What is EDM Marketing and its Benefits?

What is EDM Marketing Meaning?

EDM marketing stands for electronic direct mail marketing, it is implemented by the majority of the companies for building customer loyalty. This marketing enables businesses to target the existing and potential clients.

The EDM marketing can be executed via PPC campaigns, offline advertising, remarketing advertising, and social media. Most of the EDM marketing is focused on the email blasts. While email marketing also focuses on sending emails, EDM makes it more refined by involving it with social media promotion, utilizing cross-media channels, YouTube ads, Google ads, and even using the SMS messaging service.

As, you know, it is extremely essential for building customer relationship, EDM marketing helps to do the same. It also helps to measure the success. As a marketer, with the implementation of EDM marketing, you just have to track the outcome of the launched marketing campaign.

With the emergence of social media marketing, the integration of EDM marketing along with social media marketing is helping to reap the right business results.

The key elements of EDM marketing are proper segmentation, relevant CTA, 360-degree lead profiling, with enticing offers.

Some of the benefits of EDM marketing are:

  • It’s cost-effective
  • Easy for tracking and measuring
  • Easy for personalization of emails
  • EDM marketing is easily customizable

A customized form of marketing is always helpful for marketers as it provides them the scope to explore various options for increasing the business revenue.

Some of the effective types of EDM campaigns are the company’s newsletters, case studies, industry news, testimonials, information about events, sale reminders, new arrivals, reorders, etc.

How is an EDM marketing campaign created?

In EDM marketing, you have to choose the best email marketing platform. Then you have to collect the contacts and further implement the segmentation process.  The next step is creating the email marketing campaign, and tracking the performance of the marketing campaigns in the process. Some of the proven EDM emails are new arrivals, offers or discounts, coupon codes, etc.

So, how to make your EDM marketing campaign successful?

1. Right Content:

Right Content

Most of the customer’s inboxes are deluged with promotional emails, so always ensure that your emails are interesting, simple and have the content that clearly conveys the information. You have to grab their attention with the useful and relatable content that can lead their business on the right path.

2. Appropriate Segmentation of Audience:

Appropriate Segmentation of Audience

You need to properly segment the audience, via demographics, age, gender, geography, and others. You should know that the right segmentation helps to win the trust of the prospect.

EDM marketing follows this approach and helps you to reach the right prospect at the convenient time.

3. Importance of Mobile Responsiveness:

Importance of Mobile Responsiveness:

Mobile responsiveness makes EDM marketing successful.

As per a finding almost 35% of the business professionals open their email on the mobile. ~hubspot

This statistic should not be overlooked, as it includes a good percentage of the business professionals, who can facilitate to increase your sales and revenue. Here, you need to check the images are loaded fast, and the contents are displayed nicely in the device.

For ensuring that there is proper mobile responsiveness on EDM you should have:

  • The large font and clean font families
  • You need to add alt tag on the images
  • Have a single column layout for the content
  • Have some design experts for creating a mobile responsive EDM

4. CTA:

Call-To-Action always leads to better marketing results. So, you should develop a clear CTA, which would be the compilation of the right content to attract the readers.

As a marketer, it is necessary to develop the right content structure for CTA that would draw the attention of your audience.

5. Story-telling:

Story telling

Story-telling is a rage in the current marketing practice. It has gained wide acceptance in EDM marketing as well. In this process, you have to ensure that the story should align with your services and products. The subtle story-telling process indirectly helps in the promotion of your brand, thus giving an increased exposure to the broader range of customers.

6. Right interaction:

Right interaction

Make the right interaction, this sentence might sound familiar to you.

Obviously, it should if you are a marketer!!!!!

Interactive content is the backbone of any marketing approach. You should ensure that the content which you are developing helps to make the right interaction with the audience. Without that, it is near to impossible to convert the prospect into a customer.

7. Pictures:


Visual presentation is necessary for EDM marketing. The current generation of customers is more visual and is attracted to content that portrays visual from of marketing. So, add relevant and attractive images in your content to pull customers.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

As we know, email marketing is one form of marketing that helps to send a message via email to a large number of prospects.

With the help of this marketing, you can promote your services, products, etc. in an easy way. It is one of the trusted forms of marketing helping to earn the right sales and revenue. As per many observations, it has been found that when customers are ready to buy any product, they look to email marketing for more information and take the next step.

Benefits of Email Marketing are:

  • Stronger customer relationship
  • Building credibility
  • More traffic to the website
  • Helping in better brand recognition
  • Helping to make the right use of budget and time

Both EDM and email marketing work in the same way as mentioned before. One can say EDM is an improvised version of email marketing.

EDM marketing is used as a digital marketing strategy. So, do email marketing which is also combined with social media marketing as shown below:

In this example, you can see the brand Product Hunt has combined the content of Tweet and email newsletter.


Both EDM marketing and email marketing are two sides of the same coin. They work in tandem and can produce good business results for an organization. Both of the methods help to reach the prospect in a professional and convenient way. The enhanced version of email marketing is EDM marketing, it help organizations to generate the right ROI and revenue.

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