Multinational IT Company - Case Study

How an MNC Leveraged Email Solutions?

The Customer

We recently worked for a multinational IT company headquartered in the United States. The company offers a wide variety of core IT and UC products that addresses the complex technological needs of IT executives and end-users.

With the offering of enterprise-level solutions for businesses, the company helps in improving collaboration and communication efforts of employees. Through the offering of facial recognition, behavioral analytics, and biometrics solutions, the company provides a safe enterprise environment. Its open architecture solution provides business agility to the business employees. Besides, the company is into offering hybrid cloud solutions that can be customized to fit into the varied needs of enterprise customers.

The Challenge

In the B2B space, most of the clients find it challenging to connect and network with key decision-makers from their targeted industry. Even this IT company had the same challenge that they wanted us to address. Their targeted audience mostly comprised of:

  1. Top officials
  2. IT decision-makers
  3. Executives

These high-level executives are mainly responsible to finalize the purchase of IT products and solutions.

Moreover, their target wasn’t a single industry. They wanted contacts of job titles such as:

  • Managing directors
  • IT managers
  • CEO
  • Executive directors
  • Key officials from various sectors that too for a specific geographic area.

In addition, they wanted contacts of only those companies that had an employee size of 50-299.

They were very clear about what information they wanted on their list but didn’t have the resource to support the execution for which they trusted us. After a lot of research and considering positive feedbacks from our existing clients, they came to us with the challenge of providing them with a customized and segmented list of profitable leads that can help them grow their business opportunities and boost revenue.

The Strategy

Like other times, our strategy and focus were to deliver the best data to the client that successfully addresses their unique data requirements. No matter how complex their email list specifications were, we were determined to take care of their every minute detail while building the perfect email and mailing list of IT decision-makers for their marketing campaigns.

  • Our data scientists and market experts started to fetch accurate and up-to-date contacts from our B2B database as per the client requirement.
  • Before finalizing the list, our team double verified and validated every contact.
  • We prepared a geo-targeted list comprising the contact details of IT managers, President, managing directors, and other essential job titles from companies located all over regions such as Peru, Mexico, Central America, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Caribbean, Colombia, Paraguay, Ecuador, etc.

The Win

We were successfully able to deliver a customized email list to the client within their expected time. Using the list, on the other hand, the client witnessed a sharp increase in their email engagement metrics. There was an improvement in their:

  • Email open rates and click-through rates, which was 25% more than the previous time.
  • The revenue generation from campaigns that used our data increased by 120%.

Word from the Client

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