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How a Global Technology Company Achieved More Email Engagement Rate?

The Customer

The client is a leading technology company, headquartered in Vietnam. They offer diverse technology services in embedded systems, IoT, digital platforms, application services to meet the customers’ needs in Europe, USA, Asia Pacific, Australia, Vietnam, and other countries.

With the company offering digital consulting, it is radically revamping the process in many organizations. The solution is optimizing the approach via big data, IoT, cloud computing, mobility and others.

The Challenge

The major challenge which the organization faced was it couldn’t reach the right SAP customer. Even after implementing many tactics, it witnessed, a dismal open rate and click rate. With the organization planning to expand its operations and go deeper into the European market, they had the requirement to reach:

  • VPs
  • The Directors
  • C-level executives

Most of the time, these high-level executives are the final decision-makers in an organization. So, the company planned to connect with them at the right time. In addition to that, they wanted:

  • The data of the companies whose revenue is € 300 million or above.
  • The information that they needed was the company name, contact name, designation, the physical address of the company, business email address, company URL, the technology used, among others.

They were precise about their needs and want to fulfil it to reach the target. After executing proper research, they approached TDInsights to resolve the challenge. Our professionals analysed their requirements and came up with the best solution aligned with their needs.

The Strategy

TDInsights is focused on providing quality mailing solutions to its customers.

  • Our entire team comprising of the business intelligence team, data experts, market research professionals sourced and mapped the accurate data as per the industry and organization.
  • As the organization needed only European business data, we almost sourced the information of all the required businesses in the continent.
  • We gathered data such as the mailing address, designation, contact name, email address, URL and others.

The Win

The client witnessed exponential results after integrating the comprehensive solution.

The results were:

  • A good 17% open rate
  • Impressive 12.5% click rate

This shows, you could turnaround the results in your favour, when you have the best solution to your rescue.

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