How Technographic Data Could Boost Sales?

how technographic data could boost sales

What is Technographic data?

  • Profiling of targeted accounts based on the technology stack
  • It is the combination of demographics and technology
  • It defines the technology to be used by the targeted customer
  • It helps to understand the tools and applications company is using
  • The implementation methods being used in the process of a company
  • It helps to maintain the record of products or services

How are Organizations benefitting with Technographic?

  • 75% organizations stated closing more deals is top priority
  • 50% of the sales representatives spend time searching for the potential buyers.
  • 74.38% of the sales representative could make informed sales call
  • 81.10% of the sales representative were more prepared to speak to prospects

Companies Spending on software

  • Companies spending $200 billion every year on software.
  • 44% of businesses plan to increase spending on technology in 2020.
  • Adoption of AI-powered technology to triple by 2021.

How is Technographic data used?

  • Inbound marketing
  • Total Addressable market
  • Account based marketing

Benefits of Technographic Data

  • More targeted prospecting
  • More informed conversions in sales
  • Improving the closure rates
  • Penetrating the new markets
  • Improving the customer retention
  • Gaining the competitive advantage
  • Understanding the potential customer
  • Understanding the marketing technology installed in their process
  • Good quality of sales conversations
  • Improving the account-based marketing campaigns

Technographic and Sales

Technographic and sales could work in tandem.

  • It helps in the customer success
  • Find business intelligence solution
  • Helps to identify gaps, opportunities, and challenges
  • Identifying the technology budget spending of target company
  • Helps to alert the sales team when the prospect is ready
  • It helps the sales team to save time, as 63% of their time is spend on unproductive work.


Technographic is one of the useful solutions that could help the sales team reach their business target. They can use this data for personalizing the sales pitch while reaching out to each of the potential prospects. The process could help to increase the number of conversions and improve the business revenue of the organization. The sales team who would be hugely benefitted by using these data should use it wisely to reach out to the prospect.