6 ways to hasten lead generation through marketing automation

6 Ways To hasten Lead Generation Through Marketing Automation

As they say, no action is good or bad, its consequences are.

In the marketing world also, marketers should think twice before taking any action and whether it would help their business results or not.

The most crucial need for any marketer is the lead generation process. So, here they need to be precise with their activities to generate a good number of leads.

As per the observation, automation technology is easily integrated into different processes to shoot up the leads number. Whether it is small, mid-sized, or the large enterprises, they have finally realized automation could significantly streamline their process.

Now, the most important query, how exactly it helps?

It’s a fact humans can’t work non-stop like machines. They have their brains that stop working after a specific duration, and when the brains are foggy, they can’t work efficiently. Here, marketing automation takes over that just follows the instructions and executes the task at the programmed time. There are almost zero chances of committing any error. That’s because automation won’t get tired, have memory loss, mood swings, etc. Further, the technology could do much faster work than humans, improving the overall performance.

Isn’t that amazing?

This is where marketers need help. They want assistance from technology that could make their life easier.

And as we see, the current challenge that many face now is the meager lead flow. Without leads, sales representatives won’t have any to convert, leading to nil sales and revenue.

So, how could marketers avoid this scenario?

It’s simple they need to take the help of marketing automation. With the right integration, they could see the real results.

The different ways in which automation could help marketers are:


how does retargeting work
Source: Business2Community

This tactic would look easier with the integration of marketing automation.

As we know, retargeting is the process of targeting the same customer. In the previous attempt, you missed out, so now, you need to have the right strategy in place to efficiently connect with them in next attempt.

Marketing automation enhances the marketing process and makes your brand name imprinted into customers’ minds for a long time.

How does the entire process is carried out?

Here a piece of code is placed on the website. So, even if the visitor leaves the website, the cookie showcases the promotional message to the prospect wherever he visits online. Some might find this process similar to stalking!!!

But the truth is businesses find this tactic highly effective.

Retargeting can give you a 700% increase in the total number of site visitors with the much higher ad exposure.

After the successful integration, it can result in a 147% increase in the number of conversion rates.

This tactic with automation technology gives wonderful results. Acknowledge, as humans, we forget to maintain the right relationship with customers due to lack of regular communication lest retargeting the customer. So, this tactic enabled by automation, follows like a shadow, and act as the magnet to attract customer wherever he goes online.

The outcome- Increases the brand awareness – Makes your brand the preferred one

Including the relevant content

Content has a huge role in attracting the right audience. The majority of the B2B audience execute ample research before finalizing the deal. They would sift through the performance of the organization with which they are willing to collaborate through different sources, check the quality of product or service from existing or previous users, read reviews and so on.

But do you know, they also check your content?

The website content which highlights your product, best industry practices and others can showcase your brand as an expert in the industry.

Marketing automation helps in the right distribution of content pieces. For example, some organizations would like in-depth content as whitepaper, some short and informative content as infographic, etc. Even different industries have varied content requirements.

Marketing automation resolves all these challenges and sends the right content to all, helping generate huge leads.


sephora chatbot
Source: sproutsocial

These automated bots could enrich your approach with the potential customer. As you can see in the representation, the bots are answering the basic queries of customers.

We know humans can’t provide 24/7 support to the customers.

And if you completely rely on representatives, you might lose on the high-end opportunities. These opportunities could include some genuine customers who would be very much interested in acquiring your service and if they don’t get the answer to their basic queries at the right time, they might back out.

Chatbots would be hyper-active to give answers to every query just as a fiercely loyal agent!!!

And why won’t they?

After all, they are programmed to do so.

Bots take over the process rather efficiently and eliminate every challenge that just needs automated answers. If customers get satisfactory answers every time, they pop up a question, they start trusting your brand.  They get positive vibes and that could be a strong reason for choosing your service. They might also recommend it to their friends, co-workers and others.

Social media and automation

Social media is just like the nouveau riche, that became popular in recent years. Organizations are basking in its useful results with the successful integration in the process. The platform offers a broader outreach so that organizations can showcase their products or services to a varied audience.

According to a finding, 67% of the B2B marketers use Twitter for the marketing purpose.

More than 630 million professionals are available on LinkedIn, thus making it a preferred place for B2B marketers. They can easily connect with the best industry leaders, and the right decision-maker.

How automation plays a role here?

Going by the current market, you need to always be in the good books of customers’ so that they approach your services or products at a ripe time.

Automation combined with social media offers the right platform where you can offer the best content to get the maximum attention. Most importantly, it could assist you in scheduling the content on the social handles; that conveys before a specific event or day, the technology could guide you to developing the right content and posted at the scheduled date.

A right approach + right time+ good content+ targeted audience for each platform= faster lead generation process.


What are webinars?

These are the video presentations, discussions, knowledge-based sessions hosted online with the help of the webinar software. As these events are highly interactive, it helps attract a good number of B2B leads.

Now, when you integrate marketing automation, it helps in the useful data collection. These data could further help develop the content that your audience would like to see, further making the right connection and generation of leads.


You might have sent a huge number of promotional emails to customers to get the right conversion. But before that, you’d have gathered the right audience who would read your promotional emails.

And how do you do that?

By acquiring the right number of leads and appropriately segmenting them.

For that, you have to send innumerable cold emails to varied customers across the world. This would help you click with the audience that might become your loyal customer in the future.

What is a cold email?

It is quite similar to cold calling, where you reach out to customers with whom you didn’t have prior contact. You have little or almost nil information about them. In best words, you are just trying your luck!!!

In 2020, the conversion rate of cold emails was 15.11%.

This is an interesting statistic, given the scenario organizations didn’t have prior contact with the audience.

It also shows if you play by the rules of B2B marketing, you could leverage the lead generation process.

Marketing automation further enhances the cold email campaign. It can segregate the customers as per the region to send out these emails at a convenient time. As brands didn’t have any prior interaction, this becomes absolutely essential.

Who would like to read emails from strangers at odd timings?

Not many…


Marketing automation would significantly be used in all the organizations so that marketers could get the right lead flow. But one should know, where to rightly use it to maximize the results. This blog covers the crucial ways that help in faster lead generation through marketing automation. You could implement the feasible one in your strategy and witness the astounding results in a short span.

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