15 Essential Stats Revealing the Importance of Email Marketing

Email consumes a big part of our lives as individuals, business owners, marketers, and, yes, even as a customer. It presents a massive opportunity for businesses to reach their target market, no matter what their size looks like. So, by adding email marketing to the list of various other digital marketing tactics, one can easily expand the market reach and visibility, permitting the companies to engage and convert more leads unfailingly.

In fact, the importance of email marketing strategy is so great that we recommend businesses embrace it for a secure future. In this Infographic, we’ll discuss the top statistics that explain why your brand needs to develop an email marketing strategy and how it benefits the organization.

Email Marketing Stats

Why Email Marketing is Important?

Nearly Half of the Worldwide Population Will Use Email By 2020

  • The number of email users worldwide will reach 3.0 billion

Email Has Got a Knack Which Other Marketing Channels Don’t

  • It is nearly 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined

Email offers an Unbeatable Result

  • It has an average ROI of $38 for every $1 spent
  • More than 59% of marketers agree email is their chief source of ROI

Mobile Email Usage Shows Extraordinary Result

  • Mobile contributes to at least 50% of email open rate
  • 38% buy a product first seen or read about in a marketing email
  • The conversion rate was as much as 70% for mobile emails

Quality Emails are the Best of All

  • The email that displays poorly on mobile is likely to be deleted in 3 seconds
  • 69% of recipients report an email as spam based on the poor subject line
  • Spam emails cost businesses around $20.5 billion every year

Succeed with Email Marketing Now

  • Welcome emails can generate 320% more returns
  • Click-through is 95% more in segmented email campaigns
  • Emails with video can spike up click-rates by 300%
  • Abandoned cart emails accomplish a 64% conversion rate
  • Automated emails generate 39% click-through rate

Although there is a space for other digital media venues, never underestimate the tremendous power of email marketing.

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