top 7 dental marketing ideas used by pros

Top 7 Dental Marketing Ideas Used By Pros

You are perfect in your dental practice. You have put in years to learn new techniques, advance the methods, and serve many patients. However, you may be stuck at marketing because you have never done it and don’t know how to begin. Fortunately, there are several dental marketing ideas you can use. These marketing ideas give you a nudge up in marketing. You can form a dentist’s email list and keep people posted about the updates in your services.

1) Set a goal

setting goals

As a dentist, it is your job to provide attention to your patients. You have to set a goal for yourself. It can be a monthly or daily goal based on what you can deliver. Set a mission for your service and decide what service you want to render. You want to focus on your best service. It can be a dental cosmetic service, cleaning service, or something else.

2) Targeting right customers

Targeting right customers

Kids are your target customers if you are good with kid’s dental services. It would help if you targeted the parents to get more kids as your patients. Similarly, if you have adult customers with dental issues trying to improve their looks with cosmetic dentistry, make sure you list those people in your email list. If you want to offer an affordable service, your target group is the middle-income group. However, for cosmetic dentistry, your target group would be upper-middle-class customers.

3) Improve web presence

Improve web presence

You need to have a web presence if you want to be found by people. Update your page, add feedback and reviews by existing clients, offer discounts for family check-ups and keep maintaining and updating your page from time to time. Your business page should let people know your area of practice and your location. Ensure that people can pay for your service online while booking an appointment.

4) Get Listed

Get Listed

Make yourself listed on a popular service website. Make sure to mention your business profile, phone no, business hours, reviews, and category. Your website needs to be fast, easy to navigate, and secure. Make sure that your website has quality content on every page.

5) Invest in SEO

invest in SEO

Search engine optimization for your website and blogs can help you get a lot of attention for your service. You can also get blogs written for you, or you can write your blogs and optimize them with SEO. You can check for long-tail keywords and use them on your website and blog.

6) Email Marketing

Email Marketing

You can invest in email marketing. You need to build a dentists email list that would contain your probable customers. Once you have decided on your target audience, design a list and send them offers and services. You can appoint an email marketing company for the same. You need to let them know what you expect and how you want them to handle your profile to get more clients.

7) Video marketing

Video Marketing

Video marketing is also an excellent opportunity to get people interested. You can make some before and after videos to let people know what change they can expect. It is essential to take consent from your patients before making these videos.


Dentists who are investing in marketing are way ahead in the race. We are all dependent on web search no matter what product or service we want to opt for. Social media marketing, video marketing, and email marketing are the tools for success to use to your advantage. Try some options and check if it works for your dental practices.

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