Boost conversion Rate with Email Automation

5 Ways to Boost Conversion Rate with Email Automation

Email automation is the need of every email marketer today to beat the competitive race. It not only saves the valuable time of marketers but also enables them to boost operational efficiency and drive revenue growth. Automation of your email marketing efforts is all about engaging with your targeted audience at the right time when they are most likely to react. According to statistics, companies that automate their emails are 133% more likely to send relevant messages to their customers at the correct phase of their purchase cycle.

In simple words, email marketing automation refers to the use of software that enables marketers to send targeted campaigns in response to specific actions, preferences, and behavior of their customers to nurture the relationship and encourage them to make a purchase. That’s not at all; even market studies report that about 47% of nurtured leads convert into larger purchases, which makes email automation one of the crucial factors in increasing your conversion rate.

The market for automation tools is likely to grow in the coming years, reaching $25.1 billion from $11.4 billion (in 2017) annually by 2023 reports the Marketing Automation Technology Forecast, 2017 to 2023 by Forrester. Below is the statistical graph to elaborate further:

Marketing Automation Technology Forecast, 2017 to 2023

About 95% of companies that are using marketing automation are taking advantage of email marketing.

Automated emails can be used to extract benefits from every communication sent to the customer inbox. From sending welcome emails, re-engagement emails, cart abandonment emails to wishing customer’s on their special occasions, and promoting new blogs, automating the entire email workflow really helps and ensures marketers are always on time with their customer communication and engagement efforts.

Here are some of the ways that prove email automation helps in triggering the conversion rate of your email campaigns:

Generate Quality Leads with Segmented Emails

When you automate your email marketing process, the benefit you get is a segmented email list based on customer’s interests and preferences. This segmented audience database helps marketers to craft different messages and send them to various groups. As a result, customers receive content that is relevant to their interests, leading to higher engagement and lead generation.

email list segmentation results

Automated email campaigns enable marketers to personalize communication that yields better leads and increases conversion rates from every campaign. As per MailChimp, segmented email campaigns generate 14.3% more open rates and 54.79% higher clicks than the non-segmented ones. All these positive metrics ultimately helps marketers in converting visitors into customers.

Increase conversion with Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are a must inclusion in your marketing automation strategy. Even businesses make use of transactional emails more than promotional ones as it has proven to encourage customers in taking the next step in the sales cycle. It helps generate 6x higher revenue than other types of emails, and that is why savvy marketers never ignore the importance of transactional emails in their B2B marketing automation efforts.

Whenever the visitor coming to your website performs some action by either subscribing to your newsletter or making a purchase or downloading a free guide by filling in their email address, an automated email reaches their inbox. Marketers make use of this opportunity to engage further by recommending other products that may be of interest or even offers a coupon on their first purchase as a token of appreciation. Such emails are liked by recipients who interact with transactional emails and are often motivated to engage with the brand and its offerings.

Drip Campaigns for More Sales

Drip campaigns help shorten the product pitching time and instead allow salespeople to nurture leads for faster conversions and deal closure. These campaigns consist of a series of automated emails that contain useful content. Emails are then sent in a sequence over a period of time to keep brands in constant touch with leads.

One of the widely used marketing automation strategies, drip campaigns helps businesses stay top of the customer’s mind. These customers are the ones who show interest but are reluctant to take the final step of making a purchase. Marketers can engage these customers through drip campaigns so that the leads don’t get disconnected until they are ready to buy.

Automation Enables Personalized Email Communication

With the help of automation, you can personalize the email workflow and reap the benefits it brings. Sending an automated filled with the customer’s personal details such as his/her name, location, and company or so, strengthen layers of the relationship between your business and the prospect. It is through personalization that marketers can better engage with the customer and build an excellent rapport for further communication.

When the customer receives an automated email wishing them happy birthday right at midnight in their inbox or at the beginning of the day, they feel delighted and valued. This is all possible with automation. You just need to schedule the email and focus on something else while technology does the job for you. A happy customer eventually gets converted, providing you more sales opportunities.

Spread Brand Awareness

When you automate your email marketing workflow, your brand image gets projected in a positive way. Sending timely emails to your audience makes your business appear better organized and well-planned. Automated emails scheduled to reach the customer inbox at the right time will turn out more relevant and helpful to the recipient, which eventually will lead to greater brand awareness and a proper understanding of your business offerings.

Emails automatically reaching your audience will keep them well-informed about your products even before the salesperson calls. Thus, conveying to knowledgeable customers will be way more easy and productive for the reps than those who are completely unaware of what your business does and offers. Hence, the chance of conversion will increase, leading to higher revenues.

Wrap Up

Still haven’t automated your email marketing process? Then it’s high time you do so as your competitors have already started leveraging the many benefits of email automation.

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