How to Check Telemarketing Performance Metrics

Telemarketing is crucial in any organization. It helps in the right promotion, announcing company news, following up on future events, giving reminder, and others. But many times, companies don’t know how to measure the performance of their telemarketing executives. Check this fact:

Almost 60% of marketing managers in Fortune 500 companies stated telemarketing is very effective.

Even 27% of representatives stated B2B calls a good prospecting strategy. So, companies need to make telemarketing an effective part of the strategy and track how it guides the process.

For this, they should have a set of metrics and other performance indicators to check whether it is on the right track. Besides that, they can include different tactics to make the telemarketing process a well-built strategy.

How Do You Know They are Making the Right Call?

  • Increased calls per hour
  • Increase in call length
  • Occupancy rate between the calls
  • Calls per record

How Do You Measure the Overall Performance?

  • The number of sales
  • The telemarketing ROI
  • Telemarketing appointments per hour
  • Setting of appointment
  • Percentage of gatekeeper on the path
  • Decision-maker conversations

Other Basic KPIs to Measure Telemarketing Campaign

  • Inbound campaigns
  • Sales
  • Lead generation
  • Outbound campaign

How to Contextualize the KPIs?

  • Comparing the telemarketing activities with the previous campaigns
  • Balancing the number of sales and lead generation
  • Defining the return on investment

How to Improvise Database to Make Calls?

  • Segmentation fields
  • Overall list health
  • New gathered information
  • List penetration rates

Is Cold Calling Effective in the Marketing Process?

  • 82% of marketers stated they accepted to meet representatives after cold calls.
  • A successful cold call lasts for 5:50, 50% longer than average.
  • Representatives must make almost 18 calls to reach a buyer.
  • Almost 57% of C-level executives value information from representatives.
  • An experienced sales guy could make one appointment every day via cold call

How Do You Know the Reach Rate?

  • Request for information
  • Positive contact ratio
  • Unique decision-maker conversations
  • Abandonment rate

Factors to Measure Calls Performance

  • Cost per contact
  • Average answering speed
  • Customer satisfaction score
  • Abandoned call rate
  • Service level
  • Average call transfer rate
  • Customer retention rate
  • First contact resolution

Metrics to MEASURE KPIs

  • Calls per outcome
  • Lead conversion rates
  • Call to close ratio

How is Campaign Making Money?

  • ROI
  • Cost per lead cost per opportunity
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