6 Best Ways to Do Responsible Marketing Amidst the Pandemic

Covid-19 gave new challenges to the entire world. It made marketers change their ways to connect with customers. Now, it’s just not about selling or marketing the products to your customers, it’s also the art of impressing the customers with your responsible marketing skill.

This form of marketing means empathizing with the customer and making them feel a part of the brand. The more you have emotional intelligence in marketing, you could execute a responsible marketing strategy.

Some of the best ways to execute responsible marketing are:

6 best ways to do responsible marketing amidst the Pandemic

Retargeting Your Existing Customers

  • Acquiring a new customer could cost 5x more than retaining the old customer.
  • Loyal customers are 5x more likely to forgive.
  • They are 7x more likely to try a new offering.
  • 5% increase in customer retention can increase the profit by 25-95%.

Focussing on Social Media Marketing

  • Almost 54% of the customers are using social media.
  • 71% of the consumers with positive experience on social media give recommendation.
  • 54% of the social browsers are using social media to research products.
  • 73% of the marketers believe social media marketing is very effective

Revamping Your Marketing Campaigns

  • Analyze your marketing strategy
  • Understand the content schedule
  • Choose the timing of your campaign
  • Make the content interesting and useful
  • Plan the campaign based on your goal

Aggregating the Resources for Loyal Customers

  • Loyal customers help run your business during this crisis
  • Aggregate the right channels to target these customers
  • Don’t compromise on the quality of product or service
  • Don’t overprice the product in hope of capitalizing their loyalty
  • It would maintain the relationship further making it stronger

Paying Attention to the Language Used in the Campaign

  • You need to look into the language used
  • It should be conversational and engaging
  • Use the right images in the campaign
  • You should use the right business words

Alerting People about the Crisis, Through Informed Marketing

  • Make informed marketing a part of strategy
  • Inform customers about crisis
  • Don’t include content, not highly relevant to your brand
  • Inform customers about your latest products
  • Improve relationship with your customer
  • Empathize with your customer during this crisis


Marketers should never think that pandemic would hamper their business results. With changing times and in the current scenario, marketing modes are getting refined to save time and improve their communication process with customers.
The best way out is executing responsible marketing to connect with high-end prospects and converting them into customers. The infographic is a clear explanation of the same.

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