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16 Best Lead Generation Tools for your Business in 2020

The lead generation process is crucial for any organization. There are many lead generation tools available in the market to generate the right leads, but one should choose the best one as per the requirements of the organization.

In 2020, marketers would sort out the right lead tool for their marketing campaign. We have picked some of the best lead generation tools that can help you in the process, and leverage your marketing approach in 2020:

List of 16 best Lead Generation Software:

1. HubSpot Marketing:

hubspot crm

HubSpot Marketing helps to attract targeted traffic to the website. The tool is an incredible solution that captures the accurate lead suitable for your sales conversion.

With the HubSpot content strategy tool, one can create content that most of the prospects are looking for. With the right content at a place, it becomes easier to hold the attention of prospects and win their trust. The solution has different features such as Live Chat, forms, Chatbot, and pop-up forms. With all these features the solution gains the advantage of not only capturing the leads but also nurturing it for the sales conversion at the later stage.

Below is the example of this tool:

hubspot form

2. Intercom:


Intercom lead generation tool has major features such as management tools that customize the individual part of the workflow of the team, apps, and integration that automate the sale process, a business manager that automates the chat process with the website visitors via chatbots, as seen in the previous video.  The smart routing process and the optimized lead qualification process is the highlight of this tool.

3. Survey Anyplace:


With the Survey Anyplace tool, you can create quizzes, assessments, and surveys to interact with the audience, returning valuable insights, and creating highly personalized experiences. The tool takes care of sending the campaign and integrating e-commerce for monetizing the offering. The Survey Anyplace tool has a unique assessment center portal for sending surveys to clients. The software is highly flexible and acts as powerful survey software.

4. Proof:


Proof is also a versatile lead qualification tool. It helps to personalize the website for the website visitors to improve the quality of leads. The personalized content on the website helps to increase sales. This lead generation tool ramps up the conversion via the website using the personalization technique, and the social proof.

5. Qualaroo:

qualarooThe lead generation tool Qualaroo, helps in the right customer and user feedback of the software. It makes it easy for taking a survey of the users.  It is seen as 10 times more valuable as email surveys.

6. Hotjar

hotjarHotjar, as the name suggests, generates hot leads for conversion. The common features of HotJar are session replays, heat maps, on-site polls, and form analysis. It is one of the best customer experience analytics platform. The solution combines the insights and the data from the tool such as Google analytics. The combined analysis and feedback help to understand the events going on the website. The process thus makes one aware of what the users need and accordingly optimize the website.

7. Formisimo


This innovation lead generation solution is quite simple and has lead forms that are easy to deploy. It helps to gather the data and provides insights where users struggle in completing the forms.  The solution is easy for setting up and executing the AB testing of the changes in the form.  It can inform about the user activity by automatically generating the email reports. Their reports have the features such as real-time report, form overview, field times report, field drop off report, fields before submission, most corrected fields, completion time, problem fields report, etc.

8. Mailshake:


The MailShake is one of the effective lead generation tools. This marketing software helps to identify the quality leads by tracking all the inbound leads. For example when any of the potential customer fills the form on the website for accessing the content like the whitepaper, e-book, etc. they would have to provide their details such as name, email address, sometimes contact number, and others. With this information, Mailshake could personalize the emails for sending to these prospects. The solution is really helpful in link building, sales development, and the right content promotion strategy.

9. Hello Bar:


The hello bar lead generation tool is the one that is placed at the top of the site to greet any website visitor. The tool helps to collect the right emails of leads, notify the customer of deals, and others. The tool does the A/B testing for different offers. Many of the entrepreneurs get most of the leads from hello bars.

10. TypeForm


TypeForm lead generation tool is one of the crucial tools for generating leads via customized contact forms, quizzes, signup sheets, etc. The tool can help develop a funnel for attracting and converting the right leads. This lead generation tool has many features such as collaboration, documents, analytics and reporting, customer support, others. It helps develop user-friendly surveys and forms. These forms are the beautiful forms that you can share and also gather the data in the right way.

Most of the users use the automated and critical Type-form based business workflows.

11. Turnstile by Wistia:


Wistia, the lead generation tool, helps to develop Turnstile that generates leads via video. There are various customizations Annotation links, Calls to Action, and Turnstiles. With the help of immense and useful audience data, you can simply turn the viewers as your customers. There are many options so that one can include Timeline’s action in the videos. The tool even offers some of the best email integration that includes CampaignMonitor, MailChimp, and Constant Contact. It thus collects emails with ease.

Turnstile facilitates in adding email capture to the video. It is a great way of identifying high-quality leads with the video. Customizing the Turnstile tool is very easy, with the FormKeep it can be super easy for creating a custom form. You can add the required fields like the job title, company’s size, phone number, etc.

12. Clearbit


It helps to make all the necessary customer interactions. It adds intelligence for each stage of the marketing workflow. The process is simple and is an easy way of capturing email addresses.

The below image depicts the data workflow:

clearbit workflow

With the help of this workflow, you can proceed to the next step which is automating the sales process and improving the outreach.

13. TDInsights

tdinsights - B2B Marketing Data Solutions

TDInsights is a leading B2B Data solutions provider that helps generate high-quality leads. With the help of firmographic and technographic, it makes the process streamlined. The technographic data help the marketers in determining which technologies are being used by the customer base which they wish to target. It helps to understand the right behavior of the technology used. The firmographics data along with technographic could help the sales process by identifying and targeting the user accounts in the process.


hunter is the leading solution for finding and verifying professional email addresses. The best feature of the tool is the transparency it provides. With the help of this tool, data is completely verified also sourced and processed before being delivered via the domain search.  The solution helps marketers for finding contact information associated with the domain.


hull.ioThe tool facilitates organizations for collecting and aggregating the data sourced from the social media channels. The approach helps the brands recognizing the brand personas and enabling to reach out to the customer for proper communication. It thus helps drive sales and improve brand loyalty easily.

The crucial features of Hull are sharing to social networks, linking multiple social accounts, single sign-on, tracking, backend login, user permissions, Admin API, and others. The solution helps businesses for introducing and launching the additions right into the applications. The websites are also designed in a manner that helps to engage the visitors.

The innumerable benefits of Hull are gathering, enriching, and handling the majority of the customer data at a unified location.


discoverlyThe lead generation tool is very helpful as it helps to generate social leads via social platforms like LinkedIn, Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook. The crucial features of are that in Gmail it fills up the social profile information that other tools miss out.

When anybody wants to learn more about the specific prospect, the chrome extension helps to give additional details about the connections.


The lead generation tools are one of the useful tools for any organization. Without the right leads any business cannot sustain itself in the market. The above blog summarizes some of the top lead generation tools of 2020 that could help you generate high quality leads for conversions and earn the right revenue.

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