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Connect with Over 41,000 SAP HANA Customers

Outreach the best customer, by integrating our SAP HANA customers list. As known, reaching out to an accurate customer is a challenging task for an organization, but we make your process easier and seamless with our unique solution. The solution helps you in reaching out to your customers via direct mail, email, and telemarketing campaign. The experts at TDInsights eliminate all the communication hurdles between you and your customer by bridging it with our comprehensive solution.

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    70 Million Verified Contacts

    More than 90% Accurate

    Verified Every 90 Days

    Our SAP HANA Users Email List Let’s You Reach:

    SAP HANA industry professionals Marketing managers C-level executives
    Finance Manager Sales managers Senior Managers
    Operation executives Finance executives Corporate strategists
    Directors Decision-makers And many more

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      Reaching the prospect with our list of companies using SAP HANA:

      While trying to connect with the high-end SAP HANA customers, there have been instances where organizations face the hurdle of connecting with the best customer. Our list of companies using SAP HANA is the perfect solution in this regard as the information in the list is verified on a regular basis to remove the redundant data and include the latest data.

      Our professionals have high expertise in understanding your needs and develop the best solution to help you in reaching your business target.  With this solution, you can enhance your marketing process to an absolute level and reach the customers in different countries such as in USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Poland, Italy, Singapore, and other countries.

      Outsmarting the competitors with SAP HANA Users Email List:

      When you have too many competitors in the market, you need the right solution to outsmart your competitors in the marketing game. By purchasing our solution, you can be assured that your marketing campaign goes in the right direction so that you can connect with the right customer and start the best business conversation. The right approach is the golden guide for generating good sales and revenue and helping to achieve the business target.

      The SAP HANA users email list fits the need of every B2B customer so that you can revamp your marketing strategy and plan the right way to achieve the mission.

      Useful Data Inclusion in SAP HANA Customers List to Increase Sales:

      The data added in the SAP HANA customers list is collected from relevant sources such as conferences, events, meetups and others. It is further refined as per the rules and added into the business data. A well-composed solution is the key to success and we rightly understand it.

      Therefore, our professionals completely channelize their effort into developing the best SAP HANA customers list, to reap the desired results for your organization.

      Be the Industry Leader through List of Companies Using SAP HANA:

      Take your marketing campaign to the next level with our list of companies using SAP HANA. It includes the details that you could refer to in your ambitious marketing process.

      This business data would never fail you as it includes the critical information to connect with the best prospects at the best time. With a planned and systematic marketing approach you could be the industry leader in the market.

      Make the right revenue generation with our SAP HANA customers list:

      Every B2B organization aspires to generate a good number of sales and revenue. TDInsights understands the requirement of every business and develops the best database of the companies using SAP HANA so that you seamlessly connect with each of them.

      The database is optimized every 90 days for eradicating the old data and adding the fresh data so that you do not face any challenge while reaching out to your potential customer. It is a unique solution, helping you to convert a good number of sales, generating high revenue, and the right return on investment.

      De-Clutter Your Business Process With Our SAP HANA Customers List:

      Many businesses have integrated the solution that, instead of making their task easier, makes it difficult as the details are complex, ineffective, etc. Our SAP HANA customers list helps de-clutter your process with the right tactics. You can easily use the information from our prospect data to reach out to the right SAP HANA users and strike the conversation to close the deal.

      The solution is one of the best in the market and has already won the trust of many users in a short span.

      Emulating the Right Action with SAP HANA Users List:

      We are in an era where any wrong action in business at a critical stage could cost you million. So, you need to have the right plan before execution. And this applies to your marketing campaign that you execute very often to drive sales; our SAP HANA users list helps your process be on the best track and assist you in making the right decision for your marketing approach.

      Just integrating the solution in your process, would complete half of your job and you can do the rest with its step-by-step assistance in later stage.


      Our SAP HANA List Includes:

      First Name City
      Last Name Zip Code
      Title Company
      Mailing Address Email
      State/Country Contact Number
      Fax Sales
      Employee Size SIC Code
      Web Address Company Revenue

      SAP HANA Customers by Industry

      Industry Total Customers
      Computer Software 2,618
      Information Technology and Services 2,041
      Retail 425
      Hospital & Health Care 336
      Financial Services 293
      Computer Hardware 291
      Food Production 279
      Chemicals 277
      Construction 276
      Automotive 261


      The accuracy of the SAP HANA users list is excellent. It is 95% connecting with the relevant customers across the world.

      The solution is built up of the fresh data that reduces the chances of any error. Thus, optimizing the process and making it efficient.

      The data in the list is collected from reliable sources such as conferences, business meetups, trade shows and others. This makes the solution an effective and trustworthy solution.

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