ways in which technology lead generation can be done in a hassle-free manner:

1. Trial & Buyer

They never buy clothes without trying them on, none of them bought their cars without a test drive. So, why would they buy your software product or service without a trial? A free trial more precisely!

Let your home page or landing page contain the offer for a free trial. It could be for a limited period, say 30 days, or an indefinite one with limited features. The aim is to let your users know what the product is and what its value is for them. Only then they will consider to purchase it and get converted from a visitor to a lead, and then to a customer and a promoter.

2. Webinars Educate & Propagate

Not everyone would become interested in registering for a free trial at one go. Nor everyone will be able to use your product if it entails high technicalities. Especially if they are not clear about what your product is meant to achieve. Hosting webinars is an excellent way of making people aware of your products, business, and what are its offerings.

An educated customer decides for the long term, which means they will be a customer and promoter for the long if you have touched the right areas of their interest.

3. Let the Influencers Review it

This strategy can lead to an unprecedented inflow of leads if done well. In every industry, there are people whom everyone looks up to. We follow them, follow their opinions, their expert views, and outlook, and last but not least, their reviews.

Consider getting a positive review from such an influencer. It is, however, also correct that not every one of us would have an influencer at our disposal now who was also our childhood friend once! Even if we have one, the level to which they have progressed will not allow them to give a positive review for an ordinary product.

The best thing to do is to send your products to key influencers regularly. Once you are in the good books of the people who matter, there is no looking back on your path towards success.

4. Thought Leadership Impresses

Seekers of technology solutions are impressed with a skillful, ingenious, and in-depth discourse on a technical subject. White Papers, Case Studies, Research Guides, etc. give high-quality technical information to B2B customers and establishes the unique value your products and services can offer.

With exhaustive and quality content, you will quickly build your brand trust and enhance your reputation that, indeed, is quite conducive to the inflow of technology leads.

5. Be on the Mobile

All your prospective leads are on the mobile. All the buyers are on the mobile. If you are not on mobile, then lead generation for you is a distant dream because we are talking about technology leads. These are tech-savvy people, and there is no room for excuse that some of them might not prefer mobile for B2B decision-making.

According to a Google study on the B2B buying process, it was found that 42% of decision makers use mobile devices.

Also, consider this:

Americans are spending about 10 hours a day glued to their mobile, a substantial time spent on purchasing stuffs.

Make your digital presence mobile-optimized otherwise, buyers do not spend much time going back to the SERP and choose your competitor instead of you.

6. Be on LinkedIn as well

LinkedIn is a “no-nonsense” social media platform that strictly means business. B2B decision-makers seek professionals and thought leaders who are unlikely to be scrolling Facebook or Instagram.

78% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a place of the professionals, for the professionals, and by the professionals. And the best one for technology B2B lead generation.

7. Make Yourself Comparably Incomparable

We are a society obsessed with the best. Championships, World Cups, Leagues, Tournaments, what not we do to compare one from another and then felicitate the one who tops. Human psychology, in this shade, can be exploited to generate technology leads. How?

Give your potential audience a way to compare your products and services with that of the others. It will help in establishing your reputation as a confident business with a disposition towards transparency. Have a page on your website dedicated to comparisons which will also improve your SERP rankings.


Generating technology leads is a tricky process due to extended buying cycles, rapid innovation, and relentless disruption, to name a few. With these 7 strategies, your lead generation must flourish. Make sure never to compromise with the quality of your products and services. Rest everything will be taken care of by these magnificent 7.

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