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Over 74,000 contacts

Business success to a considerable extent is determined by how quick and pertinent your marketing pitch is to the right customers. TDInsights ensures that the Infor enterprise technology providers are equipped with a thoroughly updated and accurate Infor customers list. A quick procurement of such a listing safeguards rapid planning and execution of customer acquisition strategies by the sales and marketing teams, which will eventually increase the ROI of the business in continuity.

Our Services Traverse the Entire Infor Users List Including:

Infor M3 Customers List Infor GT Nexus Customers List
Infor LN ERP Customers List Infor Birst Users List
Infor Mongoose Users List  Infor ION Users List
Infor EAM Users List Infor CRM Users List
Infor Xi Users List Infor PLM Users List
Infor WMS Users List Infor HCM Users List

Connecting with TDInsights for Infor Customers List

Right information comes from the right sources. As a professional B2B marketing data solutions provider, TDInsights is seasoned in extracting the right sources to obtain meaningful data. To offer the best-in-class Infor customers list to our patrons, we excavate data from reliable sources like Corporate Events and Conferences, Newsletter Subscriptions, Business Listings, B2B Directories, Survey Channels, Top Online Portals, and so on.

Data pulled out from reliable sources then goes through a series of technical procedures, which includes methodologies and technology tools brought out from the disciplines of Database Management, Data Mining, Data Warehousing, and Data Science. The aim is to make our informational list of Infor clients ready-to-use, i.e., as discretely usable as possible without losing its core value, integrity, and accuracy.

Globalization has become a must-have attribute in today’s businesses irrespective of sectors and domains. Keeping ourselves aligned with the norm and letting our clients be the same, we provide an exhaustive list of clients from North and South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Oceania. Once you successfully procure global clients, success will come in giant strides.

Enhance Your Sales Strategies with Infor Users List

Infor delivers business applications through the cloud. Being a consumer of the cloud means Infor solutions can be customized to high degrees. It is estimated that there are about 58 million users in the Infor cloud. So, apart from the customization of applications, there are also requirements associated with the uptime and performance of the application platform.

Our Infor users list takes into consideration every aspect of the set of requirements that the users of Infor seek. Based on such detailed information, our lists are segmented and well-structured to be relevant and result-oriented.

Achieve the Maximum Out of Our Infor Users Email List

The business landscape is on the brink of transformation due to the proliferation of emerging technologies. A technical buzzword within no time can become tedious, while a so-called latest technology in just six months can become obsolete. This ephemeral tide, however, leads to the churning of heaps of data every minute. Gaining meaningful insights from this massive chunk of data is neither desirable nor even possible. Because the valuable information lies in the tiny fragments of this great heap, advanced technologies in database management, data science, and data mining are required. Thus, for an accurate and relevant Infor users email list, you need a professional marketing data list provider like TDInsights. Associating with us will make customer acquisition much smoother and ROI significantly higher. We are all geared up to facilitate your business to make breakthrough progress with our genuine and reliable Infor customers list. Connect with us today!

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    Infor Customers by Industry

    Industry Total Customers
    Computer Software 28,088
    Financial Services 8,152
    Computer Hardware 7,392
    Information Technology and Services 6,251
    Hospital & Health Care 5,660
    Machinery 4,477
    Insurance 3,759
    Wholesale 3,506
    Construction 3,379
    Medical Devices 3,337


    The guaranteed deliverability rate for the direct mails in Infor Users Email list is around 95%.

    The Infor Customers list is updated every 90 days to upgrade it with the latest data.

    The list is built up with the accurate firmographic and technographic data that connects you with the best convertible customer, thus helping your organization’s growth.

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