Is Email Crucial For Inbound Marketing?

What is inbound marketing?

It is the marketing that attracts customers with the help of valuable content and other tactics. The strategy aims to build a relationship with prospects so that marketers can convert them in the future.

And why do you think it works?

Because the prospect is already looking for the right answer and most probably, have already scanned your competitor’s content before landing on your website. So, if you provide the right answer or information, in such a scenario, they will leave your website satisfied. It even increases the conversion chances.

What exactly inbound marketing does?

It works towards building the right perception about a product or service, or you can say it projects the brand in a positive light. As the customer is looking for the right solution to their challenge, this marketing subtly promotes the brand’s service with useful content.

But the first step here is to understand the psychology of your customer.

You dig deeper to know what the audience wants; you weave the right content and develop the right strategy for each set of customers. Inbound marketing is worth implementing, as customers like gentle persuasion than aggressive selling, followed by other strategies.

They want to be seen as a common person with needs, not just a revenue-making source.

Sounds relatable, right?

Of-course, because somewhere deep in our heart, we all want the same treatment from our favourite brand. We want businesses to know our complex needs so that they can accordingly develop the best product. Ultimately, it should be a win-win for both the buyer and seller.

In this blog, we’d discuss how email can be useful for the inbound marketing:

1. Blogs and Email

As a marketer, you’d be aware of your best performing blogs. This makes your work easy as you can include these blog links in the emails and send them to the recipient.

The challenging part is you need to motivate your reader to read it, by including the best lines in the email.

Source: wishpond.com

Just as you can see in this example, where the marketer starts with the introductory line, “a quick question for you….” Adding such lines hooks the audience; they get the idea, it won’t take much time, and they go for it.

2. Email with Social Media:

Social media has become one of the popular channels to promote your brand.

Have you included social media links in your email?

If not, it’s high time you do so!!!

The first thing you need to know where to add those links.

Source: nitrocdn.com

Just as you can see here, the brand added the social media links at the footer. After including great content in the email, the social media content could act as a booster to connect with the audience.

Find this Fact:

93% of the customers expect companies to have a presence on social media.

90% of people follow businesses on Instagram.

3. SEO and Email:

The search engine optimization and email work together for better inbound marketing.

Now you might wonder how both help inbound marketing. Well, as known for SEO, to show its full potential, you need good content. Unless you post useful content on the pages, Google won’t crawl your page on top of the search results. The same thing works in email as well. If your content is not distinct, recipients won’t care to open and read your email.

The right thing, that you can do is to include the content that has already crawled up in the search results. When you include the links of these content in your email, it further boosts SEO performance.

Google would also show the content, which is seen more often by the visitors. This way, email marketing helps inbound marketing, attracting more visitors.

4. Video Content with Email:

Now, we all know people don’t have the patience to read much information in the email. So, you need to work hard to make the content precise and interesting. But a trick such as adding videos in the email can do wonders.

Most recipients, yes, the executives who are too busy, would at least glance at the video to check what it is about!!!

It would successfully help in pulling the attention of the majority of prospects. People would more often land on the website to check your unique pieces of content.

So, what could be these unique pieces of video content?

It could be the testimonials from customers, demos, video blogs and other content in the form of videos.

As per a finding: 80% of the web traffic by 2021 would be video-based.

The best thing here is to mention in the subject line that the content is a “short video for your benefit.” You could see a remarkable growth in the open rate.

Videos are of paramount importance and their combination with emails could be the turning point for your campaign. It could significantly accelerate the inbound traffic in no time.

Source: vidyard.com

You can clearly see here how the marketer has crafted the best piece of short content, mentioning the recipient a nature lover; he would enjoy the brand’s latest video. The content also aligned with the interest of the reader.

We have another example:

Source: vidyard.com

After the complete information, the brand has added the video. The recipient can easily go through it to understand the meaning of the message. A well-developed content in the video could be the ultimate inbound marketing strategy.

5. Newsletters:

This content is a highly preferred one as marketers share the updates, news, product launch and other knowledgeable information through it.

Most recipients wait for their weekly or monthly dosage of newsletters as it helps them gain the right information, be it about the industry, product, service, organization, and others. So, if you have this strategy integrated into your email campaign, you’re a smart marketer. It would significantly increase inbound traffic.

Now, before you implement these strategies, it’s important to follow specific tactics for designing the email:

  • Keep it simple: When you have an email that conveys the message to the point, recipients are at ease. They immediately grasp the information and are ready to take further action.
  • Scrutinize the Content: You need to check the entire information in the email to rectify simple errors such as the formation of sentences, name of the recipient, font size and others. Although it might sound silly, these errors often create a bad impression in the reader’s mind. It’s a matter of time, they would spam your email or simply delete it, if you make these errors more often.
  • Make it Mobile-Friendly: This should be mandatory; if the email is not optimized for mobiles, then to be honest, your campaign is surely bound to fail.


Inbound marketing is mostly implemented in organizations to form an ever-lasting relationship with customers. You make the right impact on the customer’s minds so that they always prefer your brand over others.

This blog helps you understand the right strategies that you can use in your email to drive inbound traffic. Implement it to see the right results.

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