How to Build a Massive Email List Fast: 16 Proven Ways

What is An Email List?

An email list is the assemblage of email addresses of prospects who have signed up for your newsletter, emails, or other forms of content for developing relationships, marketing and selling.

The mailing list is the source of revenue for the marketing and sales team, as it has the relevant information of the prospects across the world. The database includes mailing address, designation, email address, etc. that helps to reach the right prospect at the right time.

Every marketer knows they can earn good revenue, only if their mailing list is a build-up of healthy and relevant data.

It’s better not to have an email list than to have a mailing list of irrelevant data!!!

So, if you want to be at the forefront of the business world, make the right choice of selecting a customized mailing list as per your requirements.

Michael Hyatt, former chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson, also once stated:

“I have literally built a multi-million dollar business on the strength of my email list. Ninety percent of my income comes from it. Even today, my email list is still my number one business priority—and asset”

So, don’t you think you should give priority to building a quality mailing list?

Although it is essential, building an email list has its share of challenges. Marketers across the world have stated some of them, find in the below graph:

quality mailing list

But still, email list has lured many of the marketers, as it is one of the best ways to increase sales.

So, what are the steps in the list building process?

From the below blog, you can find the best takeaways that would help you to build an effective mailing list. Not only it makes your approach effective, but also, helps you to reach the success within a short span.

Find out some of the chosen ones here:

1. Promoting the Newsletter on Various Social Media Platforms:

Newsletter includes important pieces of content that can improve the engagement process with your customer. So, it is essential to promote this content on various social media platforms. The exposure of newsletter to a larger and broader audience provides you with the scope of building a larger customer base.

2. Including a sign-up form:

This definitely helps.

A sign-up form is one of the finest tactics to build an email list.  When a static sign-up form is placed at the end of the blog, then there are higher chances that a customer might look in to sign up the form.

Find the below example of a standard sign-up form:Sign Up Form

This also gives you a chance to engage your prospect. As a marketer, winning the trust of the prospect should be your primary motive. It inches you closer to your prospect before closing them as customer.

3. How About a Discount for Every Email Address:

Tempting your prospect with a discount in exchange for an email address is a useful tactic. It would motivate them to give their email address. With time, they would consider it harmless, as when as a service provider, you are willing to offer a discount, then giving their email address would not cost them any!!!!!

Find the below example:

discount email address

An attractive discount, with good offers, sets up the right ambiance and good rapport with the prospect. It later motivates them to give the business details you require to build an email list. A relevant and latest email address makes your email marketing fruitful by generating more number of leads.

4. A Useful Landing Page:

A useful landing page helps in a successful building up of a mailing list.

As per a report by HubSpot, it was found that companies witness a 55% increase of leads when the landing pages are increased from 10 to 15.

So, as a part of the marketing strategy, you should increase the quality of landing pages and appropriately promote it so that you get a good number of leads in the process.

The more the number of landing pages, the increased chances of significant sign-ups.

5. Leveraging the number of testimonials:

Use testimonials for your advantage.

How many times have you heard this?

Testimonials are the building blocks for a high-end and quality mailing list. The feedback given by real customers has the ability to drive more prospects to your brand. In the process, you would be able to win the trust of the prospects, and they would not hesitate to give their personal details such as email addresses, mailing addresses, etc.

According to Nielsen Research, 70% of the people trust the recommendation from someone whom they don’t know.

This is enough to drive you in the right direction.

6. Hosting a Useful Event:

Hosting a useful event is one of the strategies to build an email list.

While at an event, you might have also filled up the form and gave your details such as contact number, professional details, email address, etc.

Now, where do these details get transferred?

Obviously to the building up of the mailing list.

You should always plan something that would be useful for the B2B organizations and, in return, could ask the email addresses of the attendees.

7. The Attractive Pop-Ups:

Have you ever noticed?

When you visit some specific websites, attractive pop-ups would emerge all of a sudden, asking to sign up and share business details, such as email ids, mailing address, organization, etc. This is nothing a tactic to build the email list through your details.

This tactic has worked for many businesses as most of the time, the prospect who visits is interested in your service, so would comply to share his details with you.

Find the below pop-up example:

popup form

Here you can see how the organization is subtly asking for an email address, while having the option for “Send me my guide.”

As per a finding by Social Media Examiner, almost 70% of the 190,000 subscriptions came from the pop-ups in the website.

