B2B Lead Generation Statistics via Email Marketing

B2B lead generation is the basic step, followed in sales or marketing process. It deals with collecting the information of the potential customer, such as company name, email, contact number and other details so that marketers can connect with these high-end customers at the right time.

A right lead generation process is the fodder for producing a good number of sales in any B2B organization. Email marketing is one of the useful methods for reaching out to the best B2B prospect as 4.24% of the visitors from the email marketing would buy as compared to 2.49% visitors from the search engines.

Data driven marketing – Statistics, Trends and Best Practices

Essential lead generation statistics

  • Email open rate across all industries is 22.86%.
  • 39% of the emails will be opened within six hours of sending email.

Best forms of email marketing content for lead generation

  • Webinars -46%
  • Press releases -58%
  • Case studies- 62%
  • Videos- 52%
  • Ebooks- 61%
  • Blogging- 81%
  • Infographics -43%
  • Whitepapers- 61%

What do B2B marketers think about lead generation?

  • 61% of them stated generating high-quality leads is a huge challenge
  • 37% of them are using marketing automation to generate leads.
  • 30% of them believe automation reduces time, 22% believe it helps to generate leads, 17% believe it increases revenue.
  • 59% of them stated email as the best method for revenue generation from leads.
  • 83% of the marketers use newsletter for content marketing

Which B2B tactics work best in lead generation?

3 most effective B2B tactics are:

  • Email marketing- 78%
  • Content marketing- 67%
  • Event marketing- 73%

Importance of email marketing

Email marketing is mainly used for:

  • 85%- lead generation
  • 84%- Sales
  • Customer retention- 74%
  • Lead nurturing- 78%

Why do most of the leads do not convert into sales?

  • 79% of the leads do not convert to sales due to lack of lead nurturing.
  • Lead nurturing emails help to get 4-10 times better response than standalone emails.
  • Nurtured leads result in a 20% increase in the sales opportunities.
  • Automating lead management witness 10% or more revenue increase 6-9 months of time

Important features of an automation system?

  • Lead nurturing -57%
  • Analytics and reporting-52%
  • Email marketing-34%
  • Lead scoring-25%
  • Integration capabilities- 34%
  • List segmentation- 39%
  • Landing page creation- 12%
  • Campaign management- 30%

Automation helps to send

  • Welcome emails- 47%
  • Upselling emails- 23%
  • Transactional emails- 28%
  • Promotional sales email- 46%
  • Invitations and reminders-27%
  • Event based trigger emails- 15%
  • Updates of blogs- 26%

How to keep your customers engaged the right way?

  • 78% unsubscribed due to huge number of emails being sent from the brand.
  • 80% of the consumers want monthly emails, while 20% daily.
  • 6.21% emails in a week is the right number for fashion brands.
  • 6.9% emails per month is the right number for software industry

How could businesses improve in email effort to generate leads?

  • 9%- Reducing the frequency of emails
  • 2%- Good informative content
  • 9%- Personalized offers
  • 13.1- good design
  • 21.2%- None


B2B lead generation is one of the useful processes followed in an organization. Without appropriate planning, it might not give the best results. A marketer needs to analyze the current trends and practices for implementing it at the right time, so that good sales and revenue can be generated. Email marketing has proven itself as the best source for the lead generation process.

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