Digital Supply Chain Client Case Study

How a Digital Supply Chain Company Manage to get More Conversions?

The Customer

The client, based out of the USA, is uniquely positioned to provide the supply chain network solution. It helps the manufacturing organizations for the digital transformation of the supply chains. They help to predict the demand, thus reducing the risk of uncertainties.
The organization facilitates the automation of supply chain transactions and collaboration among the various trading partners. With a full range of its applications in the cloud, the users can integrate the process to have the right visibility across the supply chain of their business.

The Challenge

The client had a comprehensive range of effective solutions and served many reputed customers such as Exxon Mobil, P&G, Pfizer, Coca-Cola, and Dow. But, it still faced the challenge of reaching out to the right Epicor ERP users.

Epicor ERP, the technology mainly used by the distribution and manufacturing companies, were the target customers for the client. Their email campaign was tanking, with a reduced open rate and click rate. So, they decided to revamp their marketing approach by acquiring the right solution.

Their strategy was to :

  1. Reach the right decision-maker
  2. Increase the open rate
  3. Increase the click-rate

They planned the mission to turnaround the business results in their favor, and for that, they needed an authentic solution of the industries from various regions. The scenario made them approach TDInsights, for a customized solution, suitable for their business.

They executed their own research before approaching us, to find the right mailing solution provider. Our solution was found to be the reliable one, aligned with their requirements.

The Strategy

As the client approached TDInsights, our professionals were quick enough to understand their requirements. They build up the right mailing list to help the client accurately reach the customer.

The client had specific needs as below:

  • Reach the right Epicor ERP users
  • Connect with the right decision-maker of distribution and manufacturing companies
  • Improve the open rate
  • Improve the click rate

Our data experts crafted the best suitable solution for the client’s campaign. They even built the solution on varied requirements:

  • As per the requirements of the client, the solution had encompassed details of the prospects from various countries such as UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Germany, etc.
  • The solution included the updated mailing address, email address, and other details of the client. This would help the client to connect with the best customer at a convenient time for a meaningful business conversation.

The Win

The client witnessed the stark difference after integrating our solution.

The result was:

  • 16.3% emails open rate
  • 10.1% of click rate
  • 8% of conversion rate

The success of the campaign proved, the right solution for any business is out there. You just have to find the best one aligned with your business requirements.

Word from the Client

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