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SAP ERP is a management software that systemizes and streamlines various business processes via automation. Companies using SAP ERP can easily share and organize their data without manually noting every record. This helps in better record keeping and accessing databases at a moment’s notice. The SAP ERP Customers list provides direct access to these companies for stronger marketing campaigns.

With a leading success in the CRM and ERP industry, the SAP ERP market share stands at 11.17%. This upward trend of success can be a great opportunity for B2B firms to connect with companies that use SAP ERP. But, with an ever-expanding market, having a well-curated list of SAP ERP customers is also important. This will help you form a strategic marketing plan and target specific businesses for optimized results.

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    The data collected by TDInsights strengthens your data arsenal with well-maintained and factual information to overcome your marketing woes. Our list of companies using SAP ERP can help connect you with professionals from the following industries:

    Automotive Manufacturing Industry Healthcare Industry
    Human Resource Management Firms Financial and Banking Industry
    Information Technology Firms Computer Software Firms
    Food Production Industry Chemical Industry

    Formulate Effective Marketing Techniques with SAP ERP Users List

    The SAP ERP customers list by TDInsights can help businesses battle tough competition. In today’s market, simply having a good product is not enough. It is vital to market it correctly and connect with the relevant decision-makers.

    You need to hit the correct online and offline channels to put through your marketing message. Our comprehensive SAP ERP clients list will help you target the firms you want via their preferred method of communication.

    Find relevant and updated information such as phone number, company address, email address and names of various decision makers and companies to ensure timely responses and optimized campaigns for your business.

    Skyrocket Your Brand’s Marketing Efforts with Database of Companies Using SAP ERP

    With the world changing rapidly, every successful business must focus on creating an innovative and relevant marketing strategy. To do this, you need access to a well-curated database that covers all the important information to formulate and implement the right marketing strategy.

    The database of companies using SAP ERP covers the relevant data points of businesses across the globe. Our database lets you explore the markets like Middle East, Australia, North America, Europe, South America and Central America. Therefore, you can create strategic and planned campaigns to target and find leads amongst a diverse client pool.

    Another vital reason to choose TDInsights’ SAP ERP customer list is because of our high-quality data collection process. We collect data from resources with high credibility, such as:

    • Company websites
    • Panels
    • Online forms
    • Trade shows
    • Corporate Databases
    • Newspapers

    With credible information from reliable sources, marketers can focus their campaigns without worrying about incorrect leads.

    Do you want to acquire SAP ERP Customers List?

    Boost Your Visibility with a Highly Effective Database of Companies That Use SAP ERP

    Having outdated or incorrect information can hamper your strategic marketing campaigns and affect your positioning in the market. But targeting individuals that are relevant to your products and industry is often a big challenge many companies experience throughout their marketing efforts.

    TDInsights’ database of companies that use SAP ERP is therefore customizable as per your business’ needs. Our SAP ERP user email database provides businesses with accurate information that can put your brand in front of relevant decision-makers and scale your marketing strategies accordingly.

    Why opt for TDInsights’ SAP ERP Users Email List

    Collaborating with TDInsights is a way to create a surefire way to support all your expansive marketing campaigns. Our SAP ERP users email list offers several lucrative features, including:

    • 95% data accuracy for a higher deliverability rate
    • Personalized contact database for smoother marketing
    • Industry-specific information

    Additionally, all the data we share is verified per the CAN-SPAM, GDPR AND CCPA data regulatory laws. This ensure that your message reaches the right audience and helps avoid penalties related to data privacy. 

    Connect With Target Audience Using SAP ERP Users List

    To reap maximum benefits from their marketing campaign, businesses must target their audience from several different channels. Creating a detailed omnichannel marketing plan will help businesses launch a campaign offline and online to strategically reach their targets.

    Therefore, SAP ERP users list curated by TDInsights including multiple data selects provide you with an option to luanch the multichannel marketing campaigns.For instance, with our SAP ERP users mailing list, you can leverage the tactic of a direct approach to your audience and establish your services and goals clearly.

    You can also send marketing messages to C-level executives and decision-makers in your desired industry to get direct impact results with our SAP ERP users email database.

    Get relevant details of prospective clients such as email addresses, names, industry, work experience, geographical position, company size and much more. Save time and resources and connect with the prospects through our SAP ERP email list.

    How TDInsights SAP ERP Customer List Provides Enhanced ROI

    By connecting with key decision makers such as CEOs, CFOs, Senior Managers and CMOs, you can position your services more efficiently and effortlessly.

    Our SAP ERP customers list helps you reach out to relevant professionals and establish a meaningful connection with them. This will help you refine your marketing strategy and get higher conversion rates.

    So, what are you waiting for? Connect with C-suite executives and decision-makers today. Contact our team at TDInsights for a customized database.

    Our SAP ERP List Includes

    First Name City
    Last Name Zip Code
    Title Company
    Mailing Address Email
    State/Country Contact Number
    Fax Sales
    Employee Size SIC Code
    Web Address Company Revenue

    SAP ERP Customers by Industry

    Industry Total Customers
    Computer Software 171,126
    IT and Services 89,283
    Retail 150,665
    Financial Services 18,600
    Hospitals and Healthcare 72,542
    Internet 22,320
    Marketing and Advertising 46,501
    Credit Unions 11,160
    Insurance 18,600
    Real Estate 89,283
    Others 851,913


    The list of SAP ERP customers by TDInsights is a versatile database that can be used by professionals across sectors, including direct marketers, businesses offering integrated services, manufacturers, suppliers and many more.

    The Global SAP market share is currently 11.31% in the ERP industry.

    Many large and medium-sized organizations, including top 3-4 US-based companies using SAP ERP, use SAP ERP as their data collection and distribution software.

    TDInsights updates the data every 90 days to remove any outdated data. This provides 95% data accuracy for smooth marketing operations.

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