Effervescent AI Trends in Marketing

AI or the Artificial Intelligence is one of the best trends in the current marketing scenario. This technology helps in pushing the limits of marketing on the innovative path. By analyzing the customers’ behavior, preferences, etc. this solution helps develop and segregate the emails as per the countries time zone. And at the right time shoots out the emails. The entire process yields the right business results for organizations, not done by any other technology.

AI can unlock $2.6 trillion in the business value in the sales and marketing.

Effervescent AI Trends in Marketing

AI in the Coming Years

  • Artificial intelligence would grow into $190 billion industry by the year 2025.
  • Artificial intelligence and social media would significantly help businesses.
  • 37% of companies are leveraging artificial intelligence for content development.
  • AI spending by retailers would be $12 billion by 2023.

AI Chatbots

  • Chatbots help automate response
  • These bots improve conversation based on past enquiries
  • 47% organizations implement chatbot to improve customer service
  • Chatbots streamline internal workflow

AI Predictive Analytics

  • It helps analyze what would customers purchase in future
  • It uses machine learning, data models to plan the next step
  • AI predicts seasonal products based on previous purchase
  • AI can predict when a customer would be sales-ready

AI Personalization

  • One can reach the best customer with precise targeting
  • AI helps target based on behavior, demographics, etc.
  • AI helps in cross-selling and upsell
  • It helps in the best product recommendation

AI Customer Sentiment Analysis

  • AI helps in understanding micro elements
  • These elements include customer’s reactions
  • It helps understand unique behavioral traits
  • You know when they are satisfied with a specific product

AI Customer Relationship

  • It helps maintain better customer relationship
  • The technology pinpoints the customer who needs more engagement
  • It then sends out individual campaigns for holding them back.
  • Its always helpful in the long-run to retain an old customer

AI help in Dynamic Pricing

  • The technology help in planning the dynamic pricing
  • These platforms can suggest the optimal prices
  • It would motivate a customer to acquire the product
  • Price adjustment could give you an edge


Some of the latest AI trends significantly helps in the marketing process of organizations. One could precisely reach the prospect they desire for. Artificial intelligence leaves no scope of error as it automates the marketing tasks. And further, the process helps organizations have better relationships with customers.

It’s necessary for every marketing leader to adopt AI in their process, or they would lose out on their position in the market.

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