Is AI Chatbot Needed For Your Business?

Is AI Chatbot Needed For Your Business?

What are Chatbots?

It is the software that helps in online conversation through chat. Chatbots convey the right information to the customer and resolve their challenges at the right time. It assists customers whenever they need it by answering their queries. So, don’t you think this is something amazing?

Find some of the observations:

  • Customers would prefer service from a brand that offers the right customer service.
  • They want brands to answer their queries instantly.
  • They want 24/7 assistance.

So, who do you think can provide this?

Of-course the chatbots. Humans aren’t programmed to work like machines and offer 24/7 customer support. If they can’t give the right service, customers would be dissatisfied, which no organization would ever want!

Find this Fact:

organizations which has already implemented chatbots


This again shows the customer is king. Organizations would implement technologies to make their customer’s life easy. This graph shows that almost 77% of the organizations have already implemented chatbots in after-sales and customer service.

It is an interesting statistics, showing how the performance of the customer support is directly proportional to the integration of the chatbots. Chatbots helps the overall business and assist marketer in achieving their target convincingly.

Let’s check, in which all areas the chatbots can help your business and the ways it would do:

1. Lead Generation Process:

This sounds interesting….

Yes, chatbots can significantly help in generating the right leads for your organization. As chatbots offer satisfactory service to customers; the happy customers would publicize your service to their friends, co-workers, families, and others. Further, more prospects would be attracted to your brand.

2. Up-Selling and Cross-Selling:

Many marketers find it difficult to upsell or cross-sell to the customer. This is because the brand didn’t build the right reputation that would motivate the customers to buy higher-priced products.

Do you know how to build a reputation?

It is built over time, by regular interaction with the customer, by offering good service, resolving customer challenges, developing products as per customer’s requirements, and many more. Now chatbots can all do to build the right reputation. While interacting with customers, they can offer useful information about the product or services through carefully crafted content. While doing so, the brand gains reputation and in the process, it becomes easy for the chatbot to upsell or cross-sell the product.

3. Chatbots Would Become more Human:

Now, this is quite surprising!

While humans can’t become chatbots, but these programs are on the verge of giving human-like customer service.

And how would it happen?

By the integration of artificial intelligence with the chatbots. This AI technology injects human-like intelligence into the chatbots, making them answer what the customer wants. This intelligence is also called the emotion application programming interface, where it could recognize the emotions of customers and accordingly answer or modify the question pattern. With this, an increasing number of customers would be satisfied with the service. Also, as known, the software could answer a question in one way, while human agents can answer in different ways. Customers would be the first to notice this pattern. They would obviously want chatbots that could answer their queries in all possible ways. It would give them feeling that the agents are actually thinking to give a perfect answer.

These humanized chatbots would significantly improve customer experience with empathy, further increasing customer loyalty.

So, Which Organizations require more Chatbots?

The organizations that require integration of more chatbots are ride-hailing service, food-delivery service, travel industry and other emerging new generation services.

Some of the best examples, where chatbots have been successfully implemented are:

1. Emirates Airlines: This airline had an innovative approach to serve their customers, unlike their competitors. The chatbots ask travellers about the type of trips they are interested for. The technology takes the help of the user’s intent before asking these queries. It then goes on to ask relevant questions to offer a personalized experience. The entire process facilitates providing satisfactory service to the customer.

Chatbot Examples


In this example, as you can see, the chatbots are programmed to ask useful question, “chat with me about your next vacation.” Thus, you can collect the right data to target these customers.

2. Feebi Smart Restaurant Chatbot: These chatbots give the right service to customers. After the devastating COVID-19, it is a relief for many restaurant owners. The chatbots act as the stimulus package; just by integrating the software, the owners can witness measurable results for their business.

It interacts with the customers through Facebook messenger. The solution can set up the booking process and even reserve a specific table for the customers. Now, this is something that would delight any customer because every customer wants to enjoy their leisure time with friends and families to the fullest!!!

3. Chatbot in Charity Organizations: Many organizations are raising funds for social activities. In such scenarios, chatbot works the best. These solutions can ask for high-value funds such as helping orphans, providing education to underprivileged children, treating patients from deadly diseases.

Ovarian Cancer Canada, used chatbots for raising funds and was also known as the first non-profit chatbot. The organization did raise good funds that were further used for the research activities. It gained success with the help of quizzes, useful content and other activities.

The Benefits from the Chatbots are:

  • You can have increased engagement
  • You can segregate the right leads at the right time
  • It can offer the right data and insights for further communication process
  • It can save your money

So, are there any Challenges to using Chatbots?

While we speak about only the advantages, there are certain limitations of using chatbots:

    • Preference to human agents is there. Some customers still like to interact with humans, as they don’t like the robotic answers given by the chatbots.
    • Chatbots require maintenance at regular intervals, which means you need to train and feed them with insightful data. The more you execute these activities, the better would be the performance of the chatbots in handling the customer queries.
    • Chatbots can’t answer the complex questions of customers. Most chatbots would only give the answers to the common queries that different customers repeatedly ask.
    • This is the reason, why 59% of the customer experience professionals believe AI will enhance but won’t replace the agents. This news could be a relief for many employees who were skeptical about integrating automation and other technologies in the process, fearing it would increase unemployment.

A quote by David Cancel, perfectly fits the scenario here:

“The idea isn’t to replace human marketers and salespeople, it’s to supplement their efforts. And when it comes to responding to new leads as quickly as possible, 24/ 7, there’s no denying the effectiveness of intelligent chatbots.”

While nobody can deny that humans have the intelligence to converse the right way with the customer, providing 24/7 customer service could be best done by chatbots. They can respond to customer’s query at the earliest, to have a smooth communication process.


In the near future, an increasing number of organizations would implement chatbots in their business process. They would do it more in the customer support, to make the customers happy.

This blog helps you understand why and how you can integrate chatbots to generate good results for your business.

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