9 Marketing Automation Trends and Growth Statistics in 2020

The elixir of marketing automation has been widely discussed by the industry experts and professionals across the world. So, if you have not implemented it, then you are sabotaging your own marketing effort!!!!

There are enough statistics and reports that claim that marketing automation is the future of marketing. It’s the need of the hour for businesses to adopt marketing automation; otherwise, they would soon find themselves obsolete in the market. When your competitors would be gaining good revenue and sales from automation, you would surely like not to be left behind.

In the below image, the percentage of businesses that use automation is shown:

As you can see, almost three-fourth of them have already implemented, i.e., 75% out of total. Only 25% of them are not using automation tools. If you are not using automation, then you belong to 25% of the category. This might also imply that your marketing campaign is generating less revenue and sales. As a marketer, you would never want your marketing approach to falter after putting much effort and time on the same.

Below you can find relevant data that would motivate you to implement automation in your marketing campaign:

1. The adoption rate of marketing automation in companies

Companies around the world are increasingly adopting marketing automation. As per a statistical report, around 51% of the companies are using marketing automation. – emailmonday

Another motivation factor for you:

More than 58% of the B2B companies are planning to adopt this technology. – emailmonday

The growth trend clearly indicates that companies are reaping benefits with the adoption of this technology. Even amateur marketers have understood the importance of marketing automation.

So, why should you be left behind?

2. Marketing budget- A Proof?

In a competitive world, analysis of the marketing budget would give you a clear indication, where organizations want to invest in earning more revenue.

Most of the businesses are cutting down the costs, but you could see increased investment in marketing automation.

 63% of the marketers have already planned to increase their budget for marketing automation in 2020. – 99firms.com

Many of these marketers know that with the implementation, they would see exponential growth in sales.

3. Reducing Marketing Overheads and Increasing Sales

This is spot on!!!!

Every business is in that race, they want to acquire new customers, increase sales, revenue, etc.

And marketing automation helps you to achieve all these by automating the daily business operations.

As per a study, businesses that have implemented marketing automation witnessed a growth rate of 14.5% in productivity and reduction in marketing overhead by 12.5% – Salesforce “Incredible Marketing Automation Stats”

4. Worth of the Marketing Automation Industry

The marketing automation industry is growing at a rapid rate. As per a report, the marketing automation industry would grow to USD 6.4 billion by 2024. – prnewswire.com

This shows that businesses are finding automation useful for their process. It is helping them to target customers via different channels, while retaining the existing customers.

5. CMOs of Tech Giants Favoring Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the new buzz word. Many CMOs of leading companies have also favored marketing automation to be implemented in their organizations as they acknowledge it would help them to increase revenue.

As per statistics, 77% of the CMOs stated the main reason for implementing marketing automation is to improve business results. – Salesforce “20 marketing automation stats”

So, when a technology could help you to increase sales, it should be the greatest motivating factor to integrate the technology at the earliest in your business process.

6. Marketing Automation for Lead Generation

Lead generation is what every business needs to survive in the market.

Businesses cannot survive without a customer..

And this is where marketing automation comes into play and that too significantly.

Almost 61% of the marketers stated that they had implemented marketing automation to improve the process of lead generation. – funneloverload.com “marketing automation statistics”

Source: funneloverload.com

When you have an ample flow of leads then your sales representative has more chances to increase the number of conversions. This is necessary to have a healthy and efficient functioning of a process.

7. Even Marketing Automation for Nurturing Leads

As a marketer, you must know that generating leads do not guarantee that all the leads would get converted. In many cases, you have to nurture leads so that it would get converted in the near future.

As per a report, businesses who nurture leads have witnessed 50% more sales and also at a cost of 33% less when compared to non-nurtured leads. – hubspot.com “marketing statistics”

Even after garnering a good number of leads, you have to maintain a steady flow of communication with the prospects so that you could convince them to go for your service.

8. Marketing Automation for Social Media

Social media has also become a rage among the marketers, and do you know that marketing automation plays a successful role in the scheduling process of the social media posts?

As you can see, almost 83% of the respondents stated that the combination of marketing automation and social media post scheduling could work wonders for the businesses.

9. Upselling of the Products

Upselling practice is common for any marketer or sales executive. You would have motivated many customers to purchase a quality service at a higher price to earn more revenue.

How about marketing automation helping you in this process?

It has been found that almost 58% of the marketers use automation software for upselling the products. – funneloverload.com “marketing automation statistics”

You could also gain immense profit when you implement marketing automation in your business operation. Marketing automation helps you to send personalized emails tailored for each customer based on their interests, preferences, liking, etc. It significantly increases the chances of higher conversions, as you have the right platform to showcase your quality products that align with the requirements of the customer.


The importance of marketing automation would continue to grow in the coming years. Businesses looking to improve the productivity of employees are increasingly implementing this technology, thus making the task easier for them as well as increasing the business results of the organization as a whole.

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