The number is too tempting and would motivate any marketer to enforce this tactic. The most encouraging part is that implementing pop-ups is not a complex process.

There are some basic steps for implementing pop-ups such as:

  • Installing a popup script or plugin
  • Write some lines about the copy
  • You will find subscription rates growing exponentially

8. Webinars:

Webinars are also one of the useful tactics to build the email list. You can be very innovative and creative in designing the content for webinars. An interesting content is always the winner in the marketing industry.

So, try to make webinars that would connect with the B2B audience. Make it interesting for C-level executives, high-end professionals, with exceptional content. Push your audience to book the spot. This can be done by conveying, they are going to gain much valuable information useful for their business in the long run.

Find the below example of a webinar:


With the help of webinars, many high-level professionals and executives would turn up for your event and, in the process, you can gather the relevant information such as contact details , email id for your mailing list.

9. Integrating Facebook ads:

Integrating Facebook ads is one of the convenient tactics for collecting email addresses. It can boost your email marketing process, essential for any business.

As there is a large number of Facebook users all around the world, it can help the small, mid-sized, and large enterprises alike. The directed Facebook ads facilitate in capturing a good number of leads helpful to build the mailing list.

10. Making a Personalized Connection:

It is absolutely necessary to have a personal connection with your prospect. Without that, it is challenging to build the email list. Chalk out the selected number of prospects whom you want to send the email. Then draft the content that would make help in the communication process.

If you want to collect relevant information for your email list, then the personalized connection is the way to go!!!!

11. Having a Social Chat Platform:

A social chat platform helps you to reach a broader audience. As the majority of the population loves to chat and with more number of people on Snapchat, as a marketer, you should find different ways of integrating a social chat platform, helping in a clear and interesting communication process. In the process, you can collect the information about the prospects. This way, the prospect would also not know that they are giving away their crucial details.

12. Integrating the educational content strategy:

Want to attract a substantial number of B2B prospects?
Then you should have the strategy of providing free educational content to businesses. B2B organizations always look for different strategies, and tactics that would help their business grow with ease, earning more sales and revenue. So, if you provide educational content on your website or other sources, then that would attract these prospects. It would also motivate them to provide their details, including email addresses, mailing addresses, and others.

If one is a healthcare service provider, then the below educational content would help them:

colgate dental health care

13. Developing Humorous CTA:

An interesting and humorous CTA can make the right impact on the audience.

Make the CTA content, with two options such as:

Do you want to look beautiful, then sign up, and the other one, No, I don’t want to look beautiful……

The audience would surely pause a second and laugh at the second option. Many of them would go for the first option and sign up, thus giving their details.

14. Asking for the email during the checkout process:

Motivate the prospect to add the email address during the checkout process. This is a good opportunity, and you should grab it at the right time.

Obviously, the customer was interested, so he was going through your website. So, be free to ask the email address and other details before the checkout process. It can help you to capture the right and best leads in the process.

Asking relevant questions would help, such as:

How do you feel about the checkout process?

Can you brief us, how satisfied you have been with our payment/checkout process?

In the end, you can ask the email address.

15. Updating of the Email Signature:

As a B2B business, you would have emailed a lot of people for the promotion of your service or products. Email signature, by default, is a common thing in an email.

If you put a CTA in place of the email signature, then that would prompt the reader to sign up, further building your email list.

Find the below example:

email signature

Here you can see instead of the email signature, the CTA is added.

16. Contact form:

Last but not least, an effective contact form can help you to capture the right number of leads.

You would have never seen any website that does not have the contact form!!!!

It is a mandatory requirement, whether you are a small, mid-sized, or a large business. But just having a contact form does not end up your task, you have to check whether it is working efficiently. Many times it has been observed that when the prospects fill the form with all the details and then submit, it do not reach the inbox of the receiver. This might be due to technical issues, so you need to check it regularly with the test mail.

The right fix at the right time could help in gathering the right number of leads, otherwise, you would lose these precious leads, leading to revenue loss.

colgate dental health care


As a marketer, ensure a continual addition of the fresh contacts to your mailing list to keep your campaign on the right track and move the numbers to the right place. The statement that perfectly fits the scenario, the right information is the key to success for any business, and when you have the relevant data, it becomes easier to reach the prospect on time by outsmarting the competitors.

The above blog helps to understand the tactics that one can implement in their business strategy for building an effective mailing list. You can integrate the tactics to witness the result yourself.

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