The Great Game of 2021- AI Email Marketing

The Great Game of 2021- AI Email Marketing

Email marketing has come a long way. Its introduction enabled marketers to connect with sophisticated customers across the world. The channel eliminated the need to convey information about a brand’s product or service physically. With a single click, both marketers and the customers could connect with the other.

Besides that, marketers could maintain relationship with the prospects to convert them in the future.

According to a finding:

87% of the marketers use email campaigns to nurture their audiences.

The all-in-one channel has got all the necessary features to lead you to success, but you should know to use it rightly.  Just as a dish is made perfect by a chef with artistic culinary skills, you need to be a skilled marketer to use the latest technologies wherever required to bring out the good qualities of email marketing.

A quote by Erik Harbison makes sense here:

“If social media is the cocktail party, then email marketing is the ‘meet up for coffee.’ The original 1 to 1 channel.”

Quite an interesting quote….

It means email marketing has the power to make personal relationships with customers at scale.

So, as a marketer, you need to take the right plunge in developing AI-based email marketing and derive the best results.

Some Best Methodologies of AI-Charged Email Marketing are:

1. Subject Lines:

Subject lines are the first point of attention. If it’s not interesting enough for the reader, they would simply delete the email. This is a nightmare for any marketer, given the fact they spend considerable time developing the right email body and subject line.

But, how could you develop the right subject line?

With the AI-based tool!!!

This advanced technology is empowered with deep learning algorithms and natural language processing that helps design the right subject lines to receive more clicks. It analyzes successful marketing campaigns and their subject lines. If there is a higher open rate, it certainly has to do with a great subject line, aligning with the recipient’s interest. The technology understands the psychology and business interest of customers that motivates them to click.

You must have heard about personalization??

Yes, the same tactic that personalizes the content for individual customers; artificial intelligence makes personalization easy to connect with the right customer. Personalized subject lines generate almost 50% higher open rates.

Find one of the example:

Personalized Subject Lines


As you can see here, the marketer has developed the email and addressed the customer by name. Besides that, it asked personal questions such as whether they liked the recently purchased product or not?

It all was made possible through artificial intelligence. The brand even wished the customer on her birthday. Thus, AI-email marketing has special importance in the marketing world.

2. AI With Email Marketing Automation:

Automation has taken over the world. An increasing number of organizations are integrating email marketing automation to never miss out on any opportunity connecting with the best customers.

Now here comes the question, how the amalgamation of AI and automation could work wonders?

Besides, giving instant satisfaction, AI gives the right attention to customer’s queries or challenges that give them a sense of power. They feel that brands value them. So, if a customer signs up for your service, a welcome email evokes the same feeling in the customer.

But only if it is sent immediately!!!!

Many times, marketers forget to send welcome emails immediately. AI-enabled marketing automation eliminates these challenges as they are programmed to do so. The technology isn’t driven by emotions, memory, or any other human behavior. It would just execute the actions, whatever might be the scenario. This technology would continue to do its work; on a lighter note, it would even do its work, even if a hurricane hit also!!!

It means technology would never forget, get terrified, or have other human challenges that affect the performance of the email campaign.

Find one of the welcome email examples:

Welcome Email Examples:


You can see in this example, how the brand shoots out these exotic welcome emails to customers. First, it thanked the customer, then it goes on with the tag line, “start your adventure.” The message and images give an adrenaline rush to the reader- a good calibrated approach.

3. Understanding Your Customer via Email:

Email marketing is used for the right promotion of products and services. But simultaneously, this strategy can be used for understanding your customer.

Let’s analyze:

After sending emails to customers, do all of them respond similarly?

Not really; why?

Because all the customers aren’t the same, they react differently in the same scenario. Often, this mindset comes with different experiences they had previously with your brand. Now when you ask for feedback, some customers are extrovert, stating their experiences, feelings, but the introvert ones don’t express themselves freely, making it difficult to understand them. It further hampers the process of improvising the product.

How could it be resolved?

You need to track the customer’s behavior and AI does it effectively. When the customer abandons the shopping cart, artificial intelligence studies the behavior of these customers. It checks what all products, the customer checked on the website, the time spent on each of the products, etc., before abandoning the purchase process. It then accordingly shoots out the email to these customers to complete the purchase process.

4.  Timing Factor:

Timing plays a significant role in connecting with the customer.

Most of the customers won’t like to read emails in the dead of night. And it is understandable….

After a tiring and busy schedule in the morning, most of them would like to rest to prepare for their next day’s work schedule. In this case, if you send marketing emails, they won’t read it- a waste of time and energy. You need to plan when emails should be sent to the customers. Now, there can’t be a fixed time for every recipient spread out across the world as we know time zones vary in each region. The early morning email for one country could be the graveyard shift email for another country!!!

Artificial intelligence is the game-changer as it segregates customers based on different regions. Later, it sends out the same message to all the recipients according to their convenient time zones.

Timing Factor


Now, sometimes some customers can prefer different times to receive emails, as seen in this statistical representation. More than 7% of the recipients in Spain prefer receiving emails in the morning between 10-12, while more than 6% of the recipients in Egypt prefer receiving emails in the afternoon between 12-2. You can say it’s a cultural thing!!!

Artificial intelligence analyzes all these, based on the open rate and click-through rate and shoots out the emails to the customers.


Marketers need to understand the marketing game played on, by their competitors. They need to find the right trick and tactic, leading them to success.

Email marketing, a popular marketing strategy, is at the center-stage of this game. With the adoption of the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence in email marketing, marketers could see an advanced form of email marketing attracting attention worldwide. This blog gives you insights into how email marketing with AI could be the right combination for all organizations.

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