7 Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

Whether you are a small-sized business or a large enterprise, email marketing can help any business to earn the required revenue and sales. If you are not making enough right now, then probably you are not implementing it right in your email campaign.

As a marketer, you have to understand how email marketing works, to utilize its full potential. There are some common email marketing mistakes that should be avoided, as it might prove detrimental to the success of your campaign.

Find out some of the Common Email Marketing Mistakes:

1. Non-personalized Emails:

Non-personalized emails are one of the grave errors that should be avoided by any marketer. In a competitive market, where the customer has many options to choose from, you as a marketer should have a perfect strategic plan to stand out from the rest of your competitors. Personalize your every email before sending it to your customers, this will not only help you to make the right personal connection but also accelerates the process of sales and conversions.

Example is of a Non-Personalized Email:

Source: jeffbullas.com

Here you can see that no name is mentioned in the email.

Most of the customers feel a strong attachment to the brand when they are reached out on a personal level, for example,

Hello Julia,

We are pleased to inform you……….

The name “Julia” makes the personal connection, as the recipient feels if the sender made an effort to craft a separate mail for sending her, then they value her as a customer.

2. Sending too Many Emails:

Sending too many emails can irritate customers. This will make them think that you only care about pushing your sales and are not interested in their preferences.

Think as a customer as well, would you like receiving bulk emails from companies?

Nobody likes to get pestered by the sales email. A customer might lose trust on your brand and spam your emails, if his inbox gets overloaded by your sales email. So, have patience and make a plan of sending emails at the right interval. Give some time to your customers to analyze your brand, service, so that he can later make the right decision in choosing your service.

Finally, the emails should have the right message that does not focus on your interest but also on the interest of the recipient. You have to align your service with their needs to motivate them to purchase your service.

3. Not executing the Segmentation of Subscribers:

The segmentation should be appropriately executed as without that, you might end up sending the same message to all subscribers at the same interval. As you know, all the subscribers are different; some might favor receiving email weekly, while some monthly. So, find out the preference of subscribers and accordingly chalk out a plan to send the emails to subscribers.

It will not only streamline the process and make your marketing campaign effective but also reach out to the right recipient with the perfect message.

4. Not executing the Campaign at the Right Time:

Why wait for the right time to run the campaign?

For example, if you have fewer subscribers to send an email, but the campaign is essential to boost your revenue and sales, so will you postpone your campaign?

Not necessarily.

You should never postpone your campaign, thinking you would get more subscribers in the coming days. A campaign is necessary to give your brand the right exposure, and it might help you to win more subscribers. As the existing subscribers might promote your service to their friends, colleagues, and others, so do not delay any campaign just because you have less number of subscribers.

But there are some exceptional cases, for example, the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

As per a study, almost two-thirds of the marketers that accounts to 60% in small organizations have changed their marketing strategy as compared to 67% in larger enterprises due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. – Marketing week

This is an interesting number, showing irrespective of the size of the business, a crisis can hit any business in the same way. In the pandemic scenario where marketers need to check whether they will generate good results from their campaign, delaying the campaign is worthwhile.

5. Not planning the actual CTA:

CTA or Call-To-Action is necessary as it directs the reader to take the right action. A marketer should plan to put CTA at the right place in the email, so that the reader can seamlessly take the right action after reading it. Too many CTAs can also confuse the reader, so make it simple and result-oriented.

Example of a perfectly placed CTA:

Source: sendpulse.com

When you read the subject line you get the idea of the email content, which just matches with the CTA “sleep solution”.

6. Not making it Mobile-Responsive:

If you do not create your email mobile responsive, then be prepared for poor results. The current generation of customers often checks their emails on mobile; in this scenario, if your emails are misaligned and cannot be properly read on mobiles, then you are going to lose these customers.

As per a study, 69% of the mobile users delete the emails if they are not mobile responsive.

– emarketeer.com

As a marketer, ensure that all the emails are appropriately designed and are mobile responsive so that the majority of the recipients can accurately read emails. This is also necessary to maintain the reputation of the brand.

Example of a Mobile Responsive Email:

Source: emailonacid.com

7. An Unattractive Subject Line:

Any subject line that does not compel the reader to the open the email is considered an unattractive subject line. A marketer should put extra effort into creating the right subject line as without that, your marketing campaign might falter badly.

It might not be creative but should align with the interest of the reader so that he is forced to read the content in the email. A magnificent subject line would actually look good but can disappoint the reader as he might not get the content as per his expectations.


Email marketing is here to stay, so as a marketer, you have to make the right email marketing strategy for your campaign to produce the best revenue and sales. The above blog discusses the common email marketing mistakes which many marketers make while sending emails. So, avoid falling in these pitfalls at any cost, as your complete effort will go down the drain.

Make a near to fool-proof plan that will help in capturing the interest of the reader and later making conversions on a vast scale. You can further add some interesting ideas of your own to increase the engagement rate.

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