Oracle Customers List

Over 2,641,000 contacts

“Forbes, for the year 2019, placed Oracle in the second position (Software & Programming category) in terms of revenue among all the software companies in the world.”

In today’s vast business expanse, getting connected to the companies using Oracle technologies is not an easy task. TDInsights endeavors to make it easier by providing an authentic and updated Oracle customers list, enterprise software products, cloud engineered systems, and other technologies provided by Oracle. Possessing such an accurate list of clients has a clear implication: utilize your resources to innovate and develop cutting-edge solutions rather than brooding over customer acquisition strategies. As the competition in this segment is fierce, early lead conversion will boost your business significantly.

“After buying out Sun Microsystems in 2010, Oracle has made about 70 more acquisitions in the past 8-9 years.”

Our Comprehensive Oracle Clients List Includes:

Technology Install Counts Technology Install Counts
Oracle ERP
Customers List
12,764 Oracle EBS
Customers List
Customers List
4,189 PeopleSoft
Customers List
JD Edwards
Customers List
9,114 Siebel CRM
Customers List
Oracle Eloqua
Customers List
12,987 Oracle RightNow
Customers List
Oracle Fusion
Customers List
5,987 Oracle Cloud
Customers List
Oracle Hyperion
Users List
4,321 Oracle Autovue
Users List

Associating with TDInsights for a Formidable Oracle Customers List

A reliable partner like TDInsights strives to deliver valuable information to its clients in a hassle-free manner. The value of our Oracle customers list is ensured by the reliable sources from which we extract the data, and from the various tools and technologies we apply on the extracted data to make it well-structured, enriched, and ready-to-use. Our database experts, first, dig into several relevant sources like Newsletter Subscriptions, Business Listings, B2B Directories, Survey Channels, Top Online Portals, Corporate Events, and Conferences to obtain valuable information. Then we apply data science, data mining techniques, and database management concepts to optimize it for better sales and marketing campaign results.

Apart from being prepackaged, the data must be easily customizable, i.e., able to be molded into different forms based upon the client’s requirement.

Our Oracle Clients List Has a Global Reach

It simply means you can brag about your skills and expertise, or the cutting-edge applications that you have already built, to local as well as remotely located clients. Once you succeed in breaking a global deal, there is no looking back in terms of business success and continual inflow of ROI. Our Oracle clients list extends from the regions of North America and South America to Europe, from Asia-Pacific, the Middle East to Oceania.

Acquiring the Optimized Oracle Users List to Increase ROI

The Oracle users list at TDInsights is optimized every 90 days so that only the best data stays and the obsolete ones are eliminated. This makes your marketing approach a result-oriented one as you could connect with the active prospects in the market.

The professionals never compromise on the data quality and cross-check the data before appending into the solution.


Gain the Maximum Out of Our Oracle Users Email List

A behemoth like Oracle has clientele like the open sea. Pitching your products or applications in such a colossal and premiere market requires an all-inclusive, detailed sourcing plan which can frazzle out your allotted resources on sales and marketing. And the worst part is the uncertainty of it—your client acquisition may or may not turn out to be successful.

TDInsights can help you gain the maximum out of your efforts in developing Oracle-based solutions and services. No matter how flawless application you might have developed, the dearth of right customers to value it will break the morale of your team. You can easily avoid the scarcity of professional clients with our robust Oracle users email list. Procure it today!

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Oracle Customers by Industry

Industry Total Customers
Computer Software 991263
Information Technology and Services 523267
Financial Services 185975
Hospital & Health Care 175782
Banking 149958
Higher Education 137952
Insurance 127985
Telecommunications 124361
Government Administration 123455
Retail 101256


How many companies are there in the Oracle users email list?

There are 231,654 companies in the Oracle users email list.

Do Oracle has customers in all industries?

Oracle was acknowledged as the leader in 2019 by Gartner for the Database management system. It has customers in every industry.

Do Oracle Customers List connect with the right prospect?

Oracle Customers List helps to reach the prospects via different modes such as direct mail, email, and telemarketing campaign.

What is the source of data for Oracle users email list?

The data appended in the Oracle users email list is gathered from authentic sources such as Business Listings, B2B Directories, business meetups, conferences, tech events, etc.

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